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New Design Review date set for The Kenney and 4502 42nd SW

December 22, 2008 11:03 pm
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Till the snow rolled in last week, last Thursday was supposed to include the next Southwest Design Review Board meeting – with 4502 42nd SW in The Junction and The Kenney‘s $150 million redevelopment both on the agenda. The meeting was canceled, but now it’s rescheduled for January 8th, per the “Upcoming Design Review” section of the city’s website. Though the links haven’t been carried over, the presentations that were to be made at the meeting are still online — here’s the one for The Kenney, including this “preferred option”:

Here’s the presentation for 4502 42nd, with this proposed design for the residential/commercial/office building:

If you’re new to WSB and haven’t followed Design Review proceedings before – certain types/sizes of developments get these public reviews, with your attendance and comments encouraged, specifically regarding aspects of the projects’ design. This city publication explains the DR process. The Kenney’s project is one we have been covering closely for four months now; that coverage is archived here (newest to oldest, since we publish in “blog format”); all WSB coverage of West Seattle development is archived here.

West Seattle snow: Missed trash pickups, and what’s next

MargL in Arbor Heights got that photo of crows doing what city-contracted crews haven’t been able to do for the past two Mondays — pick up the trash. Last Monday, you may recall, it was just a West Seattle situation, as our roads were still iced over from the preceding weekend’s snow; they vowed to try again the next day – that didn’t work – so the message was, set out double the amount the following Monday. That was today, and even last night, as we reported in our ongoing coverage, the city said pickup was unlikely. So now what? And why can’t those trash trucks make it around, some asked? Brett Stav and Andy Ryan of Seattle Public Utilities did a media tour late today – and offered to come out to WSB HQ too for a video interview – we’d usually go downtown for a briefing on some big issue like this, but we’ve been a little tied to headquarters by the continuous coverage. Re: why not try pickup, here’s how Stav answered:

(We chose a neighbor’s trash can and holiday lights as a scenic backdrop, in case you were wondering, there at screen right.) We also asked how they make the decision of whether they can make the rounds on a given day or not – wondering if it’s the same way Seattle Public Schools bus drivers make the call, doing an early-morning test run:

Now, the practical stuff. They’re going to try again tomorrow. So you can have double your trash AND recycling AND yard waste out, if you were supposed to get pickup today. If they don’t make it – or if we get word in the early am that they aren’t even going to try (and as he said, you’ll hear it here) – then the following Monday, it’s TRIPLE the amount. We asked whether they would be stingy or liberal with what constitutes “triple the amount.” He said, “Liberal.” (Too short to bother with uploading but we DO have it on video!) But don’t go rogue and try sneaking it into somebody else’s dumpster. If you have any way of getting to the transfer station in South Park, that offer for free disposal there still stands. Read more in SPU’s latest news release (same one we published here earlier today). And let us know if you still have questions – because we can seek answers tomorrow by e-mail or phone.

West Seattle Crime Watch: Art theft in The Junction

Just out of the WSB inbox from Erin at Twilight in The Junction (immediately west of Easy Street):

At some point between noon and now, someone managed to steal 3 pieces of art RIGHT OFF THE WALL at Twilight Artist Collective. 2 5×7 encaustic collage paintings (with Lemurs or a Monkey in the image) with black frames ~ $200 each, and a 5×7-ish painting of a crane on canvas ~ $100. This must have been a quick and nasty grab, probably while I was busy wrapping a purchase at the counter.

This is SO LAME, especially in these already hard economic times. Not only is this a blow to our business, but also to the local artists they stole from.

If ANYONE has information, or sees these art pieces out there, please contact Twilight immediately. We’ll gladly take them back, and in return we won’t have the thief arrested.

ART THEFT IN THE JUNCTION ~ please spread the word so other local businesses know to tighten up a bit, even during the holiday merriment.

Erin is looking to see if they have any images of the stolen items, but wanted to get the word out fast without waiting for that.

West Seattle snow: More amazing creations

(we’ve added a few more! scroll down)

We’ve been spotlighting some of the most amazing creations we’ve received photos of – the ice sculpture with the fish and the Alki “waterfront condo” – and now, thanks to Stephen Hughes-Jelen in High Point, the snow fort. He says it’s at the “current dead end of High Point Drive.” Also, SR sent us a neighbor’s “Snow Jesus,” photographed on 34th between Barton and Roxbury:

ADDED LATER MONDAY NIGHT: A 12-foot-tall “snow angel,” by Brian, 20th between Thistle and Cloverdale (map):

ADDED VERY EARLY TUESDAY: Gavin Ho with his rendition of R2D2:

Another Alki igloo shot (forgive us for losing the photographer’s name) – not sure if this is the same one we showed on Monday, but it has the perfect decor:

ADDED TUESDAY AFTERNOON: Patty sent this and says James from West Seattle Fence “can’t build fences (right now) but can build a snowman” … 52nd/Genesee.

West Seattle snow: Monday afternoon-evening (etc.) updates

(scroll/refresh for ongoing updates; see today’s earlier coverage here; for a list of handy links and closed/open reports, CLICK HERE)

There is no cheerier sighting on a day like today than The Snowplow (this one headed south on California to eastbound Thistle a short time ago). Digging, plowing, and some melting seem to be the theme of the afternoon; morning coverage is here – let the afternoon/evening coverage begin.

2:11 PM UPDATE: Some reminders: Links to the latest transit info etc. are in the open/closed/links post that we’re continuing to update elsewhere on the page. Meantime, some afternoon photos – 2 pm on Yancy east of Avalon, via Facebook (where we’re WS Blog) from Talani at Stor-More Self-Storage (WSB sponsor):

2:21 PM UPDATE: This just in: “Trenton was just plowed from Delridge eastbound.”

3:10 PM UPDATE: The latest news release from the city includes this (plus some other info about shelters and fire safety; read the entire release here) info:

City of Seattle departments entered another day of snow response by continuing to plow roads, shelter the vulnerable and ensuring homes and businesses have power. …

The Seattle Department of Transportation (SDOT) continues 24-hour operations to plow, de-ice and sand across the city. The department’s focus remains main arterials, bridges and other elevated road structures, streets near hospitals, and bus routes.

SDOT continues to deploy its entire winter response fleet of 27 trucks on the streets. Two of those trucks have been assigned to the downtown core. Crews will move to secondary arterials as soon as conditions allow. Due to an ice-related problem with a track switch, the South Lake Union Seattle Streetcar will remain out of service until further notice.

To date, SDOT crews have used more than 6,000 tons of sand and dispersed more than 12,000 gallons of liquid de-icer. SDOT continues to advise that motorists use caution and avoid driving if possible. If motorists must drive, they are advised to reduce their speeds, transition carefully from side streets to arterials and give snowplows ample room to operate.

City Light: No major outages, disconnects suspended

Seattle City Light currently has no major outages. Over the weekend, the utility responded to a number of small outages. No more than 150 customers were without power at any one time and crews quickly restored power. Most power loss was caused by either cars hitting poles or trees falling into lines as a result of heavy snow on the branches.

The utility has sufficient crews available for any potential outages. The wind is not expected to be an issue, helping to reduce the likelihood of service interruption.

Nickels announced today that Seattle City Light has suspended disconnection notices through January 9, 2009. Any customer needing assistance in making payments on their City Light bill should contact the Call Center as soon as possible to make arrangements. Customers can call (206) 684-3000 Monday – Friday to talk with a representative.

Garbage collection

Seattle Public Utilities will collect additional garbage at no charge when weather permits the movement of heavy trucks in residential neighborhoods. When setting out extra waste, customers are encouraged to place perishable food items in their collection containers and set bagged non-perishable items next to the containers. Customers can dispose of their garbage for free at Seattle’s Recycling and Disposal Stations in South Park and Fremont. Seattle’s recycling and disposal stations are open today.

Single-family residential garbage, recycling, food and yard waste collection has been delayed Monday, Dec. 22, due to dangerous road conditions. City collection contractors will attempt to service today’s missed customers Tuesday or Wednesday, if road conditions improve. Customers missed today should leave their containers out tomorrow. If materials are not collected tomorrow, then customers should bring in their containers until next week.

Due to the Christmas holiday, Thursday and Friday customers will be delayed one day. Thursday customers will be collected Friday, Dec. 26, and Friday customers will be collected Saturday, Dec. 27. …

Keep storm drains clear

People are advised to avoid piling snow on top of storm drains when shoveling sidewalks and driveways. These drains need to be kept clear, so that when the snow melts the runoff has some place to go. As the snow starts to thaw, you can attempt to clear snow from drains when streets are clear of cars.

Protect your pipes

Seattle Public Utilities reminds residents to prepare water pipes for cold weather. Shut off outside faucets, drain the water and protect them by insulating them with rags or foam covers. Pipes in exposed or unheated areas (attics, basements and garages) should be wrapped with tape and insulating materials, available at local hardware stores. Drain and remove all outdoor hoses, and shut off and drain in-ground sprinkler systems.

Residents are also urged to protect indoor sink pipes that are against exterior walls, by opening under-sink cabinet doors, allowing heat to circulate. During severe cold, allow the faucet farthest from your front door to slowly drip cold water. Set your thermostat no lower than 55 degrees Fahrenheit, day or night (even if you are away).

If a water pipe breaks, immediately close the main shut-off valve to stop excessive flooding. If you cannot turn off the main shut-off valve, SPU customers can call (206) 386-1800 and a crew will turn off the water at the meter for a standard service charge.

Scott C adds – tending to your downspouts is vital too:

remind folks to make sure that the exits to their downspouts are clear so that they can drain. I just pushed snow off the roof over our garage and found the downspout was plugged from snow gathering in front of it, and the water melting off the roof was frozen at the end of it. This can end up with the water either breaking the downspout and or the water backing up and going under the roofing into the house. A few minutes can save lots of bucks.

Scott also sent this photo of a lethal-looking icicle coming off his roof:

Also, this just came in from Metro – the morning outlook – mostly boilerplate you’ve read before, but nonetheless, of great interest:

With travel conditions still not stabilized, King County Metro Transit will be offering approximately half of its regular weekday service on Tuesday morning, Dec. 23.

Please check the Metro Online website and click on the “adverse weather” link before you leave home to see if your bus route is operating and if it is on snow routing. Weather forecasts indicate freezing temperatures overnight could result in icy roads for the Tuesday morning commute.

Difficult driving conditions and ten straight days of snow operations are beginning to take their toll on Metro’s bus fleet. The number of buses available for peak service has decreased each day over the past week due to difficulties some coach models experience in the deeper snow or in prolonged icy conditions. There are still many roadways in Metro’s service area that are snow-packed, icy, or closed to travel.

Metro continues to take a cautious approach to providing the safest bus service possible. It is focusing on providing service on cleared highways and arterial roads, and to major transit centers and park-and-ride lots.

Bus passengers should be aware that travel conditions can change quickly, and this list of disrupted service may be revised at any time due to weather and road conditions. In some locations, where roads are impassable for large buses, Metro will be operating chained shuttles.

Passengers should be prepared to board buses at major transit centers, cleared arterials, or at the top or bottom of hills. Please dress warmly, wear appropriate footwear, and be prepared to wait. The buses that are running are expected to be significantly delayed.

This transit plan will continue until weather and road conditions improve, which means almost all bus service will be significantly limited. Metro appreciates everyone’s patience, and reminds customers that safety for passengers and bus drivers is the agency’s No. 1 concern.

Information about bus status is available on Metro’s Ice & Snow page, but conditions are changing rapidly. You can also call the Metro Customer Information Office at (206) 553-3000, but call volumes are high and there may be a wait to talk to a CIO representative. People should closely monitor the latest weather and traffic reports for information about travel conditions.

Worried about your roof as the snow becomes heavy and wet? Here’s some helpful info from the P-I.
3:31 PM UPDATE: Road report from co-publisher Patrick – SW Thistle between Denny Middle School and Delridge is UNPLOWED and NASTY. Delridge – which he traveled from Thistle to Andover – is OK. And if you’re heading south on Delridge toward/through White Center – Full Tilt Ice Cream is open (they’re usually closed Mondays; Justin explains on White Center Now why they’re open today)!

3:55 PM UPDATE: Before the daylight goes away – more photos from Scott C – first, the future park (part of it, anyway) at Myrtle Reservoir:

From there, 35th looking North:

And looking south:

If you can’t quite place Myrtle Reservoir – it’s next to the water towers, close to the highest spot in the cityhere’s a map. Another shot – 35th at Webster, looking south (the northbound lanes look great):

4:01 PM UPDATE: This report just in from Tom:

Just took a walk from our house in Arbor Heights to the Roxbury Safeway. The side streets are terrible – close to a foot of snow on the road. Most of the tracks in the street are being made by the ATVs driving around our neighborhood. And the sidewalks are terrible – I walked in the street most of the way. However, Roxbury itself is fine. The snow’s melting, so the roads are bare with lots of slush on them. Sadly, we’ve got too much snow on our street for any serious melting to happen. Maybe tomorrow.

Here are some of his photos – first, Roxbury looking west (toward 35th a few blocks away):

Closer look at Roxbury and 30th:

And a snowman guarding Roxhill Park:

Reminder that traffic cams of West Seattle relevance — including the bridge, the ramp to I-5, and the ferry dock – can be found on the WSB Traffic page. Meantime, the libraries have just announced their plans for tomorrow:

The Seattle Public Library plans to open the Central Library downtown from noon to 5 p.m. and all 26 branches from 1 p.m. to 5 p.m. Tuesday, Dec. 23.

5:16 PM UPDATE: Mentioned this in comments and also published it in the Twitter box in the right sidebar (the light blue box) but for anyone who missed it there (that’s usually where we put instant word of possible breaking news, among other things) – the fire call was something small inside a house in the 6300 block of 46th SW and the resident reported it out even before the crews arrived.

5:33 PM UPDATE: No proof that it’s weather-related but no proof it’s not – Ballard had a somewhat sizable power outage for a while late today; here’s an update from our friends at With ice, snow, heavily laden tree branches still out there, keep those flashlights handy once again, just in case.

6:17 PM UPDATE: By all accounts (particularly in comments), the roads that started to get slushy today are freezing over again – so it may be even more dangerous out there than it was last night/this morning. Meantime, we just posted a separate Crime Watch story that’s going to stay atop the page for a while – the trash update is still in the works. (Bottom line though, if you have Monday delivery, don’t bring it in, they’re going to decide tomorrow morning whether they can make the missed Monday rounds on Tuesday.) We’ll also be updating the open/closed/links post by 8:30 with everything we’ve learned about tomorrow (although everything we know so far already has been posted here in the afternoon updates, or earlier). (Some of that information is already there now.)

9:06 PM UPDATE: The University of Washington has suspended operations again for tomorrow. We’re catching up with some of the West Seattle pix that have come in recently; for starters, via Twitter, RealLowVibe noted the posting of these pix from Alki Ave tonight, captioned “So much for effective plowing and sanding.” There are other nighttime road reports in comments — few of them good. Meantime – if things were normal, we would have been bringing you Christmas lights photos every night from around West Seattle. We got some of them in before Snowpocalypse ’08 (as many have dubbed it). In comments, it’s been suggested that we all plan on lights tours AFTER Christmas, once things are truly drivable again, and we can go for that. In the short run – any photos welcome if you can photograph your own lights or your neighbor’s lights – Johnston sent this closeup of his nicely iced lights:

Ours, on the shrubbery out front, are now sadly buried beneath the snow co-publisher Patrick valiantly cleared from the sidewalk. Also some nice sunset scenes tonight – Jana posted this one on Facebook after a trip to Alki:

9:38 PM UPDATE: The National Weather Service posted its latest “forecast discussion” at midevening. Excerpt:




10:08 PM UPDATE: We’ve published the trash-pickup story atop the home page; no startling revelations except perhaps that they don’t plan to be stingy about what “double” or “triple” pickup means when your trash DOES get picked up. Meanwhile, another closure note for tomorrow – in addition to the UW, which we mentioned last hour, South Seattle Community College (on Puget Ridge in West Seattle, for anybody who didn’t already know that) is closed again tomorrow too.

10:28 PM: Added another “amazing creation” to this post from earlier – a 12-foot snow angel. The flip side of all the snow – how easy it is to get stuck. If you are trying to get out tomorrow after staying home today, heed the advice of Kevin in Arbor Heights, who tells the tale of getting his “car STUCK in my own driveway, on relatively flat ground. I had it free after 5 minutes with a snow shovel. Just shows how little it takes to get stuck. Lots of ice lurking under what looks like fresh snow. I would advise folks to carry a snow shovel in the car if they have one.” Pic:

In case you’re wondering what else is going on out there – we’re taking some time tonight, besides sifting through the photos from today (thank you SO much to everyone who has taken the time to send them and please forgive us if we didn’t post yours), to check some of the usual sources we comb for West Seattle news in non-snowy times, plus working to update the events/holidays calendars (see the top “tab” bar under the sunset header – that’s how you get to other WSB pages) to catch up on more Christmas info. Will add updates here as we get them, of course, and watch the top of the home page for additional non-snow stories we’ll be adding in the next few hours.

11:26 PM UPDATE: Some more loose ends and interesting things to share. Remember the fire call earlier tonight, 6300 block of 46th SW (big dispatch as is SOP for a residential fire call, but it was out before crews arrived)? Kirk and friends happened to be out on a grocery run when several of the emergency vehicles went rushing by, and they uploaded it to YouTube:

11:52 PM UPDATE: Another interesting sight from the inbox – Heidi in Sunrise Heights reports they had to improvise when time came to come up with a sled for their “Little Man”:

Bonnie sent a beautiful photo earlier from Fauntlee Hills:

12:45 AM: Fascinating Times article about why the city doesn’t use salt on the roads.

1:06 AM: Seattle Police are getting called out again to Charlestown hill — “chronic location” as the dispatcher called it, “people drinking, snowmobiling, sledding.”

2:34 AM: Last item before we close this one out, with the morning post opening at 4 (and live updates resuming at 5:30) – from Hutch and company, the tuckered-out snowman:

Photos: North Delridge labyrinth walk for Winter Solstice

This is the kind of event we would have covered in person if we hadn’t been Snowbound Atop Our Hill — we but thank heavens, Mike Dady of the North Delridge Neighborhood Council sent photos of the Labyrinth Walk at Cottage Grove Park last night (we originally told you about it here) — along with some notes on how it went:

All things considered, a good number of folks turned out for last evening’s North Delridge/Cottage Grove Park Labyrinth Winter Solstice Event. Michal-Ann McElhany was the person who made the event happen:-) She cleared the labyrinth of snow, spread some rock salt and provided candles and hot cider prepped on a campstove. Three young children arrived with a tin full of homemade cookies. Very thoughtful and sweet.

Michal-Ann herself (she’s also with NDNC – one of the many great West Seattle neighborhood groups we regularly report on for ongoing WSB news coverage) added:

Considering nearly every other activity in the city was canceled due to weather conditions, I am very pleased with the success of last night’s Solstice event at Cottage Grove Park. I was expecting literally a few North Delridge-ites to show up as a result of cabin fever. So, needless to say the event was scaled way back to simply a candlelit labyrinth walk with hot cider and no music. The snow extinguished the candle flames, but was so reflective it alone illuminated the event! Surprisingly, thirty people showed up, coming from as far as Bothell, and other areas of West Seattle such as Fauntleroy and Westwood Village. As it turns out, people participated for many different reasons– from romantic dates to having just moved into the neighborhood and wanting to meet some neighbors …

Michal-Ann’s looking forward to an even bigger one next year. One more photo from Mike:

West Seattle snow: “New waterfront condo”

Putting up a few separate items before we top the home page with the “afternoon updates” post – this deserved a post of its own. “Admiral Skier,” who clearly is familiar with our intensive coverage of West Seattle development issues and projects in less-snowy times (all archived here, newest to oldest), e-mailed:

I was out on a ski around Alki today and came across a new waterfront condo. I don’t think this one went through the design review process, but maybe you saw the permit come up?

West Seattle snow: Monday morning/midday updates

(AM coverage is now closed; PM COVERAGE IS HERE; for a list of handy links and closed/open reports, CLICK HERE)

Live updates resuming. Please share road/bus stories for those who can’t stay home.

5:14 AM UPDATE: For bus riders – As of 4 am, as promised, Metro resumed updating its list of which bus routes are and aren’t running. See it here. A new forecast is out as of last hour; the accompanying “discussion” says some snow shower chances continue this morning but promises “DRIER NORTHERLY FLOW SETTING UP OVER WESTERN WASHINGTON TONIGHT.”

5:24 AM UPDATE: Words of warning from Linda Thielke, who should know because she’s coordinating media/public info for Metro and hearing from bus drivers all over: “Please warn everyone that road conditions are bad out there this morning. Even in the Seattle CBD (central business district), there are still snow-covered streets.”

5:36 AM UPDATE: Washington State Ferries says: “Normal service on all routes.” WSF’s service-bulletins list is on our list of links/what’s open/what’s closed (which we are updating for your reference IN ADDITION to including new info in this post as we get it).

5:52 AM UPDATE: Got word that the White Center Food Bank – which serves part of West Seattle too – REALLY needs help. From executive director Rick Jump:

The White Center Food Bank has 300 families scheduled to pick up their holiday baskets on Monday and another 300 scheduled for Tuesday. Our plan is to be open for those with appointments but I will probably need some additional volunteers to make this happen. A few of our loyal volunteers showed up last Friday and we served 144 families (out of the 300 scheduled that day). We will be open from 10am to 6pm. If there is anybody who lives within walking distance of the food bank OR has a 4 wheel drive vehicle and can safely get there we would greatly appreciate the extra help. I will also need help shoveling the sidewalks and part of the parking lot to make it safe for those who show up. Please help spread the word.

The food bank is at 10829 8th SW; here’s a map.

6:17 AM UPDATE: Via Twitter, WSDOT reports, “Road conditions in most areas of the state are compact snow, with ramps and overpasses still trouble spots.” We’re monitoring the scanner as well as TV, online, etc. And we’re watching airport-related news; a Twitter friend who’s at Sea-Tac says, “Departure lanes at Sea-Tac not moving – people getting out and walking to terminal.” Co-publisher Patrick reminds us we should mention this — the city DID NOT EXPECT to be able to pick up trash today (2nd Monday in a row for some of us) — we are checking with SPU to verify, but as of now, not that you can get it out anyway, likely not worth trying.

6:50 AM UPDATE: Our road report – looks like some clearing/compacting at California/Thistle (both arterials) but still very slow going. Thistle coming down the hill toward Cali:

And around the bend, heading north on Cali:

If you’re on an arterial (or other busy road), please send a pic if/when you can, particularly after sunrise – really helps in addition to the anecdotal reports in comments –