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That WS fashion feature thing: The legs have it

legs.jpgTo recap, a couple WSB readers suggested a West Seattle fashion feature a la Pike/Pine; we asked the folks at Clementine — with whom we have corresponded on matters from Junction beautification to the Art Walk, to help us kick it off. It’s wide open to any and all contributors, from West Seattle’s other fine fashion retailers, to any other reader out there who snaps a cool look (either gender) somewhere in WS; our inbox is a-waiting. We all gotta get some relief from death, destruction, business battles, etc., now ‘n’ then. Meantime, at right we have a second contribution, this one sent along by Clementine’s Kelly Rae Cunningham, a dryly humorous artist who titled her note “if WS wasn’t ready for [the first fashion photo] they won’t be ready for this look.”

Artist’s reception tomorrow for West Seattle 6-year-old

Romy Ehrsam (photo left) is likely the youngest of the many artists romy.jpghaving receptions in West Seattle in the next few weeks — 6 years old! The rubber-stamp craft store Friends and Company in The Junction is hosting a reception for Romy tomorrow night, during which she will sign copies of the stamp she designed (photo below, shown with the original block print it’s taken from); it’s being distributed by what Friends and Company tells us is one of the industry’s bigger names, Idaho-based Rubbermoon. The reception starts at 6, signing at 7. Romy’s a second-generation stamp artist; her mom Gretchen Ehrsam designs them too.


Gees vs. Hulings lawsuit: Read it here

We couldn’t get the lawsuit document online from King County Superior Court — too fresh, they said, check back in a few days — but we were able to get it just moments ago from Gee Automotive’s PR firm, and have uploaded it to our server. Click here to read it (12-page PDF). We will be reading it along with you. (Also a reminder if you missed it last night, we posted a lengthy statement from Sharon Huling regarding some of the accusations that already had appeared publicly, pre-lawsuit.) 5:35 PM UPDATE: If you don’t have the time or inclination to read the whole suit (actually fairly brief as such things go), here are a few random notes from our first readthrough:Read More

Rally tonight in The Junction

According to a e-mail just forwarded to us by a reader (thank you!), the group is trying to organize rallies tonight to protest the presidential veto of children’s health-insurance expansion and to ask Congress to override it; one of those rallies is supposed to be in The Junction tonight @ 6 pm. 8:10 PM UPDATE: We drove by around 6:05; there were two small clusters of people on corners of Cali/Alaska, with a couple signs. A lot like the regular Sunday anti-war protests, though not quite that size.

Get ready

Remember last December? (If you’ve forgotten, or you weren’t here, browse the WSB December ’06 Windstorm category.) Time to get ready for this year — we’ll be offering lots of info on that shortly — for starters, the city just announced a new round of free “disaster prep” classes, including two next month in WS.

Hasta luego, ex-Hacienda

What’s left of the old Guadalajara Hacienda restaurant on Cali north of Morgan Junction is likely to be swept away any second now (if the backhoe’s not there already; we will be driving by shortly) – the city just granted a permit for townhouses on the site (and five other related project permits for townhouses and single-family homes, all California Ave addresses: 5919, 5921, 5925, 5927, 5929). The restaurant closed last February; the following photo was taken shortly afterward (the “bell tower” has since been taken down but the bulk of the building has stood, deteriorating):


Denny/Sealth project: District suddenly sets an update meeting

October 4, 2007 9:21 am
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Just got word from the Westwood Neighborhood Council that Seattle Public Schools has scheduled a community update meeting next week about the impending Chief Sealth High School/Denny Middle School campus consolidation construction project. The neighborhood group itself called the last update meeting, in June, after learning details about the project that previously hadn’t gotten much public airing. (We covered that meeting in-depth; here’s the link.) The district’s flyer (which touts a weblink,, that as of this writing goes only to a “parking page”) says the meeting at 6:30 pm next Tuesday (10/9) in the Chief Sealth HS theater will include updates on the schedule and design for the project, and take Q/A. Here’s the flyer:Read More

Walkin’ the walk

October 4, 2007 6:34 am
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It’s Walk-To-School Month and proud families from West Seattle’s Sanislo Elementary are proud to be helping to lead the way. Sanislo parent Lisa Keith tells us their school is also part of a Feet First grant project, with West Seattle Elementary and Denny Middle School, to promote safe walking routes to school. Sanislo also will play host to City Councilmember Jan Drago for a special walk-to-school-themed assembly this Friday.