Send a message to the West Seattle officer who’s recovering

After our reports last week on the attack that sent Southwest Precinct-based police officer Jason McKissack to the hospital, many people wondered if there was something extra they could do to wish him well and say thanks, as he continues to recover at home.

The West Seattle Crime Prevention Council‘s leadership committee invites you to send Officer McKissack a message through this form going to a special WSB mailbox set up for just this purpose (below the form, you’ll see some of the messages already received):

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UPDATED 6/25/08: Some of the dozens of messages received so far (from those who gave permission for them to be published):

From Bonnie:

Officer McKissack,
I’m wishing you a speedy and complete recovery. Thank you so much for all you do to keep our neighborhood safe. You may not hear if very often from the general public, but your efforts and energy mean the world to us.
From Mary:

Thank you for all the hard work that you do, I’m sorry that this terrible attack happened. You and your fellow officers do a very hard job, and I’m glad you are there when we need you. a million thanks and i wish you a speedy and complete recovery.
From Charlabob:

Officer McKissack, you’re a genuine hero! Hope it helps to know you have the support of the entire community — we love you and can’t wait ’til you’re back on the street. As long as there are bad guys, it’s good to know there will be Jason McKissacks to help protect our neighborhoods.
From Matt Trinneer:

Thanks for putting it on the line every day to help keep our neighborhood safe. I hope you make a speedy and full recovery.
From Jennifer:

I just wanted to wish you well in your recovery. I was sorry to hear about what happened and I hope they are able to catch the people who did it. Please recover quickly!
From Amanda Dean:

Thank you for all that you do on a daily basis for our community. I wish you a speedy recovery!
From Dave Gould

Jason – thanks for putting your life on the line at High Point the other night. During my work career (I am now retired), I can remember many instances where I had to restrain juvenile delinquents – but I never had to fend off an attack in the community where the odds were against me.

I wish you good emotional and physical healing. Thanks for being one of the “thin blue line”. Dave
From d

Officer McKissack –

I hope that your recovery continues to heal and you soon return to your regularly scheduled life. And, when you are ready to get back out on the street, please have no doubt whether the good people of West Seattle hold you up in their hearts and minds for the sacrifices you have made. I cannot adequately honor your willingness to do so, but I am grateful.

God speed.
From Shannon and Jason Mullett-Bowlsby

Officer McKissack,

Every day, I wait for the text message from my brother that he is home safe from his shift. He is a police officer in Ohio and not a day goes by when I’m not concerned for his safety.

That said, your story just about made my stomach turn inside out. I immediately sent the story to my brother and told him that if something like this ever happened to him, the kids would have to deal with his big brother. LOL Like he needs my protection anymore.

I just wanted to thank you for all of the time and effort you folks put in to our communities and making sure they are better places for us to live. I know it’s not an easy job and I know you all are often set up as the bad guys in situations where a tough call was made. All I know is that my partner and I are thankful for the work you do making our city a safer place for us to live.

Know that our thoughts and energies are with you while you recover. You are in a noble profession and you are out there every day putting your life on the line so we can sleep better at night and walk our streets without fear.

Thank you!
From Barbara & Gary

My friends and I wish to express our deep thanks to Officer McKissack for his vigilance in keeping our streets safe. While we realize this has been a terrible experience for him and a frightening one for his family we want them all to know how much we value his service to our community. We wish him a speedy recovery!
From Pete Spalding

Know that what happened to you should not happen to anyone in our neighborhood, or for that matter anywhere in our city. We thank you for the work that you have chosen to do and are thankfull that you are there protecting the rest of us. Here’s wishing you a speedy recovery and quick return to the work that you obviously love to do.
From Chris Jones

Thank you for standing up and helping keep High Point safe for our children. I feel better knowing there are men like you on the job. Our sympathies and best wishes are with you as you recover, and we hope to see you back in High Point soon.
From Gail and Randy Jones

We’re so sorry this happened to you and are wishing you a speedy recovery. We appreciate all that the police do to protect us and what you have to put up with at times. Please know that you are very appreciated. Get Well Soon!!
From Kathleen

Thank you Officer McKissack – for getting up everyday to “protect and serve”, for putting your life on the line, for being a role model and for being brave. There is no email we can send that will fully show you our appreciation for attempting to keep our neighborhoods safe, but please know that we are thinking about you and wishing you a speedy recovery.
From E

Dear Officer McKissack;

Just a quick note to say that I hope you have a speedy recovery but mostly, thank you for your efforts. You went above and beyond in your restraint, trying to calm the situation. We are lucky to have you in West Seattle and hope that you will soon be back ‘on the beat’. Take care of yourself and know that this high point resident is grateful for your efforts.
From Dave and Liz


Thank you for your service in protecting our neighborhood. You are in our prayers, and we know you’ll be back to 100% very quickly.
From B. Billy

Officer McKissack,

I just wanted to send you a heartfelt message of thanks to you for your service to our community as well as my wishes and prayers for a speedy recovery. My wife and daughter send along their best wishes as well.
From Katie and Grayson McArthur

Thank you for your efforts to keep our communities safe. We greatly appreciate everything that you do, and we hope that you are recovering well!
From Jo Ann and Dick Sherman

Officer McKissack:
A special thanks to you and your family for all that you do for the community of West Seattle. We often don’t get the opportunity to say how much we appreciate you and your co-police officers.

Take care of yourself but most importantly take care of your family first… they need you as much as all of us do. We hope that all that you do for us we will be able to return to you.
From Alison

Hi, I hope you mend quickly and that you are restored to wholeness and health. Thank you for doing what is often a thankless job that places you in great danger and please remember that there are those of us who support and appreciate what you do every day.
Be well.
From Maria

I am wishing you the best in your recovery. The community appreciates your efforts.
From Joel Duck

Thanks for all that you do.
I hope you have a speedy and full recovery.
From Laura

Your service to our community is deeply appreciated – your courage and dedication is an inspiration to all of us. My heartfelt thanks and wishes for your speedy and full recovery.
From Dan and Ingrid

Thanks, Officer McKissack, for keeping our neighborhood safe! We appreciate the work that you and your colleagues do or us, and we hope you are healing quickly.

Thank you, and take care,
Sunrise Heights Neighbors
From Patrick

Get well soon, and thanks for protecting our community.
From Alice Kuder:

Bless you for the work you do — for putting your own safety on the line day after day; I’m sorry that it’s necessary. I’m so glad someone thought of this way for us (the nameless public) to let you know — even at those times when you may doubt it — that you are truly appreciated.

More to be added – but even if you don’t see it here, it’s on its way to Officer McKissack. Thank you all!