WEST SEATTLE WEATHER: Heat-wave warning update, and where to stay cool

Today’s other big story: The heat-wave warning keeps intensifying. This morning, it was upgraded to an Excessive Heat Warning, with this summary for the area:

Unusually hot weather is forecast to begin Tuesday and continue through Friday. Widespread record highs are expected Wednesday and Thursday. Thursday should be the hottest day for most spots when highs will probably be within 5 degrees of the all-time records. Highs on Tuesday will be in the mid 80s to lower 90s, warming to the 90s to near 104 on Thursday. Friday will be slightly cooler, but highs will still be in the upper 80s and 90s.

The warning currently covers 2 pm Tuesday through 9 pm Friday. Meantime, the city is out with a long list of places to stay cool. Here are the West Seattle spots:

The following Seattle Public Library locations are equipped with air conditioning, and serve as cooling centers when the area experiences extreme heat. Please call the individual location before you go for open hours and to verify that the air conditioning is working. (Here are the two in West Seattle:)

·Delridge (5423 Delridge Way SW) – 206-733-9125

Monday: 1 pm. – 8 pm, Tuesday: 1 pm – 8 pm, Wednesday: 11 am – 6 pm, Thursday: 11 am – 6 pm, Friday: closed

·High Point (3411 SW Raymond St.) – 206-684-7454

Monday: 1 pm – 8 pm, Tuesday: 1 pm – 8 pm, Wednesday: 11 am – 6 pm, Thursday: 11 am – 6 pm, Friday: 11 am – 6 pm

The following senior centers have air conditioning or are relatively cool and are open to the public. Please call the individual location before you go for open hours and to verify that the facility is cool. (One West Seattle location:)

·Senior Center of West Seattle (4217 SW Oregon St) – 206-932-4044

The city also recommends wading pools and sprayparks – the full list is here; we always include a list of what’s open each day in our what’s-happening list. Outdoor Colman Pool (schedule here) is currently open 7 days a week on the shore at Lincoln Park, as is indoor Southwest Pool (schedule here) at 2801 SW Thistle.

As for air-conditioned restaurants, bars, coffee shops – we don’t have the horsepower to make 100+ calls to ask them all, so we would love your help – if you own one with A/C, and/or know of one, please either e-mail us (editor@westseattleblog.com) or comment below, and we’ll include it as this sizzling week goes on.

P.S. And PLEASE heed all the reminders about not leaving children, seniors, pets in hot vehicles (or other confined spaces) for even a moment. Plus, think of our feathered friends and fill up bird baths (or make temporary ones – we have Christmas-tree stands outside) so they have water for drinking and bathing.

24 Replies to "WEST SEATTLE WEATHER: Heat-wave warning update, and where to stay cool"

  • Groucho July 31, 2017 (5:51 pm)

    Drink lot’s of water, It helps cool the body…Don’t wait till your thirsty.

    Pop, energy drinks, Gatorade  and coffee are not the same as water. 

  • Mark July 31, 2017 (6:12 pm)

    Groucho I second your statement, drink lots of water.  

    Staying hydrated is what helps, it would also be nice if the City had more places to relieve the bladder to make hydrating a good strategy when out and about

  • HelperMonkey July 31, 2017 (7:50 pm)

    The Bridge has super AC (like, bring a light sweater) and also misting on the back patio. 21+. 

    • WSB July 31, 2017 (8:00 pm)

      Thank you! Misting is a good point. Last year at some point when it was mega-hot, I remember spotting a standalone mister on display (in action) at Junction True Value. Will have to check on those.

  • aa July 31, 2017 (8:23 pm)

    Please be safe about having your windows open- both to protect toddlers from falling out and also because its prime time for people to break in to your home. Sorry to be such a bummer…

    No one mentioned movie theaters.  Escape the heat in an air-conditioned place and be entertained! 

    • WSB July 31, 2017 (8:44 pm)

      All important points – thank you. It’s very comfortable inside The Admiral!

      Our tip on windows (separate from the safety issue) is to let the cool morning air in as soon as you’re awake …

  • Katie July 31, 2017 (9:07 pm)

    Copper Coin has air conditioning and tasty cold drinks (and good food of course!)

  • Noelle July 31, 2017 (9:19 pm)

    Petco, PetSmart, Home Depot & other pet friendly businesses are a great place to get a break from the heat wave. 

  • John Picinich July 31, 2017 (10:04 pm)

    What a bunch of wusses. 95 a heat wave? Lol. Get real. It will only last a few days, then the rain and overcast returns.

    • WSB July 31, 2017 (10:36 pm)

      I seem to recall you’ve said you moved. We haven’t had rain (tiny bit of overcast a few days ago) here in 44 days and aren’t likely to see it after this breaks, either. Also, this could break 100, although at some point over 90 it all starts to feel the same …

      • MissingFalltime August 1, 2017 (3:29 pm)

        Another thing to remember, John,  is that most folks don’t have AC built into their homes, unlike parts of the country that are used to hitting these high temps.

      • Karie Schneider August 3, 2017 (11:35 pm)

        I came here from Fair Haven, NY…..rain, rain, rain, every day….flooding, flooding, flooding…..mud, mud, mud…everything was waterlogged…..very dreary…..then I came to Seattle, where I expected rain, rain, rain (even though it is a misty, pleasant rain), and it is dry as a bone. Odd, that. 

  • sbre August 1, 2017 (7:14 am)

    One tried-and-true method I employ to help beat the heat:

    Using refrigerator boxes obtained from Wiseman’s I’ve cut them to fit into (or over, depending on the scenario) all south and west facing windows.  In the morning once the outside temp has risen to meet the inside temp I close those windows and insert the cardboard, almost blackening-out the rooms.

    NOT having the sun beam in all those UV rays dramatically reduces the heat inside the home.

    Secondly, I string the hammock in the basement and sleep down there. 

  • Anne August 1, 2017 (8:45 am)

    Gee John P- no call for that- 95-100+ IS extreme heat for us- on the west side of the state.. it  can be dangerous for the very young – the elderly. Pets too. Staying hydrated  is imperative as is keeping as cool as possible. Many- maybe even most don’t have AC. 

    Thanks WSB & other commenters for the tips! We actually have one of those misters from TValue- haven’t used it in a few years so put it up in the rafters- getting it out this morning!

  • Mark August 1, 2017 (9:56 am)

    Another tip presuming your furnace is in the basement you can turn the fan on that can cool the house from the cooler basement.  This works for a day or two.

    • sbre August 1, 2017 (12:38 pm)

      Great tip Mark!  Saving my ‘basement air’ for Wed and Thur. 

  • Lola August 1, 2017 (1:27 pm)

    John P no need to be nasty.  If you have left WS then you can at least be civil when you log onto the blog. 

    Thank you WS blog for all of the tips.  And everybody else with the tips on how to stay cool.

    • WSB August 1, 2017 (1:36 pm)

      We’ll be doing a breakout compilation for tomorrow morning as so far it appears today is not going to be the really bad day – it’ll be the next three. So, still interested in suggestions! (here or editor@westseattleblog.com) – TR

  • Gene August 1, 2017 (1:42 pm)

    Spiros Pizza & Pasta also has AC !

  • Noelle August 1, 2017 (7:07 pm)
    It is too true, Seattle is still a largely no-AC town. It is a shame. 
    Swamp coolers can be nice if you do not have AC. Using & Re freezing plastic water bottles  instead of loose ice is a help. 
    Here is a link to how to make a swamp cooler. 
    Personally, I found a portable AC unit with a window insert (Honeywell makes a good one) is the best value for staying cool in the ever hotter PNW summers. 
    Best of luck! Keep Cool! 90 something degrees is a big deal If you have no way to cool off.  
  • aa August 1, 2017 (7:13 pm)

    I heard a guy from the union gospel mission on the radio today, talking about helping the homeless during this heat wave. He said they are offering water and daytime shelter and if you want to help you can donate bottles of water to their shelter, come by and volunteer to hand out water, or give a financial donation to offset the cost of the water. https://www.uniongospelmission.org/ways-to-give

     He talked about how difficult it is for homeless people to stay hydrated, you and I can go into most any store and buy water or ask for a glass of water or simply turn on the tap at home. Not the case for them.  He also offered the suggestion to put some bottles of water in your car and hand them out when you see someone standing at an intersection. 

     -grateful for the roof over my head and the floor under my feet.

  • Bradley August 1, 2017 (7:34 pm)

    I can’t believe people are actually out jogging and bike-riding in this smoke and heat. A 2-mile run in this filthy air would be like smoking a pack of cigarettes. I’ve never seen so much smoke in West Seattle in 3 decades. Give your body and lungs a rest until it clears up.

    • WSB August 1, 2017 (8:00 pm)

      Do you remember late August two years ago? Bad smoke then too. Datapoint … I remember it clearly (so to speak) because it was when our kid left for college – I remember the blazing colors of the sunsets and moonrises, too. Anyway, your point is a good one. I’m just sitting around typing and breathing feels a little tougher than usual. – TR

  • Soup Ninja August 1, 2017 (8:15 pm)

    Regarding staying hydrated, maybe it’s time to sit down, relax, and examine a few myths about your water intake. Sure, stay cool and drink (and maybe cut back on your routine for a few days,) but thirst is actually your best guide to how much fluid you need. Don’t waste money on bottled water (or are they slapping “gluten-free” labels on those these days, too?) and don’t worry.


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