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WS Lost/Found Pet Watch: Dog in trouble?

Hot out of the inbox:

At about 8 a.m. this morning my husband and I saw a little
brown dog running down the east side of 35th just south of Holden. We
tried to pull over but for fear of chasing him into the street we kept
going and hoped for the best. When we returned to our home near 39th and Elmgrove at 9:30, there was the same dog, still looking lost. We tried
to catch him but he’s very scared and he we eventually lost sight of
him around 41st and Kenyon. This dog successfully crossed 35th once this
morning, I am worried he’ll try again and he’s obviously lost. The
dog was small, around 8-10 pounds and looked like a dachshund, possibly
mixed with chihuahua. He was wearing a black collar and I am not certain
there were any tags. Please keep a look out for him and I am also
hoping if his owners read this, they can narrow their search.

Leave a comment if you know whose dog this is – with the Art Fair, the parade, etc., we will be offline for a good chunk of time today and e-mail won’t be seen for a while.

Spooky kitty

Honestly, we are huge fans of felines, but this WS cat sounds a little creepy.

Get your pet-finding mojo working again

Hot on the heels of the successful reunion of Lucky and his owners (see the comments) … We gotta help bring this guy home. Bloggers, new parents, and all-around good people Paul & Steph are looking for their lost kitty Jake, who’s been in their family 11 years. They live on the upper east edge of Gatewood, near the 35th/Myrtle towers. If you’ve seen Jake, follow that link to contact them.


Anybody lose a Pomeranian?

From the south end of WS – folks who say they “live on 42nd Ave SW, just up the hill (north) from the Fauntleroy YMCA” just had “an adorable little Pomeranian … wander onto our street this afternoon … Looks just like the doggie in this photo.” No tags or collar, further described as looking “very tired.” If you have any clue who it belongs to, please e-mail us and we’ll put you in touch with the people who found it.


Looks like time to say it again …

Coyote.jpg… KEEP YOUR PETS INDOORS! If you don’t, as this article just posted by the P-I reminds us, they are liable to wind up as Coyote Chow. Though as we’ve noted before (last August and last September), coyotes are nowhere near the most lethal threat faced by pets whose owners let them roam free. So just say no to anti-coyote hysteria; find out more about these amazing creatures (including video) at this great site forwarded by Charles Redmond, who reports he saw one strolling 39th SW, heading south from Elmgrove, a couple weeks ago. (WS coyote pix, anyone? Send ’em!)

Lost, but not quite found

July 9, 2007 9:20 pm
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From a reader:

An Aussie was seen Monday afternoon around 5:25 pm on the corner of  35th Ave SW and SW Barton St, in the parking lot of the little fresh market on the corner there. The dog did not belong to anyone there.    The dog had a collar on with a visible bright blue bone-shaped tag on   it but the dog would not let me get close enough to check the tag. It seemed confused and scared. I offered some water which it drank but then was scared by the cars and another dog there and it was last seen heading north on 35th Ave SW.  Animal control was called and was sending someone out but may not have been able to find the dog after it ran north. I’m posting this just in case someone might be checking here for a lost dog. Hope it finds its owners and home. 

Westwood Village additions in progress

Next to QFC, the Pet Pros store-to-be (ex-laundromat) has a “help wanted” sign posted out front; on the south edge of WV, the suspense (?) is finally over regarding which of the new spaces next to Sally’s will be Giannoni’s Pizza and which will be Taco Del Mar:


Found: Beach Drive dog

Got a note from someone who found a “white/golden Lab” dog on Beach Drive today. If you lost this dog or know who did, e-mail us and we’ll give you their contact info. SUNDAY AFTERNOON UPDATE: Dog and owner are now reunited.

Wanted: Temporary digs for dog

Craigslist we’re not, but every so often we don’t mind passing along requests for help. We got a note from a WSB reader wondering if anyone can take in his son’s dog for the summer. “Lady Bear” (photo below) is a 3-year-old, 90-pound Australian Shepherd/Blue Heeler, described by the owner’s dad as “super-friendly, well-trained, loves everybody, loves to run and play, low-maintenance.” His son will be able to take “Lady Bear” back in September, to a new home with a fenced yard, when the new school year starts. He’ll provide food, leash, whatever else is necessary, just wants a “safe home” for his dog. If you are interested in finding out more, call Bob at (206) 484-7201.


It’s dog-eat-dog out there

Proprietor Cliff Mark of Next to Nature in The Junction has posted a comment that you might not see, since it’s on a post that’s a couple pages into the site, but we thought it was worth a spotlight here:

First, a big thank you to all those who in the face of increasing numbers of pet supply stores opening in WS, have chosen to continue to grant us at Next to Nature the privilege of serving your pet-related needs. We greatly appreciate your support and hope that we will continue to satisfy you with our service, selection and value.  As my wife, Bea, and I have known since 1994, WS is truly a GREAT place to live and work. BTW, to help make your continued support a little easier, we have recently expanded our hours of operation from 9:00 am to 9:00 pm Mondays through Saturday. We are still open 10:00 am to 5:00 pm on Sundays.  Again, thanks to all those who are keeping all West Seattle-based businesses thriving.  If anyone has any comments or suggestions for us at NTN please send them along to

A tail of lost love

Is it really the dog they’re looking for, or perhaps its owner? Check it out at BDB.

Thousands if by land, two if by sea

Lots of energy about to be put into two good causes:

-You have till noon tomorrow to sign up online for the Race for the Cure on The Viaduct this Saturday morning. (And even if you’re not going to join us and thousands of other runners/walkers, keep in mind The Viaduct will be closed for a few hours that morning because of this.)

-One week from Sunday, sometime between 3 and 4 pm, two Eastside men will arrive on the beach at Lincoln Park after swimming 3 1/2 miles from Vashon Island. It’s their 8th annual “Paddle for PAWS” to raise money for that animal-assistance group. They’re hoping to raise $10,000, and they’re accepting donations online right now.

The other new WS pet-food store

Hot on the heels (tails?) of discovering that All The Best is Alki-bound, we think we can match a name to the pending pet-stuff store at Westwood Village: Pet Pros is advertising jobs at its “new West Seattle store.”

Two more from the Sunday paper

-Buried near the end of this article about wi-fi on state ferries is the note that it’s expected on the Fauntleroy-Vashon-Southworth run by mid-July.

-We’ve talked before about the city’s crackdown on unlicensed pets; here’s a case where it appears to have gone way too far. HERE’S A LINK YOU SHOULD CHECK TO SEE IF ANYTHING IS PENDING AGAINST YOU. (Mentions your past history, too.)

Pet store coming to Alki

Just discovered that All the Best Pet Care has rented part of the former Alki Market space next to Cactus, and the locally based folks who own the chain confirm it. They say they’re hoping to open by mid-July, depending on how the permit process goes; owner/founder Susan Moss adds, “We are SOOO excited  because West Seattle is such a vibrant community and the beach location we snagged is so lovely!” — and she says she has hired an Alki resident to manage the store. One more thing — Moss is looking for input on what would be ideal hours for the Alki store to be open; she says they were thinking 10 am-7 pm but wondering if the Alki-area lifestyle might be conducive to something different –leave comments on this post and we’ll make sure she  sees them!

From fluff ‘n’ fold, to Fluffy’s food?

The city permit files say a pet-food store is in the works for Westwood Village. We can’t find a center blueprint to match WV “suite numbers” to specific stores, so we can’t tell if that’s what’s going into the laundromat space (below) that just emptied out north of QFC, but crews are certainly working fast and furious to convert it into something. Also, the permit files mention progress on the WV in-the-works Taco Del Mar.



Stolen from Petco in The Junction, according to this.

Another difference between dog and cat owners

catcarpet.jpgJust after Christmas, we posted about the city’s plan for a crackdown on unlicensed pets. Tonight the P-I checks in on how it’s going; apparently dog owners are obeying, cat owners generally aren’t.

Particularly plaintive pet plea

We don’t really have an official policy on lost pet notices – but found this particularly plaintive one on Craigslist shortly after seeing a new flyer for the same missing dog on a neighborhood pole. Keep an eye out.

HAPPENING RIGHT NOW: Buy plants for pets

May 6, 2007 12:59 pm
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Sorry we didn’t hear about this any sooner. Through 5 pm today, the Furry Faces Foundation animal-rescue group is selling hanging plant baskets – or the components to make your own – in the courtyard next to Hotwire.

A tale of Good Samaritanism, and Bad Driverism

Just received a note about something traumatic that happened on Admiral earlier today, with a request to let everyone know about those who did a very good deed as a result. We’re putting it up exactly as we received it, and it’s a bit long, so if you’re seeing this on the home page, click ahead to read:

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The BIG WEEKEND arrives

The Water Taxi and Farmers’ Market, both returning on Sunday … Easy Street’s new “afterhours” shows continuing tonight … your chance to help shape a West Seattle landmark’s future … all part of the weekend preview roundup, a click away:

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The question that will go unanswered …

… unless you can answer it for us: What IS a “Snooty Walk”? We thought we’d get the answer if we showed up for the last half-hour of the Pet Rodeo & Snooty Walk, but the party was already breaking up. Did spot Hizzoner, however, probably there to cheer on his wife in her role as Head Judge.