Snooty Walk pix: Doggone good time


WSB contributing photojournalist Matt Durham photographed the West Seattle High School Class of ’09‘s second annual Snooty Walk fundraiser this afternoon, with this info about those pix, clockwise from top: 1. A pug dashes for the finish line with lofty goals of winning “fastest dog”; 2. “Gunner,” a 2-1/2-year-old purebred black lab, ducks through a flexible tube to win first prize “Speediest” through an obstacle course; 3. Chloe and Jacob Simmons congratulate their dog, Frieda, during the “Best Dressed” portion of the competitions; 4. Grayson (27 months old) couldn’t resist taking apart the dogs’ race lanes to investigate his world through a cone. (Prints of Matt’s WSB photos and his other work are available through his site, Below, coincidentally sent separately by Grayson’s mom, this photo shows the family’s two canine competitors:


Accompanying that photo, these details:

West Seattle’s own Harold, 4/M/BlackPug, won something! He came in second, VERY SNOOTY, at today’s Snooty Walk and Pet Rodeo. For so long now all the attention has gone to Hester his older sister, 5/F/FawnPug. Though we think the pair was robbed of the Cutest Couple Award we had a great time again (Hester has been putting up with Harold’s ahumpin’ for YEARS, yet the prize went to a couple of dogs that just met at the event. Can you believe it?) I hope to see the Get Snooty T-shirts put up on eBay for the community to bid upon. Keep the money flowing in, Class of ’09!

ADDED 9:03 PM: This one’s from Laurie:


Laurie elaborates:

This is Penguin, the Polish Crested chicken who won “Most Unique” and “Smallest” pet. She is 7 weeks old and has been hand-raised from chickhood. Bianca (8 years old) was very happy to win a trophy!

ADDED SUNDAY: More of “Gunner,” the “Speediest Pet” winner. Proud owner Wendy Bradley sent this quick clip of Gunner “running the tube” (that’s Matt Durham at the other end getting the photo you saw above), followed by a photo of Gunner with his trophy:


4 Replies to "Snooty Walk pix: Doggone good time"

  • KM April 19, 2008 (8:50 pm)

    those are some very cute photos. The first one at the very top of the collage sort of sneaks up on you…

  • Maggie April 19, 2008 (9:02 pm)

    On behalf of the Class of 2009 I would like to thank the community for making this year’s event a great success!

    I hope you all (and the great Seattle sunshine) return next year for more snooty fun!

    Class of 2009

  • changingtimes April 19, 2008 (9:40 pm)

    oh no!!!! not to ruin the mood but on the west seattle bridge, someone hit a little white dog and left it on the side of the road :( horrible horrible people!!!

  • miws April 20, 2008 (8:53 am)

    Man, if the Snooty Walk existed 40 or so years ago, my brother and I could’ve taken the Most Unique Pet award for our desert tortoise!


    He was though, many a subject of Show-N-Tell at Lafayette over the years! (Tortoise, not brother).


    The tough part was the long day. Took about three hours each way, for that mile long walk between home and school! :rimshot:


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