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THEATER: Now you can watch ArtsWest’s ‘This Girl Laughs, This Girl Cries, This Girl Does Nothing’ at home

April 13, 2022 9:45 pm
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(Cast of ‘This Girl …’, photographed by John McLellan)

Though the latest ArtsWest (WSB sponsor) play “This Girl Laughs, This Girl Cries, This Girl Does Nothing” had its last performance at the playhouse this past Sunday, you still have one more chance to see it – if you buy a ticket for the pre-recorded streaming version. It’s available for online viewing any time until May 1st. Here’s a trailer, and the plot summary of the play by Finegan Kruckemeyer:

Triplet sisters are left in the forest by their woodcutter father. From this fairytale beginning, three resolutions are made – one sister will walk one way, one the other, and the third will stay right where she is. Twenty years later, having circumnavigated the globe, and fought Vikings, and crossed oceans, and tamed wilds, and achieved greatness, the three meet again, as women. What they learn on their separate journeys will change everything, and at the same time nothing, in this moving and irresistibly charming modern-day fairytale.

It’s a “universal” story, and family-friendly too, director Johamy Morales told us in an interview last month. Go here to buy your ticket to online viewing.

P.S. ArtsWest’s next play of the season is “Alma,” opening May 5th.

COUNTDOWN: 1 month to West Seattle Food Bank’s hybrid ‘Instruments of Change’ gala

April 13, 2022 7:35 pm
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One month from tomorrow, the West Seattle Food Bank welcomes supporters both in-person and online for this year’s “Instruments of Change” benefit gala. It’s happening on Saturday, May 14th, in-person at 6 pm at the Seattle Design Center in SODO, online at 7:30 pm. This is a fundraiser for the WSFB’s work fighting food insecurity and homelessness. If you attend in person, you can expect happy hour, games, dinner, silent and live auctions, and the program; online, expect a pre-program virtual happy hour with chat games, virtual bidding on the silent and live auctions, and the program. There’s also an option for online guests to have the same dinner delivered that in-person guests will enjoy, from West Seattleite-owned Tuxedos and Tennis Shoes Catering. You can buy your ticket – or register for the free online event – by going here. (WSB is media sponsor for this year’s Instruments of Change.) P.S. Want to donate something for this year’s auction? You can do that here.

ORCAS: Whales off West Seattle

(Added: Photo of distant spout, tweeted by Robin L)

Thanks to Robin for the tip! Orcas are in view off Emma Schmitz Memorial Overlook (Beach Drive SW and Jacobsen), northbound, mid-channel. Let us know if you see them!

WEST SEATTLE CRIME WATCH: Two DUI suspects arrested; break-in attempt; package taken

Four incidents in this West Seattle Crime Watch roundup:

HIT-RUN, DUI, & GUNS: A preliminary police summary says 911 callers just before midnight last night reported “a vehicle involved in several collisions which fled each scene. As the vehicle fled each scene, it lost one of the front tires completely but that did not stop the driver from driving off. The vehicle eventually could not drive any longer on 3 tires and stopped after its final collision in the 3900 block of SW Dawson.” That’s where police found the driver, who they arrested for investigation of DUI. The summary also says that “2 firearms were observed in the driver seat area. Both firearms were recovered and seized. Both were loaded with a round chambered. A loaded rifle magazine was also located, but no rifle was located.” (ADDED: SPD says the other crash locationd were 40th/Dawson and Harbor Avenue/Harbor Lane.)

ANOTHER DUI SUSPECT ARRESTED: On Saturday night, Gabe and a neighbor detained a suspected drunk driver who hit Gabe’s wife’s parked car near 47th/Genesee. The driver, he reports, was in this Bronco:

Gabe reports, “The driver was trying to put his car into gear and drive away after telling my wife he’ll shoot her if she calls the cops; she called the cops anyways and told them what happened and it took them an hour and 15 mins to respond, Wow!! This guy couldn’t even walk or talk, but was ready to drive away and the police did not consider him a threat because we couldn’t actually see a gun.” Hw adds, “Thanks to all our neighbors that helped out … including my neighbor that helped me distract and subdue him for over an hour until we could safely get his engine turned off and finally grab the keys from him.” He says the officer who finally showed up said he was from the North Precinct, on OT (this is common for SPD to cover shift vacancies by seeking officers from other precincts to “augment”), and broke away from a Delridge burglary to come to this scene. We’re still trying to find case records to see what happened to the driver, who Gate says was arrested.

ATTEMPTED GARAGE BREAK-IN: From Sami near 35th/Dakota:

I have footage of someone trying to break into my garage. They were unsuccessful as the garage door they were trying to get into is permanently closed; however, the clip does have a clear picture of the van and the person holding what looks to be like a crowbar.


A package of mine was stolen yesterday around 2 pm behind Luna Park Café. Got the video of what his car looks like and how he was dressed.

TOMORROW: First West Seattle Art Walk of spring!

April 13, 2022 2:39 pm
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Tomorrow night, you can enjoy art – and food/drink specials – from North Admiral to Arbor Heights, during the first West Seattle Art Walk of spring!

That’s the list of participating venues for spring quarter – second Thursday every month. Some have art, some have specials, some have both! For those having artist receptions, hours vary – you can see the locations, times, and artists previewed here. Among the highlights:

*Seattle Dive Tours at 4217 SW Admiral Way is hosting artist Madison Churchill, 1 pm-8 pm

*Doll Parts Collective (4448 California SW) is hosting stained-glass artist Meg Lester until 8 pm

*Jet City Labs (4546 California SW, upstairs from alley entrance) is hosting another pop-up show with multiple artists, 5-8 pm

WSB sponsors participating this month include:

*Fogue Gallery (4130 California SW), new work from Julian De Puma debuts during the Art Walk party, 5-8 pm

*Verity Credit Union (4505 California SW), hosting portrait artist Julija Naskova 5:30-8 pm

*Canna West Seattle (5435 California SW), hosting artist Brandi Bryan, 5-7 pm

*Click! Design That Fits (4540 California SW), artist Katie Dean, 5-8 pm

*ArtsWest Playhouse and Gallery (4711 California SW), see artist Vanessa Ly-Nguyen‘s work 4-7 pm

*Viscon Cellars (5910 California SW), hosting artist Pam Hemmerling, 5-9 pm (also, tasting fee waived for Art Walk visitors)

And if you can’t go out Thursday night, some displays are viewable earlier in the day, and many venues keep their featured artists’ work up all month – check out the preview for lots more info, including photos!

FAUNTLEROY FIGHT: Family pleads to save big tree threatened by SDOT project

Even as the city moves slowly toward a policy aimed at protecting trees, more are taken out daily, mostly for development. A short distance north of Lincoln Park, one big old tree is endangered for a different reason: A city transportation project.

Crews are working right now on the west side of Fauntleroy/Fontanelle [map] to build curb ramps. When they get to the east side of the intersection, Sara says, the huge chestnut tree at that corner of her yard is in danger.

She’s launched an online petition drive to try to save the tree, which they believe is more than a century old. The petition page tells the tree’s story in detail, including Sara’s personal plea:

We cherish this tree and its history. We love observing the animals it provides for, and are honored to behold its abundant glory and all the creatures that enjoy it. I gather snips of the flowers to make arrangements for meditiation. My housemate and her daughter collect the chestnuts annually and use them for arts and crafts! We were set to create a ladder this year so that we could climb it and build a treehouse! We long to protect it. Trees like this are sacred and SHOULD NOT BE DESTROYED!

Similarly, our neighbors over at the Kenney take walks and come to our tree specifically to gather chestnuts for their own decor, and to enjoy its sentimental value, as many of them have grown up visiting this tree in their childhood. We have many West Seattle residents pass by this tree to enjoy its splendor. This is a generational staple of our neighborhood.

After hearing from Sara, we asked SDOT about the tree. Here’s the response we received from spokesperson Ethan Bergerson:

SDOT has not made any decisions to remove this tree. At this point, we are only planning to temporarily remove some of the adjacent concrete sidewalk panels which were already lifted up by the tree roots, so that our arborists can get a closer look at the root structure. Our immediate objective is to better understand our options, and whether it is possible to trim the tree roots in a way that maintains the health of the tree so that the sidewalk can be repaired and the curb ramp installed.

As you noted, this tree is on private property. We have been having an ongoing conversation with the property owner, who has been aware of this situation since last September and understands that they share responsibility with SDOT for repairing the sidewalk damage. Their tenant learned of the situation more recently and initially believed that we had made a decision to remove the tree. We have since spoken with both the owner and tenant to make it clear that this is not the case and we will continue to share information about the tree and curb ramp design and construction as they become available.

Sara’s not taking any chances. Her online petition is collecting signatures, and her housemate’s 9-year-old daughter has written a letter with her own plea:

The petition page even includes a design proposal for building the curb and saving the tree. Sara writes, “I want to be very clear: we absolutely want our sidewalk and streets to be accessible for everyone! There are ways to do this that do not involve killing our tree.”

Neighborhood Naturopathic: Welcome, new WSB sponsor!

Today we’re welcoming a new WSB sponsor, Neighborhood Naturopathic. New sponsors get the chance to tell you what they’re all about – here’s the message from Neighborhood Naturopathic (5410 California SW):

(Neighborhood Naturopathic’s Dr. Megan Taylor, Dr. Allison Middleman, Dr. Emily Lesnak, Dr. Arika Dortero)

Local to West Seattle, Neighborhood Naturopathic is a small, woman-owned, physician-owned clinic that provides both primary care and specialized services to patients of all ages. Whether you are due for a general screening exam or seeking help with specific health concerns, we will take the time to truly understand and address the roots of any symptoms or imbalances you may be experiencing — and to thoroughly explore preventative strategies for the benefit of your present and future health.

In what is often an inaccessible, hurry-up-and-wait health-care system, we offer longer appointment times, attentive follow-ups, and quick responses to urgent needs. Through direct messaging with doctors, friendly and responsive staff communication, telemedicine options, opportunities for same-day appointments, and Saturday openings, we make ourselves available for your care and for the care of your family.

Beyond wellness visits, Neighborhood Naturopathic services also include: recommendations for comprehensive lab work and imaging; functional testing, such as stool analysis, hormone evaluation, and vitamin/mineral-level assessment; in-house adult and pediatric blood draws; allergy testing and allergy shots; pediatric vaccinations; evidence-based natural treatments and supplements; B-12 shots; and specialized guidance around digestive health, fertility, postpartum care, and pediatrics, among other areas. We look forward to fully exploring your health concerns – from insomnia to digestive distress to menstrual-cycle dysregulation – and to collaborating with you on a holistic approach to your wellness as a whole.

We’re called Neighborhood Naturopathic for a reason. We live here. And we are committed to investing in the community where we live and practice.

**Please note that we are in network with many major insurance companies and offer time-of-service discounts for patients paying out of pocket.**

We thank Neighborhood Naturopathic for sponsoring independent, community-collaborative neighborhood news via WSB; find our current sponsor team listed in directory format here, and find info on joining the team by going here.

7 options for the rest of your West Seattle Wednesday

(Metatrichia slime mold, photographed at Schmitz Park by Rosalie Miller)

Reminders for the rest of today/tonight in West Seattle, from the WSB West Seattle Event Calendar:

FAUNTLEROY COMMUNITY ASSOCIATION EGG HUNT: As noted in our list of West Seattle egg hunts, eggs will be hidden in public spaces around the Fauntleroy area this week, continuing through Saturday.

HOLY WEEK SERVICES: See our list here (and if your church has additions, email us –

YOUTH APPRECIATION WEEK: Special activities continue today at Southwest Teen Life Center (2801 SW Thistle) – info here.

34TH DISTRICT DEMOCRATS: 6:15 pm pre-meeting program spotlighting Choose 180. Meeting agenda includes ranked-choice voting, Medicare, and the SkyLink gondola proposal. Register here to attend.

LIVE MUSIC: 6:30 pm at Locöl Barley & Vine (7902 35th SW), Chris King performs. No cover. 21+.

SKYLARK OPEN MIC: 7:30 pm signups @ West Seattle’s longest-running open mic – no cover to watch. (3803 Delridge Way SW)

TRIVIA: Larry’s Tavern (3405 California SW) hosts Wednesday-night trivia starting at 8 pm; at 8:30 pm, trivia is back at Talarico’s (4718 California SW) with Phil T.

Something for our calendar? Email info to – thank you!

CLASS OPENINGS: Need language/job skills to find work?

April 13, 2022 9:00 am
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From Neighborhood House, word that this class still has openings:

The Ready to Work ESOL and job skills program is still enrolling for spring quarter. Students must live in Seattle and be 18 or older. Class is in-person at Neighborhood House AND on Zoom. Computers and hotspots are provided. This class is for people who want to get a job in the next 6 months. Classes started this week. Reach out to Katie to ask questions or sign up: 206-335-6170 or


6:03 AM: Good morning. It’s Wednesday, April 13th, as spring break continues for many (but not all) local schools.


Possible showers in the forecast again today, rain or snow – and eventually a high near 50. Tuesday only reached 47, 11 degrees below normal.


Metro is on its regular weekday schedule. Watch @kcmetrobus for word of reroutes/cancellations.

Water Taxi‘s on its regular schedule. Check its status via Water Taxi Vessel Watch.

Ferries: WSF is still using the two-boat schedule for Fauntleroy-Vashon-Southworth. Check here for alerts/updates.


751st morning without the West Seattle Bridge.

Low Bridge: Automated enforcement cameras remain in use; restrictions are in effect 5 am-9 pm daily – except weekends; the bridge is open to all until 8 am Saturday and Sunday mornings. (Access applications are available here for some categories of drivers.)

1st Avenue South Bridge:

South Park Bridge:

West Marginal Way at Highland Park Way:

Highland Park Way/Holden:

The 5-way intersection (Spokane/West Marginal/Delridge/Chelan):

Are movable bridges opening for vessels? Check the @SDOTBridges Twitter feed; 1st Ave. S. Bridge openings are also tweeted by @wsdot_traffic.

All city traffic cams can be seen here; West Seattle and vicinity-relevant cameras are also on this WSB page

Trouble on the roads/paths/water? Text or call us (when you can do so safely) – 206-293-6302.