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Police have found at least one shell casing, according to radio communication, while investigating reports of gunfire heard on Puget Ridge. They briefly closed SW Dawson at/near 18th for the investigation but just announced it’s reopening. One person near 19th/Brandon tells us they “heard what sounded like 5 rapid gunshots.” No reports of anyone being injured..

Amanda Winans becomes the latest to complete Bremerton-to-Alki ‘Amy Hiland Swim’

Thanks to David Hutchinson for the photos! He was at Alki Point this afternoon as Amanda Winans became the seventh person to complete the Amy Hiland Swim, between Bremerton and Alki, since Hiland herself in 1959.

As noted on the Northwest Open Water Swimming Association website, Winans’ time was the fastest recorded yet, just under 4 hours. She is the second and final swimmer to complete this cross-Sound marathon swim this year, after Stephanie Zimmerman on August 3rd; NOWSA president Andrew Malinak says they’ve had “lots of interest for next year.”

West Seattle weekend scene: Donut-stand visitors

Everyone’s heard the old joke about police and donuts. Here we have proof firefighters appreciate them too. The photo is from Keri, who explains, “Sending along a photo from our donut stand yesterday, when the Firefighters Union Local 27 stopped by. Such a treat for our daughter!” This was in the Admiral area; Keri adds that the donut stand was a fundraiser project for her 12-year-old daughter and two friends who split the proceeds. Keri’s daughter’s cause? Saving for college.

WEST SEATTLE ART: Desmond Hansen’s newest signal boxes

Thanks to the texter who sent that photo of a new Desmond Hansen signal-box portrait – it’s at Delridge/Genesee, a tribute to Mark “Monk” Hubbard of Grindline, designers of the nearby skatepark and many more. The artist tells a detailed story on Instagram about an encounter with the skatepark luminary, a West Seattle resident who died last year. While checking Instagram for more on that box, we noticed Hansen also has just completed one featuring wildlife, so we went by for a photo:

(WSB photo)

That one’s at Fauntleroy/Dawson.

WEST SEATTLE RESTAURANTS: Mashiko ‘moving forward’ under new ownership

By Tracy Record
West Seattle Blog editor

Many things about longtime West Seattle Junction restaurant Mashiko did not change when three longtime employees took over.

But some change was inevitable.

For example: The restaurant famed for sustainable-seafood sushi and other Japanese cuisine is now taking reservations online.

When we sat down to talk recently with two of the new owners, Mariah Kmitta and Allison Hill, they were marveling at how fast word about that had gotten out – nine reservations just during the course of our conversation.

They and Brandon Wicks took over in June, after the first sale attempted by Mashiko founder Hajime Sato fell through in March.

Mashiko’s been open at 4725 California SW for 25 years. For 20 of those years, Mariah has been Mashiko’s “sushi wizard.” After working with Hajime for so long, she says, “the quality of the food, the culture, all that’s instilled in you,” and while the new owners intend to live up to those high standards, thy also “want to keep Mashiko moving forward.”

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FILMMAKERS: You’re invited to be part of a film festival in West Seattle!

September 1, 2019 3:19 pm
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Another first-of-its-kind event is coming up in West Seattle – welcoming participants! From 2 Fingers Social in South Delridge:

2 Fingers Social presents The Inaugural PNW Film Festival 2019

Now accepting submissions in the genres of Sci-Fi, Action, Horror, Fantasy

How to Submit:
Send your film/video (up to 30 minutes long) to Subject line: “PNWFilmFest2019”

Those selected will be invited to show their film at 2 Fingers Social on the evenings of Oct 21st/Oct 22nd

Prizes and awards will be given!

Submission deadline: October 5, 2019

The proprietors of 2 Fingers Social are avid film fans, as they told and showed us just before it opened.

Brown water in southeast West Seattle

In case you’re experiencing it too: Jason noticed brown water in the 9400 block of 13th SW. Seattle Public Utilities told him there’s hydrant testing in the area. (Any time brown water happens to you, the SPU number to call is 206-386-1800.)


From KC near the north end of Lincoln Park, this incident from right after her arrival home very early this morning:

I exited an Uber 20 or so feet from my door and as I was walking up I noticed a dark vehicle (resembled a 4-door Camry but I am not sure) driving down Lincoln Park Way toward Lowman Beach Park stop and turn slowly around in a U-turn fashion. I at first thought they must be a neighbor returning to my building as it appeared they were waiting for me to walk out of their way so they could pull into a spot, but they finished the turn and drove up the hill, I believe. I had stopped paying full attention by that time, but I did get a strange feeling. Whoever was driving or riding in the vehicle would’ve been able to get a good look at me.

I entered my house and was on my phone for a few minutes. The blinds were drawn but all lights were on in my unit and this would be very evident from the outside. This is one reason why I think this was not necessarily a burglary attempt but something creepier. Basically why would a random burglar try to get into one of the only residences with lights on? Less than 5 minutes after returning I heard crunching leaves outside my window. I walked closer and crouched behind my TV where I wouldn’t be visible and listened. I thought it was possibly a raccoon at first until I heard a man’s very heavy breathing. The footsteps stopped by my open window and the breathing continued. There is a lattice fence and foliage that blocked this from view if anyone were to look. I said very firmly “get the f$&k away” and immediately he retreated, in a very calm and quiet manner. His footsteps didn’t sound startled, he walked away quietly. I was on the line with 911 by this time stating my address and the circumstances (I dialed immediately after demanding he leave) I then heard a car door open and close very quietly close to my unit. My intuition unfortunately tells me the car I saw and this man were likely not coincidental. I should mention, however, I didn’t see anyone, I just heard them.

I’m still a bit shaken up, and just wanted to alert others to be extra vigilant with windows, locking doors, just being extra aware as they are coming back to and leaving home. Hopefully this is completely random, but I thought it wouldn’t hurt to mention, especially if something similar has happened recently and just wasn’t reported.

The incident number is 19-326111.

Giveaways, last lighthouse tours of the year, and more for your West Seattle Sunday!

September 1, 2019 6:07 am
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(Ruddy Turnstone, photographed by David Hutchinson)

Quiet Sunday as the holiday weekend continues:

SWAG BAGS GIVEAWAY: As previewed Saturday, the last 100 “swag bags” assembled by the West Seattle Junction Association and West Seattle Chamber of Commerce are being given away at the West Seattle Kiwanis booth at the south end of the Farmers’ Market, starting at 10 am, while they last. (California/Alaska) *UPDATE: Gone in first five minutes of the market!*

SCHOOL SUPPLIES GIVEAWAY: 1-5 pm at Greenbridge Plaza, West Seattleite Michelle Carter and her family are hosting a back-to-school celebration with school supplies/backpack giveaways and more, in honor of her nephew, the hip-hop musician known as JuiceTheGod. (9800 8th SW)

LAST CHANCE TO TOUR THE LIGHTHOUSE: This is it – your last 2019 chance to tour Alki Point Lighthouse this summer! 1-4 pm is today’s window for free tours – get there by 3:45 pm. Free. (3201 Alki SW)

MUSIC AT C & P: 3-5 pm at C & P Coffee Company (WSB sponsor):

“RandomPlay” is back, with Andrea Lynne. Her band will be playing their versions of a random selection of Blues, Jazz, Soft Rock and Folk tunes, along with a few of their originals. Instrumentalists will include Steve Heggem (Guitar), Henry Nielson (Piano), Gavin Wilson (Bass), and Von Kelly (Drums).

No cover, all ages. (5612 California SW)

JAZZ AT THE ALLEY: 8 pm, the Triangular Jazztet plays at The Alley. 21+. (4509 California SW)