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TUESDAY: Terminal 5 modernization, port-truck backup relief on Northwest Seaport Alliance agenda

Two items of West Seattle interest on the agenda as the Seattle and Tacoma port commissioners meet together tomorrow as managing members of the Northwest Seaport Alliance:

TERMINAL 5 MODERNIZATION: While port reps have said recently that there’s no tenant yet for an expanded Terminal 5 in West Seattle, tomorrow’s NWSA meeting includes authorization for actions related to the “modernization” project, which could be authorized for construction as soon as November if there’s a tenant commitment by then. The items on tomorrow’s agenda include raising the spending authorization to $25.4 million, with authorization/funding of $5.2 million for “planning, design, and construction of a railroad quiet zone” near T-5. The agenda item also includes agreements with the city for closing West Marginal Way SW north of Spokane in the future, and an Air Quality Management Program, as well as agreements with two tribes. Here’s the slide deck:

Other documents are downloadable from the agenda.

PORT TRUCK BACKUP RELIEF: The commissioners will be asked to authorize spending up to $2 million to “expand gate hours at … international terminals during the 2017 peak season,” which, according to the agenda memo, starts in August and continues through December. NWSA/port reps talked about the backups at last week’s West Seattle Transportation Coalition meeting (WSB coverage here).

MEETING INFO: The aforementioned items are on the part of tomorrow’s agenda that is scheduled to start at 11:30 am Tuesday at the Sea-Tac Airport Conference Center, with a public-comment period before the action items.

Wondering how Alaskan Way Viaduct demolition will happen, once tunnel opens? WSDOT is ready to answer questions

Though the Highway 99 tunnel is still about a year and a half from opening, WSDOT is ready to talk about what happens once it’s open – the demolition of the Alaskan Way Viaduct. Published on the AWV website today:

With tunnel boring complete, we’re deep in the planning stages for demolition of Seattle’s Alaskan Way Viaduct. On Thursday, we’ll launch an online open house to show what’s ahead and give the public a chance to comment on the work to come.

Removing the seismically vulnerable viaduct will be the most visible change to Seattle’s waterfront in decades. The demolition work begins after the new State Route 99 tunnel opens, which is estimated for early 2019.

WSDOT has successfully completed this type of work before. In 2011, we demolished the viaduct’s southern mile and built a new road in its place. However, the remaining section of the viaduct is more challenging, as it is much closer to buildings, businesses, homes and the busy Colman Dock ferry terminal.

Demolition is expected to take up to nine months, with the viaduct being demolished in sections to minimize localized disruptions. This contract will also involve other project elements, like filling in the Battery Street Tunnel and reconnecting several surface streets across Aurora Avenue North, which will take additional time.

Several weeks before the new tunnel opens, WSDOT will shift Alaskan Way to the west of the viaduct, which will allow traffic to move along the waterfront before and during viaduct demolition. This new video below explains some of the planning for the demolition.

Online open house
The online open house will be live from August 3 – 14.

In-person open house
WSDOT is also hosting an in-person open house on August 10 for anyone interested in the work or who wants to speak with project staff. Representatives from Waterfront Seattle, Center City Connector Streetcar, Colman Dock, King County Metro and One Center City will also be available to answer questions.

Date: Thursday, August 10
Time: 5 to 8 p.m. (walk-in style, no formal presentation)
Where: Waterfront Seattle, 1400 Western Avenue

We’ll publish a reminder Thursday when the “online open house” is ready to go.

(Note: WSDOT is advertising the open houses on WSB right now to help get the word out.)

WEST SEATTLE WEATHER: Heat-wave warning update, and where to stay cool

Today’s other big story: The heat-wave warning keeps intensifying. This morning, it was upgraded to an Excessive Heat Warning, with this summary for the area:

Unusually hot weather is forecast to begin Tuesday and continue through Friday. Widespread record highs are expected Wednesday and Thursday. Thursday should be the hottest day for most spots when highs will probably be within 5 degrees of the all-time records. Highs on Tuesday will be in the mid 80s to lower 90s, warming to the 90s to near 104 on Thursday. Friday will be slightly cooler, but highs will still be in the upper 80s and 90s.

The warning currently covers 2 pm Tuesday through 9 pm Friday. Meantime, the city is out with a long list of places to stay cool. Here are the West Seattle spots:

The following Seattle Public Library locations are equipped with air conditioning, and serve as cooling centers when the area experiences extreme heat. Please call the individual location before you go for open hours and to verify that the air conditioning is working. (Here are the two in West Seattle:)

·Delridge (5423 Delridge Way SW) – 206-733-9125

Monday: 1 pm. – 8 pm, Tuesday: 1 pm – 8 pm, Wednesday: 11 am – 6 pm, Thursday: 11 am – 6 pm, Friday: closed

·High Point (3411 SW Raymond St.) – 206-684-7454

Monday: 1 pm – 8 pm, Tuesday: 1 pm – 8 pm, Wednesday: 11 am – 6 pm, Thursday: 11 am – 6 pm, Friday: 11 am – 6 pm

The following senior centers have air conditioning or are relatively cool and are open to the public. Please call the individual location before you go for open hours and to verify that the facility is cool. (One West Seattle location:)

·Senior Center of West Seattle (4217 SW Oregon St) – 206-932-4044

The city also recommends wading pools and sprayparks – the full list is here; we always include a list of what’s open each day in our what’s-happening list. Outdoor Colman Pool (schedule here) is currently open 7 days a week on the shore at Lincoln Park, as is indoor Southwest Pool (schedule here) at 2801 SW Thistle.

As for air-conditioned restaurants, bars, coffee shops – we don’t have the horsepower to make 100+ calls to ask them all, so we would love your help – if you own one with A/C, and/or know of one, please either e-mail us ( or comment below, and we’ll include it as this sizzling week goes on.

P.S. And PLEASE heed all the reminders about not leaving children, seniors, pets in hot vehicles (or other confined spaces) for even a moment. Plus, think of our feathered friends and fill up bird baths (or make temporary ones – we have Christmas-tree stands outside) so they have water for drinking and bathing.

UPDATE: Small plane goes into water off Beach Drive; no injuries reported

(UPDATED TUESDAY MORNING with plane visible at low tide; TUESDAY AFTERNOON salvage coverage here)

(Photo added 1:26 pm, courtesy Atomic Helicopters)

12:46 PM: Emergency responders are headed to what is reported, by radio communication, as a small plane going into the water off the 6000 block of Beach Drive SW (map). Two people are reported to be safely ashore. Rescuers are now trying to find out if anyone else was on board.

(First photo, courtesy PeterT)

1 PM: We’ve just arrived in the area. Avoid the south end of Beach Drive, as there are no outlets here (between Jacobsen and Lincoln Park Way). SFD reports no injuries, so its land units are leaving, but there are numerous police vehicles, and some sidewalk lookie-loos. And yes, that’s why there are helicopter(s) – TV.

(Photo added, courtesy commenter WIAA)

1:11 PM: Another reader photo added. From the street, the two people who made it out of the plane can be seen in the backyard of a waterfront house, drying themselves off. We’ve confirmed again at the scene that no one was hurt. Here’s our view of the submerged plane, from the street:

(WSB photo by Patrick Sand)

As PeterT noted in comments, police are directing traffic on Beach Drive past the scene, one lane at a time. But it’s still a good idea to avoid the area. Among other things, it’s trash day, and Waste Management trucks are trying to get through too. Meantime, Seattle Fire acting public information officer Lt. Sue Stangl has arrived so we should get more information soon.

(Photo by James Bratsanos)

1:32 PM: U.S. Coast Guard is also offshore with a 45-foot vessel. Meantime, commenter Bob says the pilot’s actions may have saved other lives besides his and his passenger’s.

1:46 PM: Lt. Stangl says the National Transportation Safety Board has investigator(s) on the way. The two men who were on board the plane will be waiting to talk with them. No other details of how it happened, what went wrong, or how the plane will be pulled out of the water – yet.

2:07 PM: Per discussion in comments – and also the most recent SFD tweet – we’re referring to this from this point as an emergency landing.

2:24 PM: Things are starting to wind down here – air and most ground media have left. Police told us earlier, by the way, the nearest residents were apparently home to see this, so they’d been trying to reach them to explain what happened.

4:11 PM: Just went by. The only signs on Beach Drive of what happened earlier are TV trucks – one by the scene, one some distance north at Emma Schmitz Memorial Overlook. A boat is out near the wreckage but we couldn’t tell whose.

EVENING NOTE: We went by again before sunset – no change, no authorities in view, but we will be following up tomorrow, including checking the area on the morning low tide. As commenters have discussed, recordings from Boeing Field tower radio tell the story of how the Cessna’s engine went out and the pilot had to make an emergency landing. We still haven’t heard anything about the two men on board; the plane is registered to a Las Vegas address, according to online records.

ADDED TUESDAY MORNING, 7:42 AM: Thanks to the person who texted this photo of the plane, fully visible at low tide about half an hour ago:

No sign of anyone working on salvage so far.

TUESDAY AFTERNOON: Salvage work is now under way – we have a followup here.

SEAFAIR 2017: Blue Angels arrive at Boeing Field

That’s the second of two Blue Angels flybys over Boeing Field (KBFI) before they landed a few minutes ago – usually there’s only one. They’re here for Seafair, with practices Thursday and Friday, and the official shows Saturday and Sunday, flying here this morning from their last stop, in Oshkosh, Wisconsin.

They’ve just taxied past the west-side public viewing area south of the KBFI terminal (the one that has been open on the north side of the terminal, also off East Marginal, in past years, is now blocked off) on their way to the Museum of Flight, their headquarters while here.

West Seattle Monday: Blue Angels arrive; eclipse discussion @ library; more…

(In honor of the Blue Angels’ scheduled Seattle landing, here’s a Great Blue Heron landing, photographed by Mark Wangerin)

With Boeing Field just over the hill, the Blue Angels‘ scheduled arrival is part of our highlights list for today:

BLUE ANGELS ARRIVE: According to Seafair, they’re due at Boeing Field around 11 am, to get ready for practices and performances Thursday-Sunday. The Museum of Flight at Boeing Field is where the jets are parked while here.

WADING POOLS AND SPRAYPARK: Open today are Highland Park spraypark, 11 am-8 pm; Lincoln Park wading pool, 11 am-8 pm; Delridge wading pool, 12 pm-6:30 pm. (Addresses are here)

LAST DAY TO REGISTER FOR NIGHT OUT: If you’re having a block party for Night Out tomorrow night and want to close your (non-arterial) street, please register here before 5 pm today.

STORY HOOD GAME-BUILDING: 1-4 pm every afternoon this week, teens are invited to this game-building workshop presented by Delridge Library but ****held at Delridge Community Center****. Free but registration is required – our calendar listing explains how. (4501 Delridge Way SW)

‘ECLIPSE’: Author Bryan Brewer literally wrote the book about eclipses and tonight at Southwest Library he’ll discuss it – not only the history of eclipses, but also the solar eclipse coming up in a few weeks. 6 pm. Free. (9010 35th SW)

STAND-UP PADDLEBOARDING: 6-8 pm, Monday night is Ladies’ Night at Alki Kayak Tours. Details here. (1660 Harbor SW)

YES, THERE’S MORE for today/tonight/beyond – see our complete calendar!

Seal-pup season on West Seattle shores: What you need to know

July 31, 2017 9:27 am
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(Photo by Robin Lindsey)

With the weather heating up, more people will be out on the beach this week – and that’s one reason why Seal Sitters Marine Stranding Network wants you to know that seal-pup season has begun in our area and the rest of south Puget Sound:

Although Seal Sitters has yet to receive a report of a newborn or newly weaned pup on West Seattle beaches this summer, there have been pups reported onshore in all directions around us. It is only a matter of time – possibly just days – until our first pup of the season shows up here, needing protection from disturbance. Seals come ashore to rest and warm up, behavior that is critical for their survival.

For those of you new to Puget Sound, harbor seal pups are born in our area from late June through the first week of September. After being weaned at 4-6 weeks old, these young pups strike off on their own, leaving the safety of rookeries, and often end up traveling to urban beaches, unaware of the inherent dangers they face there. It is normal to see a weaned seal pup alone on the beach.

We have also had a number of births over the years in West Seattle. Most often, that is not a terribly good scenario, since harbor seal moms are shy and can easily be scared away from their young; mom may not return for her pup if she perceives a threat from people and dogs nearby.

It is an extreme challenge to keep pups safe on crowded beaches and busy shoreline. If you see a seal pup onshore, please stay back, observe from a distance and call Seal Sitters hotline @ 206-905-SEAL (7325).

Please be alert when you are walking the beach. Due to the camouflage of its spotted coat, a tiny seal pup can look like a bleached log or rock onshore. They often come ashore at high tide and nestle up against the woody debris on the beach, making them difficult to see until you are upon them. The 2010 photo of seal pup Pebbles [above], tucked under a log near the Water Taxi landing, shows how effectively they blend into the environment. Seal Sitters volunteers protected Pebbles 12+ hours a day for 15 consecutive days, as the pup swam ashore just before sunrise each morning and spent the day stretching and snoozing until flop-hopping back into the waters of Elliott Bay after dark.

A member of NOAA’s West Coast Marine Mammal Stranding Network, Seal Sitters MMSN responds to all reports of marine mammals, both dead and alive, in West Seattle from Brace Point through the Duwamish River. Seal Sitters, an all-volunteer group, is celebrating a decade of service protecting marine life.

For more information about seal pupping season and protocol around harbor seal rookeries, please go here.

And you can find in-depth information about marine mammals and NOAA’s stranding network on Seal Sitters’ website.

TRAFFIC/TRANSIT TODAY: Monday watch & what’s ahead this week, from West Seattle paving to Blue Angels I-90 closures

(SDOT MAP with travel times/video links; is the ‘low bridge’ closed? LOOK HERE)

7:02 AM: Good morning! Welcome to the last day of July. No incidents reported in/from West Seattle so far.

Much to look ahead to this week, starting with:

WEST SEATTLE PAVING: Last week, SDOT did “spot paving” on a stretch of northbound 35th SW; this week, paving is planned on a section of Beach Drive Tuesday and Wednesday, and 63rd SW between Admiral Way and Alki Avenue on Thursday. More info here.

BOREN PORTABLES ON THE MOVE: Early Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday, as announced last week, portable classrooms will be moved from Louisa Boren STEM K-8 on Delridge – here’s the advisory, in case you missed it.

BLUE ANGELS CLOSURES: This Thursday through Sunday, I-90 will be closed for Seafair (Blue Angels) practices and airshows. From the WSDOT website:

The mainlines of I-90 will be closed between I-5 in Seattle and Island Crest Way on Mercer Island:

Thursday, Aug. 3: 9:45 am – 12:15 pm; 1- 2:40 pm (practices)
Friday, Aug. 4: 12:55 – 2:40 pm
Saturday, Aug. 5: 12:55 – 2:40 pm
Sunday, Aug. 6: 12:55 – 2:40 pm

Even if you’re not expecting to use I-90, the closures lead to backups on I-5, especially northbound coming off the West Seattle Bridge, so now you know when to steer clear.

GROWING GIFT: West Seattle Garden Tour’s 2017 donation to nonprofits is its biggest ever

(Photo by Aubbie Beal)

If you had a ticket for this year’s West Seattle Garden Tour last month (WSB coverage here), you helped support six nonprofits, who officially received their share of a record-setting WSGT donation tonight. The announcement:

Tonight the West Seattle Garden Tour held their “Summer Finale” to thank the 2017 gardeners, sponsors, and committee members who produced the annual garden tour. The highlight of the evening was hearing from representatives of all six tour beneficiaries, who each spoke about how grants from the tour will fund their special projects.

This year WSGT donated the largest annual gift in the 23-year-old organization’s history — $26,800 was raised collectively for six beneficiaries. The non-profits to receive a grant in 2017 are City Fruit, Seattle Children’s PlayGarden, West Seattle Bee Garden, One Reel / Pianos in the Parks, Delridge Neighborhoods Development Association, and ArtsWest.

Since its inception in 1995, West Seattle Garden Tour has been one of the premier garden tours in the Northwest, as well as a fundraiser. In the last twenty-three years, the all-volunteer 501(c)(3) organization has donated $377,514 to local non-profits in support of their horticultural, educational, and artistic missions. The 2018 tour will be on Sunday, June 24.

In the photo atop this report, from left, are Jan Clow (West Seattle Garden Tour), Mathew Wright (ArtsWest), Chris Weber and Gaylynn Kiser (One Reel), Krista Conner (West Seattle Bee Garden), Sara Maxwell and Adana Protonentis (Seattle Children’s PlayGarden), Willard Brown (Delridge Neighborhoods Development Association), and Carrie Ferrence (City Fruit).

Short-lived sizable SFD response in High Point: Kitchen fire

July 30, 2017 11:11 pm
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Just in case you heard all the sirens a short time ago and wondered – what was a relatively sizable Seattle Fire dispatch to the 3000 block of SW Raymond in High Point was downsized quickly when a kitchen fire (according to radio communication) turned out to be nothing more than that. One engine was kept on the call.

P.S. Likely unrelated but we also got a text asking about a burning smell in the Admiral area. No other fire calls working anywhere in the city right now, so that one’s a mystery.

UPDATE: Police officer hurt in collision at Harbor/Avalon/Spokane

9:08 PM: A Seattle Police officer has been taken to the hospital to be checked out after a collision on southbound Harbor/Avalon/Spokane by the West Seattle Bridge. Police say the officer was headed southbound when the other driver, who was not seriously hurt, hit the patrol car. More when we get it. (Thanks to the person who texted to let us know about this.)

9:22 PM: According to a sergeant at the scene, the officer was not on an emergency call when this happened; he was driving at a regular speed. He was headed southbound, we’re told, while the other vehicle was northbound and starting to turn westbound. Our crew says towing crews have just arrived, and traffic has been getting through the intersection.

9:16 AM MONDAY: SPD tells us the officer was evaluated but not admitted; his injuries were minor.

GETTING READY: Emergency Communication Hubs’ latest drill

July 30, 2017 8:52 pm
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(WSB photos from Saturday morning. Above, EC Hughes hub)

Hundreds of volunteers all around the city spent their Saturday morning being sure they’re ready for something we all hope never happens – a disaster that takes out regular means of communications and forces Emergency Communication Hubs to set up and spring into action.

(Above, West Seattle Junction hub)

The scenario citywide was: Sixth day after a big earthquake. Three of West Seattle’s hubs were part of it. For the Sunrise Heights hub at EC Hughes Playground and the Junction hub behind Hope Lutheran Church, it was their first drill. We visited both. “If we can’t communicate, we can’t allocate,” observed Junction hub captain Delores Kannas. “Our big goal is to match resources with needs. … Different people will show up, and it will evolve.”

The mission of the hubs is to facilitate neighborhood resiliency, recognizing that after a massive disaster, official rescuers will be overwhelmed, and neighbors will have to figure out how to help each other, while also prioritizing any huge needs that might be able to draw outside help.

Besides tracking incoming requests, in ways as simple as notes on a fence, hub volunteers also communicate by radio, with each other and with city emergency officials, so volunteer amateur-radio operators are always a big part of drills.

An important part of your emergency preparedness is to know your nearest hub – here’s the updated map:

Click on the one that looks to be closest. You can also find the 13 hubs’ locations listed here (below that same map), on the West Seattle Be Prepared website, where you’ll find lots of other information to help you be ready, just in case.

WEST SEATTLE DEVELOPMENT: Aegis project on Admiral has ‘topped off’

July 30, 2017 7:05 pm
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(WSB photos from Thursday)

The largest construction project in Admiral right now just marked a milestone. The 80-unit Aegis Living senior-residences project at 47th/Admiral/Waite had a “topping-off party” this past Thursday to celebrate the placement of the last beam and end of framing on the building, almost a year after work began at the site with demolition of the former Life Care Center building. Part of the party was lunch, from nearby Spud Fish and Chips:

That has a special significance because, as noted in our early coverage of the project, this company incorporates tributes to familiar neighborhood features, to help the comfort and enjoyment of its memory-care residents, and Aegis spokesperson Charlotte Starck tells us that the memory-care dining area of this building will “have a Spud’s influence in its interior that will spark fond memories for West Seattle residents every time they dine.” Construction is expected to continue through the winter and, after the licensing process, the building is likely to open by summer 2018. We first reported Aegis’s plan in fall 2013.

@ Morgan Community Association: HALA upzoning comment deadline nears; Lowman Beach seawall timeline; community cleanup…

One week from tomorrow, August 7th, is the deadline for comments on the Draft Environmental Impact Statement (DEIS) for the Housing Affordability and Livability Agenda (HALA)’s proposed Mandatory Housing Affordability (MHA) upzoning. That was one of the main topics at this quarter’s Morgan Community Association meeting, which also included a Lowman Beach Park seawall update and a preview of a community cleanup next weekend:

Read More

HAPPENING NOW: ‘Pianos in the Parks’ finale @ Alki Beach

July 30, 2017 4:00 pm
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As featured in our West Seattle Sunday preview, the final Pianos in the Parks one-day installation of the season is happening right now at Alki – just west of the Bathhouse, to be specific (61st/Alki). It’s there until 6 pm. Above, piano-playing was accompanied by vocals when we stopped by a little while ago. Each one-day stop has showcased a different piano, uniquely decorated and designed by an artist – Angelina Villalobos, for today’s Alki piano:

According to today’s schedule, Scarlet Parke should be performing right now, and ARC Dance Company is scheduled at 5:15 pm.

Yesterday, Pianos in the Parks stopped at Steve Cox Memorial Park, and we covered it for our partner site White Center Now.

WEST SEATTLE CRIME WATCH: More bicycle thefts, plus a car break-in with outdoor gear stolen

Earlier this week, package thefts were rampant, and right now it seems to be bicycles – be sure yours is secured. In addition to the two stolen bicycles in this earlier item, we’ve received these three reader reports since then:

JUST IN – BIKE THEFT IN RIVERVIEW: Dannie texted this moments ago: “A 20-30 something (person with) longer-blonde-dyed hair, black spaghetti strap tank top, black baggy pants, overnight bag, stole my husband’s black mountain bike from in front of our home. SHE WAS LAST SEEN RIDING SOUTH ON 12th AVE SW.” Dannie called 911 and says police are currently searching too.

BIKE THEFT IN ARBOR HEIGHTS AREA: Jon says his wife’s teal Cannondale bicycle was stolen between 8:30 pm last night and 12:30 am today. “It has an older made-in-the-USA frame and a heavy-duty double-kickstand. If you find it, please let us know, 206-915-9721.”

CAR BREAK-IN: Received today from Michael, who was visiting West Seattle when someone broke into his car: “On the evening of 7/28/17 or the early morning of 7/29/17 my vehicle was broken into in front of my friends’ home while I was house sitting for them. They live on 20th ave SW. The contents taken included a orange North face pack (Terra 65L), a black diamond tent (mega mid), a Kelty sleeping bag (cosmic 20), a two tone blue Outdoor research jacket (diode), a red Outdoor Research hard shell jacket (Whiteroom) and a orange neo air xlite thermarest sleeping pad. The case number is 17-277635. My number is 4106523961. I work as a guide and an outdoor educator for youth so this person is messing with my livelihood.”

UPDATE: West Seattle girls’ 5th annual bake sale/donation drive to help animals

11:34 AM: Until 3 pm, you’ll find Gwen and Muriel at 36th SW and SW Dakota [map], selling treats and collecting donations for the Seattle Humane Society for the fifth year in a row. You have three ways to help – buy some of their baked goods; donate items for the animals (dog/cat food, wet or dry; toys; new scratching posts); donate money for the Humane Society (cash or checks). The girls have done this every year since they were Schmitz Park 4th-graders; this fall, they’ll be Madison Middle School 8th-graders. (Thanks to Gwen’s mom Andrea for the photo taken as today’s event got under way.)

8 PM: Andrea sent this update on the results:

Heartfelt thanks to all the wonderful people who came out to support the bake sale today, and to the West Seattle Blog for promoting it.

Through the sale, these wonderful young women raised over $532 for Seattle Humane Society, as well as over 100 pounds of dry food, dozens of cans of wet food, and many many animal toys.

Thanks so much for everyone’s support!

Congratulations to Muriel, Gwen, and the beneficiaries of their hard work!

WEST SEATTLE CRIME WATCH: Three bicycles stolen, 1 recovered

Three bicycles were stolen from Mark‘s garage in North Admiral Thursday night/early Friday. One has since turned up in the Junction QFC dumpster, spotted by employees – intact – and reported to police, with whom he already had filed a report, so that’s how he got it back. The other two are still missing:

#1 – Silver/gray and blue 2014 Giant Trance 27.5 1, serial number starting with GR313, XL frame, wide tires. Mark notes that the “bike’s rear wheel was in my possession when it was stolen, so if it shows up, it will either be missing a rear wheel or have mismatched wheels – should be easy to spot.” Photo:

#2 – Silver/gray and red 1998 Giant Iguana SE, L frame, wide tires. Mark notes, “This is a 1998 Iguana with some of the original Rock Shox, so it’s pretty easy to spot. Has been updated with bar ends, deeper-dish Vuelta wheels, and outfitted with a rear rack and bag + fenders for commuting.” Photo:

If you see/find either, contact police and refer to incident 17-276013.

What’s up for your West Seattle Sunday

July 30, 2017 6:07 am
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Welcome to the last day of the last weekend in July – here are some highlights:

GWEN AND MURIEL’S BENEFIT BAKE SALE AND PET-DONATION DRIVE: It’s the fifth year for Madison Middle School 8th graders Muriel and Gwen, raising money for the Seattle Humane Society by selling cupcakes, cookies, brownies, and more. You also can bring wet and/or dry dog and/or cat food, animal toys, or new scratching posts to fill the barrel they’re sponsoring. Cash and check donations for the SHS are welcome too. 10 am-3 pm. (36th SW/SW Dakota)

(Piano that was at Steve Cox Memorial Park in White Center on Saturday – different one will be at Alki today)

PIANOS IN THE PARKS – AT ALKI: 10 am-6 pm today, a specially decorated piano will be at Alki Beach Park, available for you to play between guest performances and other scheduled events:

Piano design and painting by Angelina Villalobos

10:00 am — Yoga in the Park
11:15 am — Free Youth Piano Lessons with Yelena Balabanova
12:15 pm — Classical piano performance with Yelena Balabanova and guests
1:00 pm — KING FM presents Young Artist Award Finalists
2:30 pm — Random Acts of Art Song with Seattle Art Song Society
4:00 pm — Scarlet Parke
5:15 pm — Performance by ARC Dance Company

WEST SEATTLE FARMERS’ MARKET: 10 am-2 pm in the street in The Junction, see what’s fresh! (California between Oregon and Alaska)

WADING POOLS AND SPRAYPARK OPEN TODAY: Lincoln Park wading pool and Highland Park spraypark are open 11 am-8 pm; Delridge wading pool is open noon-6:30 pm. (Find addresses here)

GIANNONI’S PIZZA ANNIVERSARY: 11 am-9 pm today and Monday, Giannoni’s Pizza in Westwood Village continues celebrating its 10th anniversary! Here’s how. (2600 SW Barton)

SUNDAY FUNDAY: Log House Museum offers arts, crafts, and snacks for kids, 1-3 pm in the courtyard. The museum’s hours today are noon-4 pm. (61st SW/SW Stevens)

ALKI POINT LIGHTHOUSE TOURS: 1-4 pm, you are invited to tour Alki Point Lighthouse with the U.S. Coast Guard Auxiliary – 3:40 pm is the latest you can arrive for the day’s final tour. (3201 Alki SW)

GET ON STAGE/GET INVOLVED: Open-mic event presented by Mode Music Studios (WSB sponsor), next door at The Skylark. Sign up at 3 pm, music starts at 4. All ages. (3803 Delridge Way SW)

MONTY BANKS WITH THE DRIFTWOOD TRIO: 7-10 pm at Parliament Tavern. No cover. 21+. (4210 SW Admiral Way)

LOOK INTO THE FUTURE … on our full-calendar page.

UPDATE: Sight in the sky over West Seattle – meteor? (or maybe the missile-defense test?)

ORIGINAL REPORT, 10:08 PM SATURDAY: Getting multiple messages about a sight in the sky over West Seattle in the past 15 minutes or so – Jill described it as “an awesome meteor traveling northward, looking east from Admiral/Belvidere.” Anyone else?

10:15 PM: Checking Twitter – still the best place to check real-time reports – we see reports from all over the Northwest – Astoria, OR, to Victoria, B.C., among others.

10:48 PM: Our local sky specialist Alice Enevoldsen points us to the American Meteor Society website, where you can report sightings, and that site in turn reminds us we’re just 2 weeks from the Perseid shower’s peak.

11:05 AM SUNDAY: We don’t know yet if the time frame matches, but the government announced this morning that it conducted a missile-defense test in Alaska overnight – here’s one of the reports, and here’s the government news release. Worth noting that one of the Missile Defense Agency‘s radar vessels, SS Pacific Tracker, was in West Seattle recently; the day it left (July 21st), last showed it headed north, off the west coast of Vancouver Island. The test was preceded by an alert, according to this report that includes video of a test earlier this month.

11:20 AM SUNDAY: Again, we don’t know if this was or wasn’t what was seen here – but the Missile Defense Agency website now has video of the test:

Still haven’t seen any word on exactly when the test happened.

WEST SEATTLE DEVELOPMENT: Demolition to start next month at ex-and-future PCC site

Wondering what’s going on with the past and future PCC Natural Markets (WSB sponsor) site at 2749 California SW in Admiral, with building demolition yet to begin, two months after the store closed? A reader called us Friday, saying she was concerned about camping and trash outside the shuttered store. We checked the city permit files, and the demolition permit – applied for in January – is listed as in “reviews completed” stage. We also sent an inquiry to the site’s owner, Madison Development Group, which plans to build a mixed-use building with 112 apartments and a new PCC store. Then this morning, we went by the site, but didn’t see any sign of what the reader had mentioned. And today we received a reply from a PCC spokesperson, who said the inquiry had been forwarded to them by the developer: “Our team is visiting the site regularly until we hand the property off to MDG in mid-August. We also noticed the camp and took steps to clean up the area and tape off all entryways. We’ll be closely watching to ensure no one sets up there again. The plans are to demolish the building in mid-August to begin construction.”

TRAFFIC ALERT: Northbound Highway 99 open again

July 29, 2017 7:53 pm
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(SDOT camera framegrab as the ramp reopened a moment ago)

The northbound Highway 99 closure for the Seafair Torchlight Run is over, and 99 is open again both ways. But if you are headed downtown, remember that the parade is now under way, which means surface-street closures continuing for the next few hours, primarily 4th Avenue – the parade heads southbound on 4th from Seattle Center to the International District.

WEST SEATTLE WEATHER ALERT: Heat wave expected, starting Tuesday

July 29, 2017 6:47 pm
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FIRST REPORT, 6:47 PM SATURDAY: Eight years ago today, Seattle recorded its highest temperature ever – 103 degrees. @WestSeaWx pointed that out on Twitter earlier today with a heads-up that very hot weather is predicted next Tuesday-Thursday. And tonight, the National Weather Service has issued a Special Weather Statement, which warns of exactly that. While we might not crack 100, the NWS says, Thursday might get close.

10 AM SUNDAY: The alert level has been raised to Excessive Heat Watch – same time frame.

7:11 AM MONDAY: The alert level has been raised again. Now it’s an Excessive Heat Warning, for 2 pm Tuesday through 9 pm Friday.