West Seattle weather: What’s next; plus, morning video views

After this morning’s lightning, thunder, wind, and rain (WSB coverage here), you might wonder: What’s next? Answer: Another alert, this time a “coastal flood advisory” for tomorrow, 2 am-6 pm (read it here). As explained by the National Weather Service, “High tides augmented by unusually low atmospheric pressure will likely flood very low-lying areas next to the inland waters. Flooding is expected to be minor and will last only a few hours around the time of high tide.” Here’s what the approaching “unusually low … pressure” looks like:

As for the times of possible flooding – tomorrow’s high tides in our area (see the chart here) are 11.2 feet at 5:05 am and 10.8 feet at 3:14 pm.

P.S. Since the storm that passed through in the 6 am hour, we’ve received two reader videos recorded as it happened. Molly caught the hail that left an almost-snowy-looking aftermath in some spots:

Al was bicycling to work when the storm hit – distant lightning flashes and not-so-distant hail is part of what his helmet-cam recording captured:

And if you’re missing a rainbarrel – this one went astray near 46th and Hanford, and Chris sent a photo:

Chris has checked with nearby residents already and says it’s not theirs.

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  • Ray December 9, 2015 (5:41 pm)

    We had another hail event this afternoon at 3:45 (just south of Roxbury). Lasted about 2 minutes, and dropped a bit of pea sized hail.

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