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    HI All! According to USPS tracking, a 9 x 11″ manila envelope was left on my porch yesterday (Saturday, February 24) at around 2:20 pm. Problem is that there was no envelope there. I’m thinking it was delivered accidentally to another home, hopefully in the near vicinity. I’ve double checked with the sender and it seems as though they had the address / zip code correct. So …. if everyone would be kind enough to check their mail from yesterday … maybe it made it ways to your home rather than mine? It was addressed to Amy Morse, 4409 SW Hanford Street. If anyone finds it I’ll gladly run over for it! Thanks, in advance, for checking! I really appreciate it! You can e-mail me or just phone me if you have it … 386.585.0757. Thanks again!



    thegreatoutdoors…or, sadly, if left on the porch, someone swiped it. If there is identifying info in it, you might want to let SPD know. Yeah, we all want to think that doesn’t happen often, especially to us. Hope it turns up at a neighbors :)

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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