The question that will go unanswered …

… unless you can answer it for us: What IS a “Snooty Walk”? We thought we’d get the answer if we showed up for the last half-hour of the Pet Rodeo & Snooty Walk, but the party was already breaking up. Did spot Hizzoner, however, probably there to cheer on his wife in her role as Head Judge.

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  • Meredith April 21, 2007 (5:47 pm)

    While the event would have been more aptly called the ‘Snouty Walk’, Snooty Walk is far more fun to say AND with much more personality on display than your simple Pet Parade.

    A HUGE thank you to the 2009 class. The opportunity to take the toddler and pugs to the park to socialize, meet some of the high school student event team (special thanks to the young man that filled out my winning raffle tix) and offer financial support for thier cause was a great way to spend the afternoon.

  • Matt Durham April 21, 2007 (6:53 pm)

    The “Snooty Walk” is a fundraiser to raise money for West Seattle High classroom education. Many of the students volunteered to host the event that included pet and dog contests ranging from fattest to fastest dog. Mayor Nichols visited and talked with many of the students. His wife helped judge the final event “The Snooty Dog Walk”; a fashion show of sorts.
    My opinion, as an outside observer, was that the West Seattle High School student’s efforts were successful.
    This appears to be an event with the potential to grow and attract dog lovers regionally.
    For more info and photos visit the “” Monday morning.

    Matt Durham Publisher/Editor

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