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WEST SEATTLE SNOW: Saturday night updates, Sunday previews

(Photo by David Hutchinson)

7:07 PM: Beautiful snowy sunset – preceding this already-below-freezing night – so you are urged to stay home.

(Photo by James Bratsanos)

Tonight’s post-(and pre-)snow coverage starts with our infolink list:

NEWEST FORECAST/ALERTS: National Weather Service‘s Seattle site
SDOT WINTER-RESPONSE MAP: Here’s where SDOT has treated/plowed
TRAFFIC CAMS PAGE: Our compilation of local cameras
METRO ‘EMERGENCY SNOW NETWORK’: Service reduced to these routes, continuing Sunday
SOUND TRANSIT ALERTS: See left side of this page
SDOT CITYWIDE CAMS ETC. PAGE: Year-round “travelers” map with cams/more.
SEATTLE PARKS & RECREATION: Saturday updates here (added: Sunday updates here)
SEATTLE PUBLIC LIBRARIES: Closed today, awaiting Sun. updates.
SOLID WASTE COLLECTION: Here’s SPU’s latest update
WS BUSINESS NOTES: Open, closed, changed – adding as received
EARLIER COVERAGE: Sat. morning/afternoon here, Fri. night/early Sat. here; Fri. afternoon/evening here; bonus photos/video here

8:19 PM: We’re starting to get some Sunday info. We’re continuing to update our local lists, linked above, but will also note major announcements like this – Shalimar Gonzales, executive director of the West Seattle/Fauntleroy YMCA (WSB sponsor), says, “Our WS location will be open 10 am-3 pm on Sunday. Our pool will close at 2:30. Fauntleroy will remain closed.” … Grocery report: Phoebe e-mailed to say West Seattle Thriftway (WSB sponsor) is well-stocked now … In earlier coverage, we reported on a truck getting stuck on the SW Edmunds hill in The Junction. Jake reports it’s bad tonight too and wanted to warn you: “Edmunds east of 42nd is an ice sheet. Two collisions … cars going downhill and locking up, unable to stop.”

(WSDOT cam framegrab, 1st Ave. S. Bridge NB side stuck)

9:27 PM: Trouble with the 1st Avenue South Bridge – the State Patrol says NB 509 will be “closed for a couple hours” as a result.

10:39 PM: And it was fixed in less than an hour. So let’s look at a couple pretty photos that came in tonight – from Micah Summers, the Seattle Chinese Garden on Puget Ridge:

And this High Point scene is from Breton:

And just in – though the Farmers’ Market is still on so far as we know, the city’s scheduled WSFM booth to take opinions about the future 48th/Charlestown park has been POSTPONED to a future date. (You can still take the online survey linked in our recent story.)

ELECTION 2019: 3 more days to vote, snow or no snow

Tuesday is Election Day, snow or no snow, so if you go out tomorrow, and haven’t voted yet, you might consider a stop at the ballot box or mailbox. Ballots in West Seattle and the rest of the city have only two issues, both Seattle Public Schools levies:

*Seattle School Prop #1 (Operations Levy)
*Seattle School Prop #2 (BEX V Levy)

Prop 1 is a three-year levy, Prop 2 is a six-year levy, and each requires a simple majority to pass. Each link above takes you to official info including pro/con arguments and full measure text; for the school-by-school project list for Prop 2, go here. Voting deadline is 8 pm Tuesday; ballot dropbox locations are here; you can also send you ballot via the US Postal Service, no stamp required.

Neighborhood involvement, project funding, more @ D1 Community Network

Meeting facilitator Eric Iwamoto (Westwood, Roxhill, Arbor Heights) engages in group discussion along with Tamsen Spengler (MOCA and SWDC), Cindi Barker (WS Emergency Communication Hubs), Mat McBride (North Delridge), and Marianne McCord (South Delridge).

Photo and story by Jason Grotelueschen
Reporting for West Seattle Blog

Neighborhood leaders gathered Thursday night at the West Seattle Senior Center/Sisson Building for the second official meeting of the District 1 Community Network (WSB coverage of the group’s first meeting, in January, is here).

The D1 Community Network (D1CN) is a new coalition of representatives from organizations and community groups throughout West Seattle and South Park (which together comprise what the city now calls District 1), working with a common goal of sharing information and ideas and “doing better things for the peninsula.” The group is planning to have meetings every month or so, with a “rotating facilitator” model that has a different member running each meeting.

For this month, the facilitator was Eric Iwamoto who represents the Westwood, Roxhill, and Arbor Heights areas, and the agenda included discussions about a community survey, securing grant funding for improvement projects, regional transit and housing, neighborhood events, emergency preparedness and overall prioritization of the organization’s goals.

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MORE SNOW PHOTOS/VIDEO: West Seattle scenes from the weekend and beyond

THANK YOU! Here are more of the photos and video you’ve shared in since the snow began (and we’re adding):

Added Monday – thanks to Liz Virnig for this montage of cool creations by the water:

Added Sunday, more photos/video – below, “picture sent by Lisa Wolters: Igloo built by Ella, Sawyer, Lisa and Ben Wolters and by Elliott and Chad Caron“:

Alex Hagenah‘s snow couple in Seaview:

From Monibelle, “Juneau St. shenanigans”:

Tweeted by Brian, his family’s very young snow-shoveler:

More Saturday views – the next two by Susan Romanenghi:

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WEST SEATTLE SNOW: Saturday morning/afternoon updates

(Texted photo, cross-country skiing south of Alki Point)

8:09 AM: Good morning! If you went to bed last night thinking the forecast had fizzled short of big snow – as we chronicled into the early-early-morning hours, it resumed in a major way. We’re starting our morning updates now – any info to share, 206-293-6302, text or voice. Stay home and stay safe.

LATEST FORECAST/ALERTS: National Weather Service‘s Seattle site
METRO ‘EMERGENCY SNOW NETWORK’: Service reduced to these routes
SOUND TRANSIT ALERTS: See left side of this page
SDOT WINTER-RESPONSE MAP: Here’s where SDOT has treated/plowed.
TRAFFIC CAMS PAGE: Our compilation of local cameras.
SDOT CITYWIDE CAMS ETC. PAGE: Year-round “travelers” map with cams/more.
SEATTLE PARKS & RECREATION: Saturday updates here
BUSINESS NOTES: Open, closed, changed – adding as received
EARLIER COVERAGE: Friday night/very early Saturday here; Friday afternoon/evening here

8:29 AM: Even if you think you can try the roads, please don’t. Problems from scanner and hotline in just the past few minutes include a stuck truck at 40th/Edmunds (photo added below after tow arrived), and wires down at 28th/Kenyon and 46th and Stevens. …

No city cameras on Delridge Way so thanks to Sage K for this photo from near Boren STEM K-8:

9:18 AM: Another addition to the link/shortcut info list above – solid-waste collection, which was already on a one-day delay, is CANCELED today. … If you can get there safely, some restaurants and other businesses ARE open, and we’re continuing to update our list. At both ends of the peninsula, two WSB sponsors – Endolyne Joe’s (Fauntleroy) and Mission Cantina (Admiral) – ARE open right now, for breakfast/brunch respectively. Meantime, we just measured our snow. 7″ in Upper Fauntleroy. … Multiple WSB’ers remind us, take care of the birds! (updated) Lise emails:

Remind people to bring their hummingbird feeders indoors overnight so they can thaw and put out a bowl of water for when they rest. Which could also be brought indoors overnight to thaw.

10:03 AM: This Alki photo tweeted by @AggieDave also carries a reminder:

While the snow is currently at flurry level – and “tapering off” per the NWS – wind is expected to increase and that means blowing snow as well as trouble for snow-laden, weakened tree branches. … Another road report: US Postal Service truck reportedly in trouble at 35th/Southern in Gatewood. (added) Speaking of forecasts, Babs just mentioned in a comment that weather analyst Cliff Mass has just published an update. Still looking like more big snow next week!

11:05 AM: Still snowing. From @LO on Twitter: “Home Depot is out of ice melter but True Value has quite a good stock (5 pallets) as of 10:50 am!” … Best sledding is at parks. More on that in a moment – posting a found dog – if you’re new to WSB, note that we have kept the only all-WS lost/found pets page for more than a decade now; find it here. (added) Back to sledding – @GDH415 tweeted this video of sledding at Westcrest Park in Highland Park:

The updated Seattle Parks roundup for today (also linked in our list above) says parks are open but beware of tree branches. Also, while West Seattle Golf Course is closed for golf, it’s open for sledding/snow play. … @roncreel tweeted this pic of a neighborhood where, as Ron put it, “sharing is caring”:

11:36 AM: Road update from the city – “SDOT has 34 snow and ice vehicles treating major streets and thoroughfares throughout the city. Morning and afternoon crews will focus on maintaining bare and wet pavement conditions on major arterials.” That goes with this texted photo from the west end of SW Roxbury:

And a new pic of Delridge, this one from Joy, looking north from the Youngstown pedestrian overpass:

11:55 AM: Side streets, however, are generally trouble. But check out this rescue on 55th SW (texted photo):

12:40 PM: Continuing to update both the business-info page (some businesses are making decisions now about closing early) and the cancellations/postponements page (some churches have canceled Sunday services, for example) – both are linked above. Earlier we mentioned the city’s update on SDOT snow/ice crews – here’s the link to today’s full roundup with status of city services. … Another road-condition-where-there’s-no-cameras photo, SW Thistle toward its highest point:

Thanks again for all the great photos – we’re building a separate gallery to link before we launch afternoon coverage in the next few hours.

12:58 PM: Scanner – Fairmount & Hanford, tree down across Fairmount, brought wires down too. SCL advice: “We’ve received many reports of downed power lines. If you see a downed line, keep a safe distance (at least 20 feet) and report it to (206) 684-3000. If it appears to be sparking or smoking, call 911. Crews will respond to each report.”

1:21 PM: 39th/Hanford, split utility pole, also per scanner. (added) Eric sends this photo – tree down as part of it too:

Thanks also to Frank for calling with word of this (and sending the second photo) … BUS INFO: We also have an update from Metro – the Emergency Snow Network will continue TFN:

Service on Metro’s Emergency Snow Network (ESN) began 4 a.m. Saturday, Feb. 9, and will continue until further notice. Freezing temperatures are expected to persist and Metro has chained up its bus fleet to operate on these core routes, which primarily serve key arterials and transit centers in many parts of King County. Dozens of buses became stuck overnight due to roadway conditions, signaling ongoing challenges with roadway conditions. The forecast calls for difficult weather conditions in the days ahead.

The ESN service prioritizes service on high-ridership routes and avoids areas with steep hills. The routes were developed in coordination and collaboration with jurisdictions and take advantage of designated snow plow plans, including the City of Seattle.

Routes served

Routes operating as part of the ESN will serve core centers around King County, via routes 3, 4, 5, 7, 10, 21, 24, 24 shuttle, 31, 32, 36, 40, 41, 44, 45, 48, 62, 62 shuttle, 65, 70, 75, 90 shuttle, 101, 102 shuttle, 106, 106 shuttle, 120, 124, 128, 150, 166, 168, 169, 180, 181, 235, 245, 248, 252/255 shuttle, 255, 255 shuttle, 271, 331, 345, 348, 348 shuttle, 372 Woodinville and 372 Lake City, ST 522, ST 545, ST 550, ST 554, ST 554 shuttle, RapidRide A, B, C, D, E and F lines.

The full announcement is now online here – including a caveat for riders – the ESN is NOT reflected in apps and the Puget Sound Trip Planner.

1:57 PM: Police are responding to word of a tree down at 34th/Admiral, southbound lanes. (added) Nika sent a photo:

2:21 PM: Sun’s out. And sledding continues in many places:

Thanks to Aidan Grambihler for that photo.

3:55 PM: Back after a break. As noted in comments, a NEW weather alert – Winter Storm Watch for Sunday afternoon through Tuesday night. … Several local churches have canceled Sunday services, and we’re adding to the Cancellations/Postponements (etc.) list. … ArtsWest, meantime, says its Saturday and Sunday shows are ON … Latest updates to our Businesses Open/Closed/Etc. list include the Admiral Theater now OPEN, as of mid-afternoon. … As a reminder that we’ve had a few hours of sunshine now, this photo from David Hutchinson at Constellation Park:

5:13 PM: Evening coverage launching soon. Meantime, we also now have a gallery up with some of the many photos we’ve received but hadn’t already published – see it here – and don’t miss the comment thread below, where many cool images have been posted too. Be safe tonight – the temp could drop into the teens!

P.S. Evening updates are here.