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    Squeezing produce at supermarkets needs to stop.
    Handling produce with our bare hands needs to change.
    Everyone has witnessed people digging thru the artichokes, apples, peach’s and the like, digging with their greasy finger nails, probing and pounding, thumping and squeezing (yea). Watching a little old lady dig to the bottom of the watermelon pallet at Costco is my favorite.
    But everyone is not going to change their habits. That’s why we need gloves and also produce assistance helpers at all large supermarkets.
    Our vegetables need protection too.
    Our habits need to change.



    Since this whole virus thing started to pick produce we use the plastic bags as gloves and bag directly from grabbing it. Also if the fruit or veggie is not soft like strawberries… once home we wash them with dish soap.I know there’s produce soap you can buy but why pay for something extra when dish soap works just the same and you can also use diluted bleach water to wash them in too, that’s what those pre-packaged salads are washed with.

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    Yeah, what Graciano said.

    You’re unlikely to get people to suddenly stop fondling figs, pawing pawpaws, or massaging melons, and while disposable gloves might help they’d also be unlikely to be used–think about it, you’d have to take off the gloves you’re currently wearing, find a safe place to put them, put on other gloves, then reverse the whole process–good luck getting everyone to do that.

    Your best bet is to just wash your fruits and veggies once you get home–washing in plain water is just fine, by the way, no need to use soap or anything.



    The wifey works for a produce company so we wash our fruits and veggies…just sayin’



    Pawing pawpaws! Rubbing rutabagas, nudging nectarines, oogling oranges, man-handling mushrooms, stroking celery, heavy handed with the habaneros, choking cherries, scaring scallions, squeezing squash, getting cute with the cucumbers, millions of ways to misbehave in the produce aisles!
    Btw, even though I wear gloves, I, too, use produce bags like gloves. Hold the bottom, turn it inside out, and then test and/or pick the item up. Oh, and no smelling!



    I know that I have taken the first thing I touched-albeit reluctantly-once I realized what I have done. it’s an ingrained habit to break.

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