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Dig in, and help finish turning Ercolini Park into reality

April 10, 2008 11:56 pm
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Those are photos from May 2007 (top) and March 2008 showing Ercolini Park, years in the making at a storied site west of The Junction (48th & Alaska), and now maybe less than two months away from completion. Donated money and time have been key to getting it this far – they just finished fundraising last October — and now Ercolini Park volunteers have put out the call – it’s time to roll up your sleeves and get the job done, by signing up to pitch in for whatever time you can give Saturday 4/26 and/or Sunday 4/27. Here’s their request:

The time has finally arrived to put on those work gloves and help complete our park. As you may have seen, we now have grass and are ready to install the play equipment. The play equipment supplier has scheduled construction to take place on Saturday and Sunday, April 26th and 27th. We need approximately 25 volunteers for each day. There will be additional work to be scheduled later that will include: spreading the wood chip play area surface, cleaning up the walkways and spreading beauty bark in the landscaping. We are setting up shifts starting at 9:00 am on each day. Please e-mail with your commitment of when you can volunteer and for how long. Please include a contact phone number so we can reach you if we need to. We have a neighborhood group (SNAP) that has volunteered to help with refreshments. This is also an area where you can volunteer. We will need sandwiches, snacks, beverages and assistance in providing lunch. Children are welcome to come and help but will not be able to play in the grass area or construction zone.

Each volunteer needs to come with a pair of work or garden gloves. Other items that will be needed:

-Shovels and rakes
-Rachets, sockets and wrenches (9/16” and 5/16”)
-Cordless drills
-Several utility knives
-6’ step ladders
-Several wheelbarrows

Tasks will include: unpacking and moving parts into place, play equipment assembly, moving dirt from post holes, clearing construction debris.

Each volunteer will need to sign in and out with the Volunteer Coordinator at the site to insure that we get credit for your time. If you provide refreshments, please submit a receipt to the Volunteer Coordinator, so we can get credit for your in-kind donation. We need to match $12,000 of our Dept. of Neighborhood Matching Fund Grant. This all goes toward that effort.

There will be a tent erected in the center plaza area, but the construction area will not be covered so dress accordingly. Hopefully, we will have beautiful weather. Let us know if you have any questions. Pass this on to your neighbors.

After the grass has had time to mature we will have a dedication ceremony, probably at the end of May or first part of June.

Sign up to help by e-mailing this address:

Another pet note: Junction Association announces Pet Fest

April 10, 2008 10:56 pm
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The West Seattle Junction Association has just announced details of its first-ever Pet Fest, planned for Sunday, April 27, in the Wells Fargo parking lot at the northeast corner of 44th and Alaska. It’s for people who are seeking pets as well as people who already share their lives with one (or more) — two groups will have adoptable pets on site all day. Also on hand: Artists specializing in “pet portraits,” local animal-relief groups, pet-health experts, and more. An “Ugliest Dog and Ugliest Cat in West Seattle” contest also is promised (you can sign up now at Next to Nature in The Junction). This is all part of a really big day in The Junction — though the West Seattle Farmers’ Market is now officially year-round, it’s still celebrating “opening day” that day with wagon rides and music. More info on the Junction festivities at the WSJA website.

2 dog followups: Pit-bull shooting aftermath; lost Akita

April 10, 2008 6:34 pm
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We have been checking in periodically with Seattle Animal Shelter director Don Jordan to find out what was going to happen to the dog that survived the police shooting in Westwood on February 26, and to the owner of that dog and another that was killed after attacking a man and his Chihuahua. In early March, Jordan told us the owner faced more than $1,000 in fines from citations. Today, he says his investigator is almost done writing up a report recommending that the owner face a criminal charge, “negligent control of an animal.” As for the surviving dog, it’s still in Animal Shelter custody, and its future depends on what happens with the criminal-charge recommendation. If a charge is filed, the dog will remain with the shelter TFN as evidence. If the prosecutor decides not to charge the owner, Jordan says, the dog would likely be returned to the man, because there was no prior history of violations involving this dog (though the owner did have a history of violations with other dogs). We’ll keep checking to see what happens. Meantime, an update on this elusive dog:


That’s Kit the Akita, who’s been in the Lost/Found section of our Pets page for almost three weeks now, with a particularly heartwrenching story: He got away just a week after starting a new life following rescue from an abusive situation. He’s apparently been spotted around Westwood but is hard to catch, according to Lynn, who e-mailed with this update:

There was another attempt to catch Kit April 3rd by a woman who lives in the area … I hope many people are watching out for this boy and trying to catch him. He has been seen crossing busy roads and is very vulnerable out there, if he is still alive at this point. I spoke with the woman who lost him the other day and she has tried very hard to catch him and is very, very sad. Animal Control tried live trapping, but apparently didn’t have a tranquilizer gun; it looks likely they could have got him that way since they were near him for quite some time, according to what I was told.

As the Pets page post says, call (206) 518-1611 if you find or see this dog – not the number on his old tags, which were from the previous owner and hadn’t yet been changed..

Update on ActivSpace fire cause: Incense

April 10, 2008 5:43 pm
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First: Jerry from JetCityOrange, who (as mentioned in the original report) works in the building, has now uploaded some video. Now, the cause: Helen Fitzpatrick from the Seattle Fire Department says some incense was left too close to papers, which caught on fire. The reported “explosion” was actually a can of shaving cream exploding, according to SFD, which also says nobody was hurt; no other units were affected; damage estimate, $25,000.

More repairs on Fauntle-rut Way


In the wake of our Pothole From Hell experience the other night (reported, and then deeply discussed, here), this was one of three SDOT trucks we saw working in the suspect lane (southbound, left, Fairmount Springs area) this afternoon.

Small fire briefly evacuates ActivSpace



Just back from ActivSpace on Harbor – where the road may still be closed a little while, in front of the building, while the fire investigation wraps up. The fire was out fairly quick; one witness told us it apparently started in a small recording studio on the south side of the building, when some equipment fell and sparked a fire. No injuries that we know of. 3:54 PM UPDATE: Photo added – above, firefighters checking out an elevator-equipment area for any lingering sign of smoke or fire; below, a little bit of the street scene as we walked up. ADDED 4:25 PM: Additional photo at top from Jerry of JetCityOrange, who works in ActivSpace, from just outside the area where the fire happened.


West Seattle Yacht Club: No boat? No problem!


That’s West Seattle Yacht Club commodore Jim Hanson, showing us the club’s official flag on the bow of his boat “At Ease,” moored at Des Moines Marina, where we talked with him about the club’s open invitation to you to join them for an open house tomorrow night, whether you have a boat or not, and about WSYC activities including their plan to sail in the upcoming Opening Day parade:Read More

McFreebie: Free McDonald’s espresso (you heard it here first)

During the Starbucks freebie discussion the other day, WSB frequent contributor/Forum Community member JanS mentioned in comments here she’d heard McDonald’s would offer free espresso on Friday. Now, 3 days later, the official announcement, and a cutesy website to accompany it. (Not nearly as amusing as this new website, though.)

Denny-Sealth updates: Landmark nominations; dot votes; meetings


Thanks to Westwood Neighborhood Council president Steve Fischer for sending word that as part of the process in the Denny Middle School rebuild/Chief Sealth High School renovations shared-campus project, Seattle Public Schools has submitted landmark nominations for Denny and Sealth. (This is a required part of the process because of the buildings’ age; before significant work, or teardown in the case of DMS, occurs, the city must determine whether they merit landmark designation.) The Landmarks Preservation Board will have a public hearing on both nominations during its meeting at 3:30 pm next Wednesday (40th floor of the Municipal Tower downtown; other West Seattle items are on the agenda including approval of the Hiawatha Playfield project and Fauntleroy Church window work, since both involve landmarks). Also, there’s word of a SPS-sponsored public meeting April 22 at CSHS cafeteria, 6:30 pm, to review the “environmental checklist” for the Denny/Sealth project. Meantime, we were at Sealth today and noticed easels are up in the commons, with “dot voting” going on to prioritize 30 possible projects that could be funded with the money the school is slated to get beyond safety-related renovations. Last update — As we first reported a week ago, the legal challenge to the Denny/Sealth project is proceeding, though SPS confirms it has filed to have the complaint dismissed, because it “believes that the case is without merit.”

Quick West Seattle notes from land-use land

April 10, 2008 11:09 am
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The new Land Use Information Bulletin from the city (published twice weekly; you can sign up in the right sidebar here to get it by e-mail) has several projects of West Seattle interest this time. We wanted to call attention here to three of them: First, in Admiral, the official notice of the Southwest Design Review Board meeting in two weeks for 2743 California SW (we told you about it a week ago when it turned up on the city website). Second, in Gatewood, looks like a plan is in the works for the building just west of Seattle International Church, 7148 44th SW, which was used as a school when Gatewood Baptist Church owned it (and was offered for sale separate from the church in fall 2006); here’s the city project page, which says the use is changing to “artist studios.” Third, after two “early design guidance” SWDRB meetings, the official land-use application is in for Spring Hill, BlueStar‘s proposed six-story mixed-use building at 5020 California (most recent WSB coverage here).

West Seattle Community Garage Sale Day signups begin!

garagesaledaysmalllog.jpgAs of this morning, through Friday, April 25, registration is open and the first signups already have rolled in for the 4th annual West Seattle Community Garage Sale Day, which is happening 9 am-3 pm Saturday, May 10. (Backstory: WSCGSD is a creation of the late great community-connection organization Megawatt; its leadership hoped its signature events would go on, and allowed WSCGSD to be taken over by WSB, while Gathering of Neighbors will now be presented by DNDA.) If you haven’t participated before, as a sale-holder or shoppers, just to be clear: This is NOT one big day in one location — this is one day set aside for people to have sales all over West Seattle – as many as people sign up to have – in the past few years, there’ve been more than 100! – all promoted with a map and citywide advertising. For the first time, you can register online — go to the official West Seattle Community Garage Sale Day website at to do that, or to get a downloadable registration form you can print out and mail in, or to see the list of locations where you will be able to pick up a registration form starting later today (just in time for the West Seattle Art Walk tonight – some of our form-distribution locations are Art Walk participants). And even if you’re not going to have a sale as part of WSCGSD on May 10, please set aside some time to shop till you drop – as happens every year, we will have maps available online and at several in-person locations starting a few days ahead of time; we’re also promoting/advertising the event to areas outside West Seattle so shoppers will flock this way. One more new feature this year: Contests – including “best sign” and “most unusual sale item.” Questions? E-mail – and keep checking for updates.

Update: Fire call on 42nd not a fire

The call was “fire in single-family residence,” lots of units in the 5600 block of 42nd SW. 8:31 AM UPDATE: No fire. Scary smell triggered the call, but no smoke/flames to go with it.

4 major events today & tonight

April 10, 2008 2:57 am
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BE A MASTER OF DISASTER: As mentioned previously, we’re working with community leaders between now and mid-May to nudge you to take a few simple steps to be ready for the unthinkable, just in case. Next step: Go to West Seattle Library (aka the Admiral branch) for tonight’s SNAP (Seattle Neighborhoods Actively Prepare) event, 6:30 pm. And get ready to find out more about your official neighborhood gathering place – where you would go for information and help if something major happened; the location list is almost done and dates are being set for you to drop by, get familiar, and get info, within the next few weeks.

HAVE A SAY IN TWO MAJOR JUNCTION-AREA DEVELOPMENTS: The Conner Homes proposal for California/Alaska/42nd (most recent WSB coverage here) and the Harbor Properties proposal for 38th/Alaska (most recent WSB coverage here) both come before the Southwest Design Review Board tonight for “early design guidance.” If you want to speak your mind about how these developments should look, this is the time and place. Both meetings are at Chief Sealth High School, with Conner on the agenda at 6:30 and Harbor at 8 pm. (If you frequently attend these meetings, as we do, you will be interested to note the SWDRB has two new members — just noticed on the webpage — including West Seattle architect Brandon Nicholson.)

artwalk.jpgWEST SEATTLE ART WALK – MORE ADMIRAL PARTICIPANTS! It’s the second Thursday of the month, which means West Seattle Art Walk time, and as we reported last weekend, the Art Walk just keeps expanding — with five Admiral participants tonight (see the full list of participants in all locations here) as well as more than a dozen others in and around The Junction. You’ll find special events at many locations; 6-9 pm tonight. (And while you’re out on the Art Walk, look for registration forms for 2008 West Seattle Community Garage Sale Day — available starting tonight, at these locations and online — more on that a little later this morning.)

GOVERNOR’S CAMPAIGN KICKOFF AT THE “OTHER” SSCC CAMPUS: Governor Gregoire is officially running for re-election, and West Seattle’s State Senator Joe McDermott is inviting WS supporters to her next event — 3:45 pm today at South Seattle Community College’s Duwamish Apprenticeship and Education Center, 6770 E. Marginal Way S., at the Safety Lab in Building A (just inside the entrance.) Sen. McDermott also sent us this photo he took at a Gregoire event the other day in Auburn: