CORONAVIRUS: Thursday 11/12 roundup

No new crackdown yet, but the governor hinted something’s in the works:

INSLEES’ ADDRESS: Earlier tonight, Gov. Jay Inslee and wife Trudi Inslee gave a seven-minute address, echoing what health authorities said two days ago – stop socializing, and stay home for the holidays. The governor mentioned in passing that “additional measures” were expected in a few days.

NEWEST KING COUNTY NUMBERS: Still on the rise. From the Public Health daily-summary dashboard, the cumulative totals – and no disclaimer for the first number:

*32,570 people have tested positive, up 622 from yesterday’s total

*826 people have died, up 10 from yesterday’s total

*2,772 people have been hospitalized, up 19 from yesterday’s total

*583,480 people have been tested, up 4,391 from yesterday’s total

One week ago, those totals were 29,465/810/2,629/558,794.

STATEWIDE NUMBERS: Find them, county by county, on the state Department of Health page,.

WORLDWIDE NUMBERS: 52.6 million cases worldwide, 10.5 million of them in the U.S. See the nation-by-nation breakout here.

WS FOOD BANK CLOSED AGAIN TOMORROW: The West Seattle Food Bank was closed today and will remain closed tomorrow after a “helper” tested positive. WSFB advises calling 211 if you’re having a food emergency. Also note: Free emergency food boxes are available again 2-5 pm tomorrow at Food Lifeline HQ (815 S. 96th).

2 RESTAURANT UPDATES: Mashiko announced a temporary closure because a “family member” was exposed; Talarico’s reopened after a four-day closure also blamed on an employee’s family member testing positive.

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10 Replies to "CORONAVIRUS: Thursday 11/12 roundup"

  • psps November 12, 2020 (10:30 pm)

    OMG. This is really getting out of hand very quickly.  Of course, not a peep from the white house, mcconnell quashing any attempt to seriously deal with it, states left to fend for themselves. How high does the pile of dead bodies have to get before Inslee does what everyone knows has to be done?  Waiting nine long weeks for actual americans to be occupying the white house is too long especially when we know mcconnell will continue to block everything even after that.

    • WS Dad November 13, 2020 (5:58 am)

      Sadly the virus is political and thats the problem. It not about lives it’s about power. I agree that we need to lock down but we need to figure out a way to do it that keeps business moving. How do we do that? I think we have gotten used to living this new life but we need to be better. As Americans were used to living a life without worry or fear. We create this world around us to make us feel comfortable and safe. Things are different now. Maybe prepping to shut down and do it in two week stents would help. Treat it like war mission. Operation Covid THUNDER!!! A stimulus for small business would help too. If you make under a million a year as a business you get the stimulus. Supply food and shelter to the homeless. We can do this if we come together as a nation and a world. Just my 2cents. Be safe.

    • Bandana November 13, 2020 (7:13 am)

      The message must come from the top, the President,  to be most effective. President Trump must stop saying we have turned the corner on this virus and recognize the country is in the midst of the worst wave yet. This country is staring at a health crisis, and the President is sulking about his election defeat. 

  • Hospital worker November 13, 2020 (4:46 am)

    I have seen so many people leaving hospital work for safer employment due to the constant discouragement healthcare workers face daily with so many people’s lack of care for anyone but themselves. Everyone needs to ask themselves this, what happens when the people who care for you are either dead, infected themselves, or are just burnt out beyond any hope of returning to what they once believed in? To those who are doing the RIGHT thing and doing everything they can to keep everyone around them safe, THANK YOU!!!!!!!

    • Grateful November 13, 2020 (11:58 am)

      Thank you Hospital Worker- for your heroic service and bravery during this Pandemic. I am grateful. 

  • Buddy November 13, 2020 (1:47 pm)

    The issue with providing small business help with giving them money  if we have a shut down, the fact is that this money will come from many taxpayers who no longer have jobs due to the COVID-19, the fact is money given by the government to people come out of the pockets of people who don’t have a job.   It’s a catch 22, the money comes from taxpayers and in the end we will see very high taxes in the future.    Due to our government and the way some people have acted during the COVID-19 is the reason why The United States of America is such in desire straights.  Wash your hands, wear a mask, stay 6 feet away ( which I don’t see being followed by many people who work in stores and restaurants in our community), and stop having people come to your homes for a visit.  Live like a hermit! 

    • WSB November 13, 2020 (4:46 pm)

      Small businesses pay taxes, too. In fact, in some cases, we pay more than others (while there’s no individual state income tax, for example, businesses’ income is subject to state B&O tax – we pay thousands every year). The only “new” tax that is potentially yielding some COVID relief is the city JumpStart tax on high earners.

  • Nichole November 13, 2020 (3:09 pm)

    @Hospitalworker. People are fleeing long term care as well. We were already losing talent due to the lack of funding, LOW Medicaid rates. I know a few long term care lifers like myself have retired early after 30 year careers. It’s so sad, our Seniors are really taking the brunt of this all. 

  • trickycoolj November 13, 2020 (3:39 pm)

    Meanwhile people keep trickling back into my office to have face to face meetings because they enjoy seeing each other in person.  I’m thankful I can pull the Bridge card to avoid pressure to come in. 

  • Be Hopeful November 22, 2020 (4:44 am)

    We have been through this many times in different scenarios and in different centuries. We are not prepared because we allowed ourselves to not be prepared, we have left our skills behind and tap on computer keys now. We stare at screens hoping desperately someone will truly accept & love us for who we are & take the mask off for good. We let others dictate who we are and what we stand for and we 100% live in fear of rejection. Human beings have got to learn empathy again, they have to teach it to their children too. People are hurting right now and it’s more obvious to us because of social media & the news cycles who choose drama over acts of selflessness, they steer us where they want us to to be like cattle. I know there are people doing beautiful things for each other every single day out there, people are digging deep to help others because they remember how it felt to be in their shoes and they have not fallen victim to this “live fast and fake it till you make it” narrsisistic society we have created. Put your phone down and dig in the dirt with your kids…see what you find & how you can help your kids identify and learn why that species is here and how it helps the environment. If we don’t learn how to live alongside every living thing on this planet with some compromise we are doomed to fail and repeat every it single time. This circle we live on is in serious crisis, none of this will matter one  little bit if we don’t protect it. Be kind, be honest and be humble. 

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