West Seattle construction: Water Taxi dock, Denny-Sealth updates

Though we just updated the King County Water Taxi dock work at Seacrest Pier early this morning, it’s worth another note: The county announcement last week had said the fishing pier was expected to stay open, it was CLOSED when we were over at Seacrest a little while ago. The crane/barge work is so close that it’s easy to see why. So in case you were thinking of going fishing (or view-enjoying), take note, it may not be accessible if you go while this is happening. We’re checking with the county to see if there is any more predictable information to share on that. Fascinating work to watch, though, and thanks again to kmo39 for high-level views like the ones shared earlier today.
(added 3:33 pm) Update from Susan Whitmore at KCDOT:

I just got back from Seacrest Dock and want to update you on the status of the fixed fishing pier. It isn’t officially closed, but when the crane is working over the pier (off and on for the next few days) the construction supervisor is suggesting that folks don’t go out on the pier. They are making good progress and have already started hammering in the piles and have three in place already. The supervisor mentioned that they will also ask folks not to use the fixed pier for a day during the week of Jan 18th when the concrete pumping truck is on site pumping concrete.

(back to original 2:51 pm story) Meantime, some new construction photos from the Denny International Middle School construction/Chief Sealth High School renovation work:

Pauline Sugarman, Seattle Public Schools BEX Program Community Outreach Assistant, shares that photo of the topping-off ceremony celebrated at the Denny site just before Christmas, and this aerial of the entire project site:

(Scroll through the Denny-Sealth coverage archive to see previous aerials.) We asked if there’s an update on whether the new Denny is likely to be occupied midyear 2011-2012 or not till the start of the 2011-2012 school year; Sugarman says that the final decision hasn’t been made yet, but the latter may be more likely, as Denny work might not be done before March 2011. Chief Sealth, though, remains on track to reoccupy its permanent campus this fall, after two years in temporary quarters at the former Louisa Boren Junior High School on Delridge.

2 Replies to "West Seattle construction: Water Taxi dock, Denny-Sealth updates"

  • miws January 5, 2010 (5:13 pm)

    I’m no expert on fishing, but I have a hunch that the fishing wouldn’t be all that great while the pile-driving is going on! ;)



  • bebecat January 5, 2010 (6:36 pm)

    This is not fishing season. But as a fisher person who fishes at this dock. Every year since they started that taxi the fishing gets worse. I suspect between the water taxi the mass amount of scuba divers and now the hobby kayakers that the fish are not coming towards shore as they did years ago. I think they are staying out in the middle. So much for progress. :( The water taxi is a waste of tax dollars. It has damaged the dock by hitting it. It pollutes the air too. Try standing on the dock while the boat is idling. Yuk.

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