West Seattle Garden Tour 2017, report #2: From the P-Patch to the sea

The West Seattle Garden Tour continues until 5 pm – a self-guided tour of 11 very different gardens – and we’ve just visited three (after first publishing a contributed report about Garden I in Arbor Heights). Above (sea holly) and below (lettuce), the Solstice P-Patch across from the north end of Lincoln Park is Garden H.

The P-Patch is also where we found Willard Brown from Delridge Neighborhoods Development Association and Yeggy Michael from Nature Consortium, talking to people about the ongoing Delridge Wetlands Project and upcoming Arts in Nature Festival (August 26-27).

Six of this year’s gardens are in the greater Beach Drive area; we stopped by waterfront garden E shortly before this afternoon’s low-low tide:

Complementing the blue sea were purple seas of ground cover, including thyme.

Inland, garden A is at a corner house between Admiral and The Junction, with pockets of both in-ground and in-planter color:

Three more hours to tour – check West Seattle Nursery (California/Brandon) for last-minute ticket-book sales. The WSGT is a nonprofit that raises money for other nonprofits – here are this year’s beneficiaries. Besides ticket sales, money is also raised by raffle-ticket sales at stops on the tour, so don’t miss those!

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  • Karen June 25, 2017 (3:04 pm)

    Wow, great turn out! I was talking all afternoon to visitors to our Solstice P-Patch. What an interesting group of people. Thanks Garden Tour for letting us be involved!


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