Early alert: Orcas headed in this direction, southbound

11:36 AM: Thanks to Trileigh for the tip: Whale watchers commenting on the Orca Network Facebook page have been tracking whales heading in this general direction all morning, southbound, including sightings from Golden Gardens (Ballard) within the past hour. So this is your early alert. Please let us know if and when you see any from West Seattle – texting 206-293-6302 is the best way to reach us immediately – so we can update. Thanks!

2:55 PM: Haven’t heard of any sightings here, and it seems they might not have made it this far south before heading back north, according to the ON FB thread.

2 Replies to "Early alert: Orcas headed in this direction, southbound"

  • on phone November 2, 2015 (2:40 pm)

    No time tags on my mobile browser for the post. Too late?

    • WSB November 2, 2015 (2:54 pm)

      Tracking comments on Facebook is difficult but if I’m reading this thread correctly, including some of the nested comments (even sorted for “Most Recent” doesn’t seem to help much), they were most recently spotted in Kingston about an hour ago and aren’t heading this way any more.

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