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Too soon to say

Not surprising, but in case you were wondering, Seafair says it’s too soon to say if today’s deadly Blue Angels crash will affect the plan for their annual appearance here (Aug. 4-5). We looked up what happened after the Angels’ last deadly crash, in 1999; looks like they were back in the air pretty quickly that year. On this year’s schedule, they have 16 shows planned between now and Seafair. (Note for any of our fellow geeks out there: not having been to the Seafair site in a while before tonight, we noticed they’ve redesigned in a big way after years with a relatively anemic site.)

Need the wisdom of the masses

Two Three (adding one since original post) questions arrived in the e-mailbox today. We have some thoughts on the first two but not a clue on the second third, so we’re throwing them out to the wonderful WSB readership to answer via comments on this post:

#1 — A new WS arrival wants to plant a vegetable garden and is looking for advice on “good times to plant, and good vegetables that thrive here.” (We had success with cabbage, lettuce, and spinach some years back. Planting time would be now, though, since those are mostly cool-season veggies. What else?)

#2 (added 10:16 pm) — A local family is moving from one WS location to another and plans to handle it themselves. Recommendations for who to use for trucks/etc. for self-moving? (We had a good experience with the 35th/Morgan U-Haul, but that was loooong ago.)

#3 — Someone else reports a woodpecker “attacking” their house. For now, they put a rock in the resulting hole (photo below), but they’re wondering what else they can do to discourage it from further attacks.


The question that will go unanswered …

… unless you can answer it for us: What IS a “Snooty Walk”? We thought we’d get the answer if we showed up for the last half-hour of the Pet Rodeo & Snooty Walk, but the party was already breaking up. Did spot Hizzoner, however, probably there to cheer on his wife in her role as Head Judge.

Blue Angels pilot killed

The Blue Angels become local news once a year around here during their Museum of Flight-based Seafair stay, and we’re major Blue Angels fans, so we are taking some space to say we are sorry to hear that a BA pilot died in a crash at a South Carolina airshow this afternoon. UPDATE: Other sites tracking this include and Bluffton Today.

Miscellaneous mentions

Haven’t mentioned these in a while; slow day so far, so here goes.

-When you hear sirens and want to know what’s up, the fire department’s live 911 page is the place to go.

-We’ve added several more blogs in the past week to our Other Blogs in WS page. (58 total and counting.) We’ll reorganize it alphabetically someday soon, but in any format, it’s a fun list to check if you’ve got web-wandering time on your hands.

-If you would like to subscribe to WSB — notification by e-mail every time we add a new post — send us your address.

Freebies tomorrow

Metro is marking Earth Day with free bus rides all day tomorrow. Worth checking out even if you don’t regularly use buses and don’t plan to; we use Metro for weekend trips downtown on occasion simply because it’s a relief not to have to hassle with parking.