West Seattle’s snowy Christmas 2008: More photos

Tonight’s sunset. That hedge-mounted flag, by the way, has been raised each morning and lowered each night by one of our neighbors since right after 9/11 (maybe one or two exceptions). Now, from earlier – Hotwire Coffee (WSB sponsor) proprietor Lora Lewis and daughter smilingly serving a steady stream of coffee customers (including us) this morning:

Jenifer sent this photo of her dog in “Christmas collar … enjoying the last of the snow”:

Here’s a snow dog courtesy of Amy – sculpted by Jim – unfortunately, Amy reports, the canine-esque creation has sagged out of its former glory since this photo was taken:

And a rare sight – a snow CAT – Luka, caught snowgazing by Kerry Lusignan:

Kerry also sent a nice shot of her High Point neighborhood from earlier this week:

Last but by no means least, Erika shared the Riverview Playfield “snowball” scene on Tuesday night, but we managed to miss it in the WSB inbox till now. It’s not “Casey at the Bat,” but more like “Frosty at the Bat”:

And here’s good news … the word “snow” does not appear in the latest forecast at all after tonight; see for yourself here.

6 Replies to "West Seattle's snowy Christmas 2008: More photos"

  • epl December 25, 2008 (6:20 pm)

    Thank you to all of the folks who showed up for work, from Target, QFC, Safeway, Starbucks, independent coffee shops, eateries, tow truck drivers, mailmen/women, heating guys, oils guys, etc. LOVE YOU GUYS.

  • jeannie December 25, 2008 (6:24 pm)

    Beautiful photo of the American flag. And we thank your neighbors for commemorating 9/11.

    (And the dogs – both real and snow – are adorable.)

  • k December 25, 2008 (8:37 pm)

    oh how i miss lora’s lattes! yum!

  • K December 25, 2008 (9:12 pm)

    This is absurd!!! Please, please Seattle plow my street and the streets around me! I am a traveling RN. I can not drive on the city streets to see my patients!! Nobody is escorting me. This sucks and I am getting annoyed. Why do I have to risk my life, loose pay and patient visits because the city can’t figure out how to keep us safe?

  • jeannie December 26, 2008 (1:06 am)

    K, you should call or email the Dept. of Transportation (sdotcrm@crm.seattle.gov). I hope you get results. You do important work. And drop a line to our mayor, too.

  • K December 26, 2008 (9:11 am)

    Thank you jeannie.

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