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READY? Be a guest star in Emergency Communication Hubs’ disaster rehearsal

Know where your nearest Emergency Communication Hub is? Check the map and memorize it! West Seattle has long been a leader in this aspect of preparedness – with volunteers ready to set up spots to coordinate communication if a disaster cuts the regular channels. To stay ready, volunteers practice – and they’re doing that at two sites in the city these next two weekends, Volunteers are needed to help with the drills, too. Nearest one to us is a week from tomorrow – Saturday, September 25th – at Jefferson Park on Beacon Hill. Here’s their explanation of what they’re doing:

Feeling pummeled by the pandemic? Try tackling a different type of disaster! Seattle’s Emergency Communication Hubs and The Seattle Auxiliary Communications Service Ham radio operators are responding to simulated earthquakes on two different Saturdays in September. The “Double Trouble” exercise will run from 9 am to 1 pm on September 18th and again on the 25th. Hub Volunteers need YOU to make this exercise successful. They need practice responding to the overwhelming requests for help that are likely after the “big one” hits. Everyone benefits from these drills. Volunteers get better at supporting their communities, the public learns what the Hubs can and cannot do, and the overall system gets stronger. Win Win Win.

Saturday, Sept 25th, from 9 am to 1 pm we’ll be on the south side of town – Jefferson Park next to the tennis courts. Getting involved is easy. Once you arrive, you will become an actor for us; you will be handed a piece of paper with a situation written on it and see if the Hub volunteers can help you. The situation will be something that could realistically happen after a large earthquake: Your household needs drinking water. Your pet is lost. The gas station just caught fire but 9-1-1 is overwhelmed. Your participation will help Hub volunteers improve their skills and adapt their processes. Participating in the exercise is valuable for you as well because you will learn SO much about what to expect if Seattle were to have a large earthquake. You can arrive when convenient and stay for as long as you like. More information can be found at or by contacting or by calling (360) 550-2234 or (206) 933-6968.

Tomorrow’s north-end exercise is happening in Maple Leaf.

UPDATE: Two crashes – Admiral, Barton

9:20 PM: SPD and SFD are on the way to two crashes: One was dispatched as a “rollover” crash in the 3500 block of SW Admiral Way [map]. The other was dispatched as a driver hitting a parked car in the 3800 block of SW Barton. Avoid those areas for a while.

9:28 PM: SFD has already left the Admiral Way scene, indicating no major injuries there.

9:43 PM: They’ve also cleared the Barton scene.

ADDED SATURDAY MORNING: Thanks to Megan for tweeting this pic from the Admiral scene last night, showing it was more of a “car on side” than “rollover”:

WEST SEATTLE WATER TAXI: Early start both days this weekend

According to an alert tonight from Metro, the West Seattle Water Taxi will start early both days this weekend because of the Orca Half half-marathon. The first runs of the morning on Saturday and Sunday this weekend will be 7:30 am from Pier 50 downtown and 8 am from Seacrest. Shuttles from Seacrest will start early too. This is in addition to the regular schedule, which you can see here. The Orca Half will be run both days between 7:30 am and 1 pm, on sidewalks and trails from Lincoln Park to Don Armeni Boat Ramp, as previewed here. (Water Taxi side note: New bike racks!)

New president for Rotary Club of West Seattle

September 17, 2021 6:50 pm
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One of West Seattle’s most active service clubs has a new president. Here’s the announcement from the Rotary Club of West Seattle:

In 1947, the Rotary Club of West Seattle began serving the local community. From then to now, community leaders of West Seattle have assembled under the banner of Rotary in an effort to exchange ideas and take action to improve the lives of neighbors in need.

The Rotary Club of West Seattle is pleased to announce the President of the 2021-2022 Rotary year will be Alan Mitchell. When asked about the opportunity to lead the service organization, he had this to say: “After I became ‘rewired’ in 2016 (working in service to others instead of for money), two friends separately said, ‘you should look into your local Rotary club.’ I joined because I found good people working together cooperatively in service to others at the local and international levels while having fun. I saw that they are people from a wide span of ages, from those in their 30s starting up families and careers, to others who are also retired. That’s the kind of club I want to be a part of and contribute significantly to for programs that help neighbors locally and around the world.

“Preceding me was Dawn Schaper, Executive Director at Brookdale Admiral Heights, a senior living community. She left extremely big shoes to fill, but with the help of our club’s leadership, I’m confident that we will together be able to address the needs of the very important causes our club supports.”

The Rotary Club of West Seattle is accepting new members. Click here if interested in joining a Club meeting to learn more.

UPDATE: Crash at 16th/Sullivan

5:09 PM: A crash dispatched as “vehicle vs. motorcycle” is reported at 16th/Sullivan [map]. The rider is reported to be “sitting up.” The initial SFD and SPD response is enough to affect traffic there for a while, so avoid the area.

5:24 PM: No serious injuries, we’re told at the scene. 16th is blocked at Thistle but police say they expect to clear the scene soon.

FOLLOWUP: Grocery workers’ union says it’s won button battle

(WSB photo, September 2020)

One year ago, we took that photo at Westwood Village, where QFC workers were demonstrating in support of hazard pay and for the right to wear union-sponsored buttons declaring that Black lives matter. Their union, UFCW 21, took the button issue to the National Labor Relations Board, and says the NLRB has ruled in its favor. From the union:

After Minneapolis police officer Derek Chauvin murdered George Floyd on May 25, 2020, many UFCW 21 members working in grocery and retail stores chose to express their opposition to racism by wearing face masks (otherwise worn for protection from COVID) or other items bearing the Black Lives Matter slogan.

Although Kroger issued public statements expressing sympathy with the Black Lives Matter movement, managers at Kroger-owned stores in Western Washington started ordering UFCW 21 members to remove Black Lives Matter masks in August 2020.

UFCW 21 responded to the company’s Black Lives Matter ban by collaborating with Fred Meyer and QFC workers to distribute union-sponsored Black Lives Matter buttons with the UFCW 21 logo. When managers banned the Union buttons, UFCW 21 filed charges with the National Labor Relations Board. Kroger’s ban and the Union response received widespread local and national attention.

(Now) Region 19 of the National Labor Relations Board has informed UFCW 21 of its finding that Fred Meyer and QFC – both Kroger companies – violated federal labor law when it prohibited workers from wearing union-sponsored Black Lives Matter buttons.

Specifically, Region 19 found merit in UFCW 21’s charges that Kroger violated the law by: 1) failing to bargain with the Union over a change in workplace conditions – in this case the practice of allowing the wearing of buttons at work; and 2) prohibiting workers from taking action together – in this case, by wearing Black Lives Matter messages – to protest racism in the workplace and in society, generally.

Region 19 will now seek a settlement agreement with Kroger, which would likely require a change to company policy. If a settlement cannot be reached, Region 19 would typically issue a formal complaint and a trial would be held before an Administrative Law Judge, whose ruling would be subject to an appeal to the NLRB in Washington D.C.

“This is very uplifting. When workers were trying to speak out through these buttons and collectively say Black Lives Matter and Kroger said to take the buttons off, that was an insult. This decision is welcome news in our work to bring attention to social and racial injustice in the workplace and in our neighborhoods”, said Sam Dancy, a Front End Supervisor at the Westwood Village QFC in West Seattle.

The union is also calling for “meaningful steps to address racial inequities in Kroger workplaces.”

DELRIDGE PROJECT: ‘Major construction is almost complete’

SDOT‘s share of the work to prepare Delridge Way SW for the RapidRide H Line – repaving, utilities, and more – is almost done, after 15+ months. That’s the headline in the weekly preview of what’s ahead:

*Major construction is nearly complete. Minor repairs and adjustments to curbs, curb ramps, lights, and other utilities will begin soon. These are often referred to as our “punch list” items, which you may have heard about on other SDOT projects.

*Sidewalk and water utility adjustments continue in Zone A

*Upgrades in Zone B are now complete

*In Zone C, traffic signal upgrades and curb ramp adjustments continue at SW Thistle St. We expect to complete this work soon.

The full look ahead to next week is here. Meantime, King County’s share of the project continues, including 26th SW between Barton and Roxbury, and several areas in White Center

SCHOOLS: Sealth/Denny shelter-in-place; Sealth/WSHS football game canceled

12:37 PM: Thanks for the tips about students sheltering in place at Chief Sealth International High School and adjacent Denny International Middle School; we saw one police car at the school and contacted the SPD media office. They told us, “We had reports of approximately a dozen students fighting at the football field. School went into modified lockdown. Officers responded to the area and could not locate any disturbance or anyone on the football field. Lockdown was lifted.” We also have a request out to the district for information. (4:13 pm note: Still no additional details, except the district has told us, twice, that no one was injured.)

1:12 PM: We do NOT know if it’s related but this came up in comment discussion below and is now confirmed – the scheduled Chief Sealth/West Seattle HS football game tonight, aka the Huling Bowl, has been canceled. WSHS principal Brian Vance sent this text message to families a short time ago (thanks to those who forwarded it to us):

I wanted to inform families that TONIGHT’S FOOTBALL GAME WITH CHIEF SEALTH HAS BEEN CANCELED. I do not, at this time, have all of the information regarding the cancellation and will share more as I get that information. I do know that it is not the result of anything on the WSHS side of things.

1:21 PM: CSIHS athletic director Ernest Policarpio also confirms the game is canceled but has no comment on why. He says they’re going to try to reschedule. (The game was scheduled to be played ta Nino Cantu Southwest Athletic Complex, which is across the street from Sealth but is both schools’ home field; WSHS was to be the home team.)

5:11 PM: Denny principal Jeff Clark has sent us the letter he and Sealth principal Ray Morales have sent to families:

Dear Chief Sealth and Denny Student and Families:

We are writing to let you know about an incident that occurred at Chief Sealth today. This morning, there was a physical altercation between a group of students. Staff responded immediately, separating the students involved. Out of an abundance of caution, the campus went into a Shelter-in-Place. The Seattle Police Department was called to help make sure there were no related incidents at the athletic complex.

A Shelter-in-Place is the process of keeping students and staff safe from incidents outside the building. Exterior doors are locked, and students remain in classrooms and go about normal activities.

Please be assured that the safety of every child is our number one priority. The Chief Sealth staff will continue to engage with our students proactively with an emphasis on restorative justice to repair any needed relationship harm.

We are proud of the way students at both Chief Sealth and Denny responded to the Shelter-in-Place. Throughout the process, students respectfully followed health and safety protocols.

This evening’s Chief Sealth Football game has been postponed and will be rescheduled for a future date.

Thank you for your ongoing support and partnership!


Principal Ray Morales
Chief Sealth International High School

Principal Jeff Clark
Denny International Middle School

He spent years cleaning up a West Seattle greenspace. Now he’s asking for help with a different kind of cleanup

A West Seattle man who has given to the community is now hoping he can get a helping hand.

What Scott Dolfay is dealing with is a side effect of the pandemic. In short, he was unable to evict renters who he says trashed the house he was renting to them, not only falling into arrears on rent, but refusing him access for inspection. But there’s more to the story than “aggrieved landlord.” And he’s not asking for money – he’s asking for cleanup help this weekend.

His own previous community work, in fact, involved a different kind of cleanup. We reported here four years ago on Dolfay’s ongoing work at Seola Pond, organizing restoration of a site that he described as a “de-facto community park.” With little fanfare, he managed to corral volunteer help – including local students – and donated material,

Now he’s hoping some neighbors will lend a hand at his former rental house in north Arbor Heights. Here’s what he sent us:

Our family’s only major investment, a small house first bought in 1977, was intended to support our only child, Taichi, an adopted Down syndrome young man.

As aging parents we have no extended family to care for him when we are no longer able to. Recent history has demonstrated that if we rely solely on the government to care for him he may well end up abused or worse.

Due to the unconstitutional eviction moratorium and our tenants’ abuse of it, the hope of keeping the house to fund his special needs trust is no longer an option. After cleaning up the mountain of trash, we will sell “as is.”. We received some federal compensation but nothing from the city or state (the mayor’s directive didn’t allow for even the sale of property while occupied). Yet we still have to pay property tax and utilities. Unable to evict while observing the property’s destruction, the federal payment didn’t come close to covering our losses. Please consider helping with cleaning up the aftermath.

Cleanup days: Saturday (18th) & Sunday (19th)

We will provide a limited number of N95 masks along with light-duty gloves and bottled water.

Things to bring if you can (not required):
Hand truck – wheelbarrow – weed whacker – impact driver (to remove many screws).

The “destruction,” he says, includes a skateboarding facility the tenant built in the back yard, mostly dismantled but “a lot of trash remains.”

Dolfay says that prior to this, he has been trying to get help from city officials for many months. (He also notes that he is a party in the Rental Housing Association‘s lawsuit over eviction restrictions.) He says he was asked to offer suggestions, so he did: Waive a year of property tax, pay for a year of insurance, waive the unpaid utilities for which he says he’s been targeted for collection, supply a city crew to help with cleanup. None of that happened. Eventually, he says, sometime this spring, the tenants just “abandoned the place” and he regained control of the property this summer. Now he’s proceeding with plans to sell. Anyone who can help with the cleanup can reach him at satomiscott (at)

AFTER THE RAIN: Dream Dinners West Seattle outdoor open house/fundraiser

After a few days of much-needed rain, the forecast is for sunshine to return early next week. Just in time for Dream Dinners West Seattle (WSB sponsor) to welcome you to a patio open house and fundraiser for Treehouse, which helps kids in foster care. Dream Dinners is teaming with next-door neighbor School of Rock West Seattle for the event 6-8 pm next Tuesday (September 21st), on the big open patio space out front.

Live Performance by Payge Turner from The Voice,
Enter to Win a Guitar, Enjoy a Nosh from Dream Dinners!!

Did you know less than 50% of youth in foster care graduate? They need us to help them get off to a great start at school. They need us for the encouragement & confidence that comes from knowing people are out there rooting for them. We can help them cross the finish line to graduation!! Please join us in donating.

Attending the open house is free. There are two ways to support Treehouse via Dream Dinners:



We are offering 3 medium Family-Size meals in which each meal serves 2-3 people for $50. We will give back $10 to Treehouse to purchase more essential school supplies, school clothes, extra-curricular supplies for art, sports, musical instruments, acting, bikes and more.


Click the link to sign up & select your 3 family-size meals.
We request 24-hour advance notice to prepare meals. Please sign up before dates below.

Thursday, September 23rd from 6:30 pm-7:30 pm
Friday, September 24th from 12 pm -1 pm
Saturday, September 25th from 10:30 am -11:30 am

Guitar giveaway: Entries are free to attendees, Entries taken from 6 pm – 7 pm, One entry per guest. Must be present to win. Drawing at 7:30 pm Sept. 21st. Come Early & Good Luck!

Dream Dinners is on the outer lower level of the east side of Jefferson Square, 4701 41st SW.

TRAFFIC, WEATHER, ROAD WORK, TRANSIT: Friday notes and weekend alerts

September 17, 2021 6:03 am
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6:03 AM: Good morning! Rain, and lots of it, dominates the forecast.


26th SW & beyond – Northbound 26th SW closed between Roxbury and Barton.

Delridge projectMajor work’s done – we’ll get next week’s preview later today.

West Marginal this weekend – Two advisories from SDOT:

This weekend, we’ll have signal crews working on the new signal at the Duwamish Longhouse as part of the West Marginal Way SW Improvements project. We’ll begin work as soon as 5 AM and finish as early as 4 PM on Saturday and Sunday. In addition to this work, we’ll be working on half of the driveway to Herring’s House Park and the Seattle Public Utilities south entrance that is located on the east side of West Marginal Way. We’ll have people assisting drivers around any partial short-term staging in the driveway, as needed. This work is anticipated to have minor traffic impacts however you may see traffic slowdowns and lane reductions in the area. When you see people working, please drive slowly, obey signs, and use caution in work zones.

We will also be working adjacent to the Duwamish trail multi-use path along WMW and will assist pedestrians and bicyclists around any partial short term blockage of the multi-use path, as needed.


On Saturday, we will return to West Marginal Way SW and Highland Park Way from 6 AM to 10 AM to work on signs and pavement markings in the area. On Sunday, we’ll also be at the intersection to finish installing the vehicle detection signals on the north and west legs of the intersection. Work on Sunday is anticipated to start as early as 3 AM and finish as soon as 1 PM. Please use caution while traveling in the area.


Orca Half – This half-marathon will bring runners to the sidewalks and paths from Lincoln Park to Don Armeni Boat Ramp both Saturday and Sunday, 7:30 am-1 pm. Organizers say they’re not closing any roads or lanes.


Buses are on regular schedules today – except for the rerouting in RapidRise H Line work zones. Watch @kcmetrobus for word of canceled trips.

For ferries and water taxis, regular schedule today. Watch @wsferries for ferry updates.


542nd morning without the West Seattle Bridge. Here are views of other bridges and routes:

Low Bridge: Automated enforcement cameras remain in use; restrictions are in effect 5 am-9 pm daily – except weekends; the bridge is open to all until 8 am Saturday and Sunday mornings. (Access applications are available here for some categories of drivers.)

West Marginal Way at Highland Park Way:

Highland Park Way/Holden – The camera’s back, now pointed west:

The 5-way intersection (Spokane/West Marginal/Delridge/Chelan):

The 1st Avenue South Bridge (map):

For the South Park Bridge (map), here’s the nearest camera:

Are draw/swing bridges opening for boats or barges? The @SDOTBridges Twitter feed will tell you. (1st Ave. South Bridge openings also are tweeted on @wsdot_traffic.)

See all local traffic cams here; locally relevant cameras are also on this WSB page.

Trouble on the streets/paths/bridges/water? Please let us know – text (but not if you’re driving!) 206-293-6302.