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    Frustrated waiting on a tardy hair stylist who is “sorry, running behind today”? Try mine. Yesterday my West Seattle haircutter, Mallory at Salon Effekts (935 7050) actually telephoned me BEFORE I got to my appointment, asking if it was okay to change my appointment just 15 minutes later. HAS ANY HAIRDRESSER EVER CALLED YOU WITH THIS POLITE REQUEST? My experience has always been to find that info out when I walk in the door! What manners! I had enough time to stop for coffee, buy Mallory some flowers and then show up in time for another great and reasonably priced haircut. Mallory – tell your mom she did good. You rock.



    Actually I have never had to wait too long for a haircut. It’s nice to have them call though. Too bad the dr’s office didn’t call.



    Vain (in Belltown) should take a lesson from this. I quit going there because my stylist was ALWAYS running late. One time it was 45 minutes! Which is very annoying when you’re feeding a parking meter. I call the doctor’s office before I head out the door to make sure they are running on time. It saves me some stress!

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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