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Morgan meeting report #1: Lowman Beach pump project idling

April 16, 2008 11:59 pm
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At least two reports will ensue from tonight’s Morgan Community Association (MoCA) quarterly meeting at The Kenney, starting with this one: If you visit Lowman Beach frequently, you’re familiar with that big white land-use sign that’s been up a long time for the 2nd phase of the county’s improvements to the underground pump station there. (Full explanation here.) MoCA president Steve Sindiong said tonight that the project is “on hold” for now, along with others, while Metro sorts out its funding situation and decides “which ones to go forward with, and which ones to hold till next year.” Sindiong says that decision is expected within the next month. (Next MoCA report, in the morning: A mini-showdown over the Myrtle Reservoir park project skateboard-feature decision.)

3 days till it’s time for you and your pet(s) to get “snooty”


Those are a few of the photos that WSB contributing photojournalist Matt Durham took at last year’s “Snooty Walk” pet event put on by the West Seattle High School Class of ’09. This Saturday, the ’09ers are doing it again — and class co-president Sumeet Chadha wrote this to tell you a little more about the event:

This year the class of 2009 at WSHS is hard at work wrapping up the final preparations for the Snooty Walk on April 19th. It has been very hectic because our Advisor went on Admin. leave so the class has been working extra hard to bring everything together.

This year there are plenty of new events like, cutest couple, best dancer, and the obstacle course. Of course we are keeping some of the most fun events that we had last year such as, drooliest and best trick. Husky will be providing ice cream and volunteers will be cookin’ up hot dogs (pun) and hamburgers. We will also feature a bouncy toy.

We are going for more of a spring carnival feel with the bouncy toy. There will be a lot more to do while roaming around this year because we are setting up a “driveway fair” with a bunch of non-profits and sponsors coming to talk about their products.

It is $10.00 to enter a pet and all proceeds benefit WSHS class of 2009 in order to create a $5 prom. The money will also be used for graduation and other class needs.

We raised more than $1,400 last year and hope to beat that amount this year!

That’s this Saturday @ Hiawatha. Check out the Snooty Walk website for more, including event times. Organizers say it’s on, rain or shine!

Wednesday late-afternoon miscellany

April 16, 2008 5:50 pm
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THE GROUCHOS OF NORTHERN PIGEON POINT: Have been meaning to share West Seattle writer Mark Bourne‘s Grouchos writeup on, for anyone who didn’t catch it when it was aggregated on our More page.

WATER AND WALKING: Chas Redmond happened onto this city page re: the Westcrest Park reservoir’s history. He was doing research for this project; another public workshop’s coming up in South Seattle on April 30. Another project he’s involved in, West Seattle Walking Trails (originally reported here), is progressing — a grant application to fund some of the wayfinding kiosks has made it to the next stage of a process that has several more months to go; meantime, tomorrow he and Feet First reps will brief the Seattle Design Commission (agenda here) on the entire project.

WEST SEATTLE COMMUNITY GARAGE SALE DAY UPDATE: 40+ sales signed up so far for the 4th annual version of the big all-over-West-Seattle selling and shopping day May 10th, from individual sales to school/block sales — if you don’t want to register a sale because you’d have only have a few things to sell, there’s a location offering you space – get the latest WSCGSD info (including of course how to register) by going here (we’re updating that site,, daily; if you have any questions before or after registering, please e-mail

Return of the rings: Beach-fire season reopens on Alki

April 16, 2008 2:43 pm
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Four days after a WSB’er e-mailed us wondering where the Alki fire rings had gone (we posted about it here), city Parks Department spokesperson Dewey Potter told us they’ve just been brought back — so freshly returned, in fact, when we subsequently dashed over to get a photo, we could still see the tire tracks in the sand. Potter also reminds us the rules ‘n’ regulations for beach fires can be found here.

City offers $ savings on your next lawn mower

If you bag the gas-powered mower, the city will subsidize part of the cost of an electric or push replacement:Read More

Camp Long to be featured on KUOW radio this afternoon

April 16, 2008 1:00 pm
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Camp Long‘s Sheila Brown is interviewed during “Sound Focus,” 2:20 pm. (Should be archived on the same site later if you miss it.) Incidentally, 6:30 pm tonight at Camp Long, it’s the next of six West Seattle meetings on the Parks Department’s draft Strategic Plan — your best chance to sound off on where you want the city parks system’s focus to be (more of something? less of something?) in the years to come.

Fauntleroy Church bell-ringing countdown about to start

April 16, 2008 11:52 am
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That’s a quick look up at the steeple/bell tower at Fauntleroy Church, which is celebrating its centennial this year. As we told you two weeks ago, starting this Saturday, the church bell will be rung daily at noon for 100 days, counting down to the centennial-celebration weekend July 25-27. People are signing up in the church lobby to take turns ringing the bell during those 100 days, in honor of birthdays, anniversaries, you name it. We got a sneak preview of the bell-ringing with the help of the Fauntleroy Church parishioner who’s been a member the longest, David Galbraith — whose parents rang the bell on their wedding day in 1917! — and 4-year-old Eli Johnson, a student at the church’s Little Pilgrims School:

FINALLY a coyote sighting at WSB HQ


For all the coyote sightings we’ve posted here, we’ve never seen one ourselves till five minutes ago – crossing California south of Thistle, heading toward the Thistle greenbelt/staircase. (Photos courtesy intrepid Patrick the Sales Guy, who grabbed the camera and headed outside while your editor here stood transfixed at the window.)


Reminder that the city provided tips on coexisting with coyotes and urban wildlife at a presentation earlier this year; WSB coverage here. (It’s breeding season, so sightings are likely to be more frequent; follow some of the advice in that report and your chances of an unwanted run-in will be reduced.)

Newest Myrtle Reservoir park design is now online

April 16, 2008 9:40 am
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Just got word from the Parks Department – the new “approved schematic design,” including space set aside for a “future skate spot” along 35th, is now online at the Myrtle Reservoir park’s official project page, along with a reminder about the May 1st public meeting. Here’s a direct link to see the design; our Monday follow-up clarifying the “skate spot” status is here.

Crime Watch: Another multiple-burglary suspect caught

April 16, 2008 8:32 am
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handcuffs_2.jpgOne more update from last night’s West Seattle Community Safety Partnership meeting (see the traffic-improvements report and added car-prowl details below): Community Police Team officer Adonis Topacio says at least three recent local burglaries have been linked to a suspect with a criminal history — and right now, Topacio said, he’s in custody in Florida, where he had gone to visit relatives even though leaving the state was a probation violation. Police are working to see how many burglaries in all might be linked to this suspect; this time, Topacio said, “looks like he’s going to be spending a lot of time in jail.”

Arson-victim help: Raffle tickets on sale now

April 16, 2008 6:03 am
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No arrests yet, almost 4 weeks after the arson that gutted Puget Sound Key and Lock in Morgan Junction. WSB Forum Community members are not only inviting you to a get-together Saturday night to raise some $ to help the business reopen, they’re also selling raffle tickets ahead of time so you can pitch in — and get a chance at great prizes donated by generous businesses — without even attending Saturday night if you have other plans. You can buy tickets at Admiral Pub tonight and tomorrow night, 7-8 pm, to win M’s tickets, gym memberships, artwork, massage(s), and more! The winning tickets will be announced at the community get-together/fundraiser, also at Admiral Pub, 6-9 pm Saturday. You don’t need to be present to win. Raffle tickets also available at the get-together (and families are welcome, since Admiral Pub is all-ages till 9 pm; more info in this WSB Forum thread), as well as during the West Seattle Community Recognition Awards gathering 7-8 pm Friday at Capers in The Junction (stop in and say hi if you can) — and you can even e-mail to get in on the raffle: will connect you with the Forum Community members who are handling it.