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Wild weather continues: Snowy West Seattle Saturday night

March 29, 2008 7:28 pm
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(Dusk video of snow added 7:59 pm) ORIGINAL 7:28 PM POST: Snowy up here in Upper Fauntleroy, just came from The Junction amid a snow/sleet mix. Got some great pix just in from the sun/clouds afternoon mix & will be adding momentarily. Update: Here are two courtesy of Chas Redmond:



7:30 PM: Forecast says snow showers could be in the picture at least through tomorrow morning. 7:37 PM: It’s STICKING already out there! ADDED LATER: Before the evening wave of snow … two more lovely pictures from earlier … first one at Don Armeni, thanks to Eric from fridgefoto.biz; second one, thanks to Dawson:



West Seattle Weather Watch: Afternoon snow updatelet

(keep scrolling down for updates and pix added to this post)
Big fluffy flakes now. Steady but still not cold enough out there to stick, even on cars. (37) 12:33 PM UPDATE: Kevin writes from Arbor Heights, 375-foot elevation, the snow’s “struggling to stick.” We’re around the same elevation here in Upper Fauntleroy and it’s finally starting to stick … walking out the door for a pic. Send yours if you get one. 12:44 PM UPDATE: OK, here’s our first one.


ADDED 12:54 PM: Thanks to JoB for this pic:


1:03 PM: Definitely sticking on the WSBmobile. May be enough for some snowball fights when school gets out this afternoon. (Spring break – ha! – is finishing for some of the private-school kids; Seattle Public Schools and some other private schools are out next week.)


1:10 PM: Some kids are out having fun already. Thanks to Karen for sending this next photo from Westwood. (P.S. We’ll let you know of any traffic troubles reported on the WS-bound commute this afternoon, of course; check cams any time here).


1:18 PM: Thanks to Sage K for these next 2 pics, from Delridge and Juneau, where it’s starting to stick. If you’re wondering about the forecast, seems this may not settle down till tomorrow.



1:33 PM: Thanks to “k” for sending this from Morgan Junction:


1:44 PM: From 51st/Hudson (map) comes this classic scene of spring vs. snow, thanks to Eileen:


2:04 PM: Snow’s lightened up in a big way, at least up here. Meantime, JenV sends this photo (thank you!) of frosty flowers, taken outside Buddha Ruksa (did you see the West Seattle 101 on WSB feature yet?) at lunch:


2:08 PM: Just in from Belvidere (or is it Belvedere? even the city has it both ways):


2:13 PM: Thanks to Trick in Arbor Heights for a new twist on the term “snow globe”:


2:18 PM: Snow’s stopped and the big melt has begun here – we can hear it through the rain gutters, and there’s serious drip action from the shrubbery. Some other West Seattle news has been stacking up in queue so we’ll get that going here shortly.

West Seattle Weather Watch: Any snow where you are?

Not here in Upper Fauntleroy, but Vickie reported flakes @ 4:30 am @ California & Charlestown (in comments here). The “snow advisory” is now extended to 5 pm. 6:45 AM UPDATE: OK, we have a few flakes now. Just a few. 9:13 AM UPDATE: A fairly serious snow shower here now. As our saying goes, “send pix if it sticks.” 9:50 AM UPDATE: Shot a few seconds of the snowfall (still not sticking enough here for stills) just in case anyone is trapped in a windowless room:

It’s snowy-slushy-sleeting out there

While driving back from the Fauntleroy Schoolhouse meeting moments ago, we spotted something we hadn’t seen in a loooong time – big wet snowflakes smacking against the car windshield. At least here in Upper Fauntleroy. And you? 8:49 PM UPDATE: Should have checked the forum first, Todd says it was snowing in Westwood as of 20 minutes ago. 8:52 PM UPDATE: Forecast says the “showers mixed with snow” could continue into tomorrow. 10:12 PM UPDATE: Thanks to Todd for the photo!


Ending Easter on an optimistic note …


Photographed early this evening from Lincoln Park’s south parking lot, looking east.
ADDED MONDAY MORNING: Jill was taking pictures during the evening sun/storm mix, and caught this intriguing scene that managed to make utility lines look almost picturesque:


And we couldn’t resist adding this golden-lit photo from Lincoln Park beach:


Liftoff at Lowman

March 12, 2008 2:41 am
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From WSB contributing photojournalist Matt Durham: Dale Baker of West Seattle helps his friend launch a “Beetle Kite” from Lowman Beach Park Tuesday evening. A Beetle Kite is operated with two strings, so it can achieve precise maneuvers. (Prints of Matt’s WSB photos and his other work are available through his site, MattDurhamPhotography.com.)

West Seattle weather watch: Wind advisory

March 11, 2008 6:22 am
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In effect till noon. Southwest wind 25-35, could see some gusts up to 45.

“You’d think it’s December out there”

So said one member of the team, looking out at the ice on the street-parked cars. Hope you didn’t mothball your scraper yet.

Midweek midday photo break

February 27, 2008 11:30 am
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Especially for you if you work outside West Seattle and are in that “isn’t it Friday yet?” mode. First photo courtesy of Chas Redmond, taken by cameraphone looking at the Olympics from Anchor/Luna Park along Alki Ave (the clouds are clearing now); the other two, we took after spotting a heron in the trees at Camp Long late yesterday:




What a difference a few hours make – and other photos



First photo, High Point sunrise today (thanks, Steve!); second, Lincoln Park at mid-afternoon. Here are a few more photos we wanted to share:Read More

Three weather-related notes

First, the wind advisory is now over. Second, if you work or travel through South Seattle/Sodo, there’s a power outage in the area right because of downed lines (possibly including nonworking traffic signals; lots of scanner chatter about this; here’s the official City Light description). Third, thanks to Dan E for this photo of everything washed up on the Alki boardwalk after a stormy night:


West Seattle weather watch: Wind advisory extended

New forecast from the National Weather Service: Wind advisory extended till 1 pm tomorrow; gusts could hit 55 mph overnight. (Wildly windy already, on our west-facing bluff.) 6:35 AM UPDATE: Looks like the worst is over; the 4 am version of the forecast, same link, mentions up to 35 mph. No West Seattle outages or major road woes reported; if you’re driving elsewhere, the “traffic incidents” link atop the WSB Traffic page can be handy.

South of Alki Point this morning: High tide meets high wind

January 29, 2008 8:33 am
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UPDATED 9:50 AM: Better photo from Bob Bollen (thank you!), followed by 40 seconds of video we went back to get right around the peak tide (about quarter past nine).




This photo’s from just after 8 o’clock, and the high tide won’t even peak till just after 9 o’clock. But if you go out to gawk, wear something waterproof – the spray will get you all the way across the street from the water!

Snow advisory canceled

OK, doubters win on this one. National Weather Service is out with the new “forecast discussion” which pulls back the snow forecast for just about everywhere but Whatcom County and cancels the snow advisory. Sorry, West Seattle kids, looks like school tomorrow.

West Seattle weather update: Official “snow advisory”

The National Weather Service updated its forecast late this morning; a “snow advisory” is now up for the entire metro area through 7 o’clock tomorrow morning. The “forecast discussion” suggests there’s a chance the commute could be messy – we’ll keep eyes/ears on viaduct/bridge/WS conditions so you can check here before leaving work.

West Seattle weather watch: Spots of snow


As some comments have pointed out here, parts of West Seattle got a dusting of snow early this morning. Certainly a spotty snowfall — the photo above is barely a block east of us, along 42nd in Upper Fauntleroy, but there’s nothing on our street surface, just a thin layer on the car tops. Forecast calls for more tonight. 8:55 AM P.S. Looking ahead — a city news release reminds us that if you have a “street-condition emergency,” the number for reporting it is 386.1218.

Snow or no snow: Now they say maybe Monday

We’re not taking much stock in the forecasts any more either, but if you’re keeping track, next rumored chance is tomorrow night. P.S. Tomorrow is a day off for many local students anyway, even without snow; it’s the Seattle Public Schools “day between semesters.”

Snow? Weather Service still hedging its bets

As of the 3:30 am “forecast discussion,” anyway. 12:10 PM UPDATE: A few flakes spotted up here in Upper Fauntleroy! Serious stuff wasn’t expected till later so we’ll hold off on an official “snow panic” thread.

Now the snow talk is starting to sound serious

All the recent snow hints from forecasters didn’t translate to reality. But the National Weather Service‘s new forecast is out, and tomorrow night sounds serious.

Tuesday scenes from around West Seattle

Freedom Church (35th/Roxbury), midday today, the funeral of teenage shooting victim DeChe Morrison; photo e-mailed (thank you!) by Patrick:


As mentioned previously, police had a significant presence around the church, for reasons including the fact no one’s been arrested yet. The Southwest Precinct reports all was quiet; in the late morning, we noted groups of officers a close, but discreet, distance from the church, including these motorcycle officers at 35th/Barton:


Switching gears, we have two shots from this morning’s nearly simultaneous sunrise/moonset. The southeastward view is from Bill “at the top of Southern”:


And here’s the westward view, from Robert Stever:


Thanks to Bill and Robert for those photos … any time you have one to share, from the sunrise to the sunset to the fender-bender down the block, send it our way.

Two early-morning mini-alerts

-Major car ice (no surprise since temp’s in the 20s); prep your scraping arm.
-Looks like another morning moonset in the making (big bright full moon in the western sky now).