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    The night before last I heard someone fooling with the lock on my gate and went out to investigate. A young woman with a clipboard and southern accent said she was asking for donations for the ASPCA.

    She wanted me to know that the ASPCA cracks down on dog fighting, has helped hundreds of thousands of animals… and I agreed. Then I asked if there was something new happening… was the ASPCA coming to Seattle or Washington for that matter?

    She didn’t seem to know. Nor did she know that they are not here now. So, I told her that I would contribute to my local animal welfare groups. Then she told me that the ASPCA gives money to local shelters. That I would be interested in.

    How do I find out if this is a legitimate person representing the ASPCA?



    Hey BBG- we had them come to our house about a month ago. They’re legit.



    Thanks EJ



    I would be suspicous too. I never give money to anyone going door to door. If you really want to give, make them give you something to mail in a donation.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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