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Gospel luminaries at Kenyon Hall, nightly thru Wednesday

That’s Pat Wright of the Total Experience Gospel Choir on stage tonight at West Seattle’s Kenyon Hall, accompanied by KH proprietor Lou Magor in an impromptu-by-audience-request performance of “Amazing Grace.” This was the first of four amazing nights of Wright and her choir visiting KH somewhat as artists-in-residence, as they get ready for a major journey:Read More

More Fauntleroy frontage up for sale – less than $1,000,000!

March 16, 2008 10:08 pm
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fauntleroyfrontage.jpgThat photo is from the listing we just saw for yet another parcel in the “Triangle” zone between Fauntleroy, Alaska, and 35th east of The Junction — 4450 37th, just west of the Diva Espresso building, two buildings on 4,200 square feet for $700,000, a small lot with big visibility (and C1-65 zoning); as an aside, the “comparables” listed on the last page of its flyer include the sale price for 4550 38th, site of the future Harbor Properties development — $3.1 million.

Congratulations to “Handbags for Hunger” organizers



Above, “during” and “before” pix from the WSB Forum members’ smash-hit benefit this afternoon at Beveridge Place Pub — ringleader JoB has posted a wrapup in this forum thread, and we just got this note from Pete Spalding of the West Seattle Food Bank board:

WOW!!!! Where can I start?

First of all from all of our clients, the Board of Directors of the West Seattle Food Bank would like to send out a HUGE THANK YOU to the organizers, everyone that participated and to Gary the owner of the Beveridge Place Pub for making a big difference on a Sunday afternoon.

I could not believe the number of folks that turned out for this quickly, but well-organized event. Lots of energy in the room for not only the West Seattle Food Bank but also for a great program, Dress For Success. Through everyone’s hard work and charitable mood it was a most successful event. The big event today raised a whopping $704.51 along with approximately 300 pounds of donated food.

Just a quick plug to say that our work at the West Seattle Food Bank goes on everyday of the year. The need in our community is on the increase right now and we certainly appreciate all of the very generous folks here in our West Seattle community that help us keep our doors open to our neighbors in need.

Here are a couple of other ways you can help us right now:

1. If you are a Bruce Springsteen fan you know that he is playing at KeyArena on March 29th. You can go to this link
and bid on a pair of tickets to the show as well as passes to the E Street Lounge before the concert begins. The proceeds from this bidding will benefit the West Seattle Food Bank.

2. On May 1st we will be celebrating our first anniversary in our new building by holding an event at the Hall at Fauntleroy. It is called Instruments of Change because everyone that comes that night is an instrument of change for our West Seattle Community. The event begins at 6 pm and tickets are $75. The ticket includes a sit-down meal along with some great entertainment. Phyllis Campbell, President/CEO of the Seattle Foundation, will be our guest speaker. You can go to our web site to buy tickets or for more information.

Once again thanks for a great Sunday afternoon event. WSB readers ROCK!!!

Ditto that from us. Huge “way to go” for the folks who expanded their online friendship into the offline world and found a way to morph a meetup into a chance to do even more good in the community. You can join the ongoing discussion here.

Admiral family searching for missing autistic daughter

(5:30 PM MONDAY UPDATE: Police say Jordan has been found – more info here.)

missinggirl.jpg(ORIGINAL SUNDAY NIGHT REPORT) That’s a photo of missing West Seattle 14-year-old Jordan King, sent to WSB by her mom Paula, who has been handing out flyers near their Admiral home. Paula says Jordan has been missing since Thursday. In addition to being autistic, Paula says of Jordan, “She is homeschooled and has no memory for phone numbers so she could be very lost.” The family asks that you call 911 — they of course filed a police report, so there’s a record in the system — if you have any idea where Jordan might be. (Her description: 5-2, 138 lbs., dark-brown hair, hazel eyes, last seen in light-pink pants, black tank top, black tennis shoes, black hoodie.)

Happening now: “Handbags for Hunger”

Quick photos snapped just before the official start of the West Seattle Food Bank-benefiting festivities. Beveridge Place Pub, now till 4 pm. Full details here (or scroll two posts down if you’re on the home page).



West Seattle retirees got game: Wii at The Mount

We saw it in the Providence Mount St. Vincent newsletter that landed in the WSB postal-mail box one day: Wii bowling at The Mount. So much for the old image of retirees sitting around playing canasta, or maybe, just maybe, shuffleboard. They were kind enough to let us drop in to see for ourselves:

As you can see, they’re doing pretty well. Resident assistant Ken Howard told us that it’s really just a matter of, if you can’t get out to play the games, this is a new way to bring the games in to them:

By the way, if you’re not familiar with Providence Mount St. Vincent, it’s the huge complex on the west side of 35th along the big rise south of Alaska, nicknamed “The Mount,” and it’s been around longer than some of its residents – more than 80 years. It’s even home to a unique child-care program that brings together the oldest and the youngest members of the West Seattle community. As for the Wii — it’s also being used at local libraries, with occasional how-to’s for adults, and the Delridge Library is offering teens open play with Wii and Dance Dance Revolution this Wednesday, 3-5 pm.

Today’s the day: “Handbags for Hunger” @ Beveridge

Ever heard the phrase “the Seattle process,” as in, propose something, talk it to death over a long, arduous period of time, and then maybe in the end nothing happens anyway? NOT the case with this. Over the course of barely a week, a group of WSB Forum members has hatched this idea, expanded it, and this afternoon — with your help too — is making it happen. Join them at Beveridge Place Pub in Morgan Junction (map), 2:30-4 pm, for good times on behalf of a good cause – here’s the full announcement one more time:

Members of the West Seattle Blog Forums got together to create a fundraising social for the West Seattle Food Bank… and another local charity, the Seattle Dress for Success program.

What began as a few local members cleaning out their oversupply of quality handbags and donating them to charity as an excuse for a good party has attracted local attention and we are getting donations we didn’t expect; some of them top-end designer handbags.

All donated handbags will be up for sale at the auction… some of them will simply be for sale for $5… some of them will be up for bid with a $5 minimum and $25 maximum.

We will also be collecting non-perishable food items and cash/checks for the West Seattle Food Bank. Every donation will be matched through the current $1 million dollar Feinstein Foundation donation challenge (read more about it here). This will be a great opportunity to make your dollars count and help out one of our more important local resources.

What began as a problem; what to do with handbags that didn’t sell, has created another opportunity for donations. We will be donating any bags that don’t sell to the Seattle Dress for Success program and will also collect donations of quality used women’s business attire and cash/checks for their program. They especially need plus size clean and ready to wear clothing.

We expect participation from local representatives from both organizations and will have information on both organizations for those who would like to know more.

So if you are 21 or older (Beveridge Place is a pub), this is a great chance to drop by, have some fun, drink a little beer, drop off some of what you just cleaned out of the closet, do some good, find a great handbag at a really reasonable price and get to meet some of the more infamous West Seattle Blog Forum members. We will be wearing nametags with our sign-in names so you can identify us.

We are accepting donations of all types of quality bags; we hope to have something to offer those males who are brave enough to attend. If you would consider selling it at a consignment shop; we want it. You can show up at 2 pm when the pub opens to drop off donations, or contact JoB to arrange drop-off prior to the event. All unclaimed bags will be donated to Dress for Success.

If you’ve got any last-minute questions, the latest forum thread is here.

A shutdown that’s good news, for once

March 16, 2008 7:06 am
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Westcrest Park Off-Leash Area steward Steve McElhenney reports West Seattle’s only official off-leash park area will be closed for two days next month — April 2-3 — for maintenance work, and that’s GOOD news! Here’s how he announced it to users:

Finally, after many years of complaining, my persistence is paying off. On Wed. and Thurs. April 2nd and 3rd. Westcrest will be completely closed! Parks will be trenching a water line from the entrance to the main area to replace my garden hose. They’ll also be repairing the fences and other maintenance issues. They are bringing in heavy equipment and have requested for full closure so we don’t interfere with their work. Thanks for your cooperation and understanding.

Again, that’s the off-leash area, not the rest of the park. Looking for an alternative OLA those two days? Here’s the city Parks Department’s full list.

West Seattle Crime Watch: Sunset (North Admiral) burglary

E-mailed to WSB by Scott:

Home broken into on Friday morning between 9:30-11 am (3/14). Two attempts to throw rocks through windows of doors on back side of house. First unsuccessful, second successful in shattering 2nd floor window. Took TV, computer, and loose coins. Magazine solicitor came to door Monday prior at 3:30pm (late 20’s, African-American, 5’10”, 200 lbs [muscular], clean cut, nice guy, very talkative).

As has been discussed in other threads, we all want to be careful not to assume all door-to-door solicitors are potential burglars casing our homes. However, the recent wave of daytime burglaries coincides with an increase in solicitor reports, so as my mom always said, “better safe than sorry” — and always ask solicitors for ID/license. Here’s the city code governing solicitors.