Bad memories

Some of the news coverage of yesterday’s Bridge Disaster unearthed long-buried memories of the olden days of the stretch between 99 and I-5. It used to be a barrier-free high-speed death trap known as the West Seattle Freeway (or its official name, the Spokane Street Viaduct), with endless official protestations of “sorry it’s so dangerous, but there’s no room for a barrier” — till “new technology” was found and deployed six years ago.

Meanwhile, as of this writing, all looks well on The Bridge (note that the “Chelan intersection” link on our cams page shows the approach to the low bridge, if you ever need to check that out before leaving home). Some interesting follow-up stories in this morning’s papers, including lots of gripes that clearing away the wreckage took way too long. Still don’t know who those three people in the mangled, burned car were, though.

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  • Mike June 23, 2006 (1:00 pm)

    Hard to believe someone would make a comment about the delays in re-opening the bridge…Have they ever investigated or cleaned up a fatalty accident? As a software developer, probably not. If it takes 12 hours it takes 12 hours…so be it. Also, good for the bay area that they dont shut down arterials like that…This isnt the bay area!

    Anyone that lives in WS (or especially on an Island) knows the risks of the daily commute. Deal with it.

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