FOLLOWUP: Lincoln Park pickleball opponents say city has officially scrapped court-conversion plan

(WSB file photo, sign at site last October)

9:18 AM: Seattle Parks has dropped its plan to convert former tennis courts in Lincoln Park into pickleball courts, according to the advocates who led a campaign against the plan. Sandy Shettler says, “Parks informed us that they will not be building pickleball courts in Lincoln Park! They even suggested that they are open to our hope to depave and rewild the cement pad.” Kersti Muul adds that Parks has told her “the fencing [around the site] will be removed by the end of the week.” We’re following up with Parks today to see what their West Seattle pickleball plan will now focus on.

We reported last month that Parks deputy superintendent Andy Sheffer had told the city Parks Board that a decision was close. We first told you about the pickleball-conversion proposal first in September, when Parks dropped a plan to add pickleball stripes to Solstice Park tennis courts, and pivoted to the Lincoln Park conversion concept, which drew intense opposition.

12:27 PM: Parks spokesperson Christina Hirsch confirms this: “Seattle Parks and Recreation has made great progress identifying another location to add another pickleball court to West Seattle and thus has decided to no longer pursue creating courts at Lincoln Park.” That new location has not yet been disclosed; there are various already-discussed possibilities – for example, while speaking to the Fauntleroy Community Association earlier this year, deputy superintendent Sheffer suggested there might be possibilities with the Nino Cantu Southwest Athletic Complex parking lot (which is shared by Seattle Public Schools and Parks), and previously, Hiawatha had been under consideration as a “pickleball hub.”

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  • Roger D. May 24, 2024 (9:33 am)

    Take that, picklebullies.

    • Derek May 24, 2024 (1:06 pm)

      Bullies here are clearly the fake-bird supporting NIMBYs, but go off I guess?  loud car horns; ferries, dogs barking, screaming kids, etc etc are fine but not a sport they don’t like. So dumb.

    • Jort May 24, 2024 (2:04 pm)

      Because certain things in the human experience are, in fact, inevitable, there will be a massive generational shift occurring over the next few decades in this city, and I have a feeling that those who have been clinging to their notions of control and authority over this city and its political class are going to have some really challenging moments in their futures. And I think it is going to get pretty ugly for them. 

  • W S Troll May 24, 2024 (9:35 am)

    Yay!  Let’s reward the bad behavior of the anti-pickleball crowd.  Let’s teach folks that harassing city workers and contractors is acceptable. Let’s teach folks that vandalizing fencing like common criminals will be rewarded.

    • Hey genius May 24, 2024 (10:04 am)

      The whole reason Lincoln Park was proposed was because there was a group of tennis and pickleball people who said no to restriping Solstice Park AFTER THAT WAS ALREADY DECIDED AS A GO. Guess you only despise protesters when it goes against what you want. 

      • Maybe we should teach people and government agencies that if there are procedures in place, instead of bypassing them, officials have to adhere to them. Had Parks done the climate study as required to build, they would have easily seen the effects building and a court would have had. Instead they changed when protesters protested the FIRST PLAN. 
      • Dismay May 24, 2024 (12:16 pm)

        Hey Genius,
        Trying to rewrite history?
        Parks had promised to keep Solstice for tennis during the debate over removing the tennis court at Lowman Beach.
        Parks never did the study as no study was required (a waste of tax money).  
        The court was not to be built, it existed for the better part of a century.

        This process has been an incredible display of  the way a few committed neighbors and outside activists propagandists like Sandy Shettler got their way through misleading statements and persistence.  

      • Teri May 25, 2024 (1:47 am)

        Well said.  Too bad the city won’t share the real reasons why they are not going forward with the Pickleball courts…I’d have more respect if they did so.    Can you say ‘laws and regulations’?

  • Josh E May 24, 2024 (9:37 am)

    Apparently, a very small loud self-appointed group of people can dictate what we do it our public parks. Must be very demoralizing for our parks staff. I can understand why they would be discouraged to build us a better system moving forward

    • Lmao May 24, 2024 (9:58 am)

      Hahahahhaha ahh yeah the parks staff led by AP Diaz must be so demoralized they can’t put more children in the vicinity of people using a nude beach. pickle plan at Lincoln would have never even gotten to the building phase if Parks had even gone through the normal planning process. But instead they chose to sneak it through and use a loophole to bypass the natural study that was required and what we were asking them to do before building. But sure keep blaming people for keeping them in check. Next time parks just wants to go ahead and build we will stay quiet since that’s better right?

      • Jay May 24, 2024 (10:48 am)

        I wish we could shut down Seattle Parks and have King County Parks manage all the parks in Seattle. The difference in leadership and professionalism is night and day. KC Parks is an awesome organization and is above the Seattle process and general corruption.

        • Agree with you Jay May 24, 2024 (11:57 am)

          Hey Jay I agree with you. Seattle Parks headed by AP Diaz have made several terrible decisions. One has to wonder why and how several donations led to all of these decisions. Shows that if you have money you can decide what goes. 

          • Teri May 25, 2024 (1:50 am)

            Spot on

  • AMD May 24, 2024 (9:39 am)

    What a joke.  A bunch of privileged complainers with no day jobs and nothing better to do than take away fun things for other people just because other people are noisy in a park (heaven forbid) get to hijack public conversations on account of just not having anything better to do with their time.  I hope every one of them has a pickleball court installed next door to their house.  Way to ruin the parks for everyone else, NIMBYs.

    • bradley May 24, 2024 (11:45 am)

      Wow.  Angry much?  There’s still many, many courts for you to pickle on.

    • Jay May 24, 2024 (1:59 pm)

      I wouldn’t be so quick to judge. I was against the pickleball project. I’ve got a day job and volunteer with a bunch of local community and nature organizations. The company I work for has built buildings for local businesses, and if you’ve seen those “Take a Hike” fliers around West Seattle this year and last year I made those for free. And I support SFH zoning repeals despite owning a SFH. Definitely not a NIMBY. These issues have a lot of nuance that’s being overlooked.

      • Dismay May 24, 2024 (3:03 pm)

        Ok Jay,
        Admiring your impeccable credentials, let’s dive into the “nuance” of exactly what occurred here?  
        And the nuance of underlying lies and a misleading online petition?

        • Jay May 24, 2024 (3:49 pm)

          The main thing is that I don’t think that there’s capacity for it. The parking is already overburdened, and most of the current users are carpooling with a family, walking, or biking there. It’s being primarily used for picnics, swimming, and other types of group recreation. Pickleball (and tennis, golf, etc) players are nearly exclusively driving alone to courts. 6 courts at high demand usage means about 18 additional single occupancy vehicles parking. I think it’s going to put too much pressure on the limited parking availability and it creates a shift in how the park is accessed. I think it makes more sense to locate the courts in areas that are better served by transit and have less of a parking burden. I’m very pro-pickleball, but there should have been a traffic study and public comment period before this location was chosen. I think the noise will be annoying for other users, but I don’t think that is a dealbreaker issue and users could be required to use paddles that don’t create the popping noise. And I think it’s very distasteful to allow private organizations to pay for a space in a public park and earmark it for a specific usage. It shouldn’t happen with the pickleball courts, and it shouldn’t be happening with that playground at the nude beach. That is in fact my biggest problem with the project – the idea that money can give a small interest group say in the usage of a public park without any community input.That’s a slippery slope that is very unsettling to me. Even if this location was a great fit for pickleball courts, I would oppose it just on that issue. Our parks aren’t for sale, they belong to everyone and any changes or improvements need to have community buy-in.

          • JustSarah May 24, 2024 (4:36 pm)

            What interest group are you talking about? Pickleball would have been as publicly accessible as tennis, soccer, or the zipline.

          • HawkMan12 May 24, 2024 (10:42 pm)

            Hi Jay, in your argument, you mention that Lincoln Park parking is overburdened. How so? When it’s not the dead of Winter I walk my dogs there 3-5 times a week at all hours of the day and it seems the only times parking is at a premium is approximately 12-4pm Sat/Sun when it’s warm and sunny out. And even then, there is always parking on Fauntleroy. Additionally, you argue that pickleball courts should be somewhere with better transit so folks don’t need to drive. The C Line drops and pickups on Fauntleroy right next to the Lincoln Park parking lot so I am curious what your criteria is for this. If you could please link me to some research I’ve been missing, that would be greatly appreciated! Thanks in advance 

  • Good May 24, 2024 (9:43 am)

    Just like the tennis and pickelball people who commented that they didn’t want to share courts at solstice, this section of nature should have been left alone. solstice is already in play as a court and was the best option with restriping. I really don’t get why people said no. I play both and favor tennis but double lines at solstice with lights already was the best option of the two. 

    • bill May 24, 2024 (11:28 am)

      What’s natural about a paved parking lot?

    • Dismay May 24, 2024 (12:24 pm)

      Clearly you have never been to the tennis courts that have been there for decades when you write “this section of nature…”    They are set in the middle of athletic fields.

  • NotSoFast May 24, 2024 (9:43 am)

    The NIMBY’s are strong on the west side. Now they can all come play on the courts by my house! Bummer all the whiners won out on this – would have been great for the entire WS community.  That’s ok I just got a nice portable loudspeaker I can make use of. 

    • Thanks for the help actually May 24, 2024 (9:51 am)

      Keep protesting. Seriously this country gives us that freedom and if people hadn’t protested this despite other people mocking them then years from now when Lincoln Park is devoid of any nature people would wonder why it’s so empty. If you plan to use your loudspeaker at the park then that’s a choice you should figure out. – Not nimby but tell yourself that

    • The secret of NIMBY May 24, 2024 (11:19 am)

      This is the opposite of Nimbyism. Low income families and people living in apartments are less likely to have access to green spaces. Lincoln Park is a treasure for the whole community and pickleball would disrupt the peace that most people go there to experience. 

      • Duffy May 30, 2024 (10:02 pm)

        Wow is this a load of crap. I lived around there for years. But for a few months Lincoln Park is hardly used.

    • Nature lover May 24, 2024 (11:32 am)

      Way to continue to show how entitled pickleball supporters are

    • SayWhat May 24, 2024 (11:51 am)

      Sounds like you are also acting as a NIMBY

    • Seattlite May 24, 2024 (1:30 pm)

      The acronym “NIMBY” is overused and is misused plus it is obnoxious.  Every single taxpayer has a right to their opinion about the type of park they want in their neighborhood.  That being said, as a senior and avid walker who lives five minutes away from Lincoln Park, I enjoy the park as is with its swimming pool, baseball fields for all to enjoy.  Creating an expanded green space by removing the cement pad would be excellent.  The wildlife (animals :)) and humans have a great space to cohabitate by leaving Lincoln Park as it.  I would much rather hear birds singing than the sound of pickle ball paddle noise. 

      • Jay May 25, 2024 (4:39 am)

        Hear, hear! I can’t believe people still use that silly acronym. Glad pickleball is DOA in Lincoln Park. And, yes, Kersti did a great job.

  • Actually Mike May 24, 2024 (9:45 am)

    Hats off to Kersti and everybody else who helped shut down this terrible idea. This is the best outcome for all concerned. Yippee!

    • Dismay May 24, 2024 (12:26 pm)

      Yeah Actually,
      Hats off to those who lie and cheat to successfully manipulate the system to get their NIMBY ways.
      And a great example for our children.

      • WestseaMom May 24, 2024 (12:40 pm)

        We have actual real problems in this world and a pickleball court is not one of them. If you are this fired up about a court please for the sake of humanity stay home forever…you’ll be constantly disappointed in life. 

  • Scofflaws next, please May 24, 2024 (9:49 am)

    Excellent news for all who value solitude and quiet contemplation—the true value of a nature space in a city landscape. No one hates pickleball, it simply was the wrong place for it. Next, if we could get the city to enforce off-leash laws (particularly on the beach which is a sensitive marine area) Lincoln Park would continue being the crown jewel it’s intended to be. Keep your dogs off the beach, people!

    • Kadoo May 24, 2024 (11:17 am)

      Amen, Scofflaws!

    • Lincoln Park Mom May 24, 2024 (12:00 pm)

      Now if we can just get rid of all the shelters that bring in their own noise like picnics and parties.  Then this park will be strictly noise free for all of you who don’t like to be bothered on a piece of public land that is supposed to bring community together in fun and game.   I live across the street and I don’t play pickleball or tennis but I believe parks should be for everyone.  A park that is the Crown Jewel is a park that provides for EVERYONE, not just quiet seekers.  You must be fun,

    • Foop May 24, 2024 (1:58 pm)

      I look forward to visiting this meadow with my speaker and playing sounds of pickleball while reading a book.

  • Westyone May 24, 2024 (9:50 am)

    THANKFUL they are keeping Pickleball and out of our sanctuary called Lincoln Park. Yay! There’s plenty of room across the street from the 76 station to add Pickleball courts over there.One thing I learned in Covid is Lincoln Park with the only place I could actually feel calm

  • Alki resident May 24, 2024 (9:50 am)

    Kersti Muul somehow thought she represented the people of West Seattle. She discredited herself by making a false petition and went with it. All of her nimby followers who never played pickleball in their lives must be proud right now. A huge embarrassment to our community. Kudos

    • Denise May 24, 2024 (10:05 am)

      Wow. You couldn’t be more wrong. But everyone knows that by now so…

      • Alki resident May 24, 2024 (11:07 am)

        What’s with your personal attack? We’ve never met. 

        • bradley May 24, 2024 (11:49 am)

          What’s with the broad brush?   A huge embarrassment?  Picklers need to calm down and try to get along with the rest of the group who either favor, or don’t favor this idea.  I thought we were all so supposed to get along and instead of getting all jacked up.

        • IheartBPP May 24, 2024 (2:19 pm)

          Um…”Alki resident” – You do realize that we can go back and look at all of your previous comments, right?  Every. Single. One. Including alllll the personal attacks you’ve lobbed at others, including the one that you wrote in this thread that slanders a specific community leader. You know this, right? Right? 

        • Teri May 25, 2024 (2:04 am)

          Alki Resident… you continue to personally attack Kersti. 

      • Dismay May 24, 2024 (12:45 pm)

        Now that you and your group are succeeding in  creating the Lincoln Nature Reserve, a few facts can be acknowledged. 

        Kersti did indeed discredit herself by creating  false misleading petitions, littering all of Lincoln Park with them.  
        The flyers falsely claimed the tennis courts were in an ECA (not true) and many old trees would be removed (not true) and an off leash dog park was included (not true).

        The petition was online, had no authority or integrity encouraging non-stakeholders “voting” from who knows where?

        These dirty tricks  are a sad weaponization of minority interests.
        R.I.P. the historical  Lincoln Park. 

    • IheartBPP May 24, 2024 (10:14 am)

      Hear! Hear! Thank you to Kersti and to all those who help organize and amplify the message from the large number of West Seattlies who opposed this plan. 

    • Lincoln Park Walker May 24, 2024 (10:24 am)

      Thanks for the kudos. Yes I am proud.

    • Patty May 24, 2024 (3:14 pm)

      Thank you to Kersti, and all people involved, who worked to have Parks follow the process, and preserve one of our few city parks with quiet spaces and abundant wildlife! And I do love pickleball, and enjoy playing with the great pickleball community at Delridge and High Point! This is the only outcome that makes any sense.

    • Blink May 25, 2024 (12:22 pm)

      What’s with the personal, uneducated attack on Kersti?  And I see below that you’re wondering why someone else has called you into question because they don’t know you?  Do you actually know Kersti?  You seem to think you can say anything you want about someone else but heaven forbid someone doesn’t actually “know you” and calls you out.  

  • Namaste May 24, 2024 (9:52 am)

    Wonderful news! Plenty of other sites more suitable for pickle ball…..we have very few havens left for savoring nature,  keeping the green in the “Emerald City” which has been turning  gray as it’s paved over.  There is a balance we can achieve between recreation and green space preservation.  Focusing on the best use of different sites and the ramifications of various forms of recreation is not a selfish act or process.  It’s thoughtful consideration of what will continue to make this a livable city which includes life forms beyond humans……

  • Fiwa Jcbbb May 24, 2024 (9:53 am)

    Sad. A rare instance where Parks tried to meet a growing need with minimal expense to taxpayers. Interestingly the woman who approached us on our walk wanting us to sign her anti pickleball petition because she was concerned about wildlife disruption from the ear shattering noise of Washington’s state sport had a large dog with her. If wildlife could file petitions, I’d imagine they’d push for a dog ban over this.

    • Bbron May 24, 2024 (11:54 am)

      the original plan to add stripes to the Solstice courts would’ve been incredibly less time, effort, and money than the LP plan. it’d be more accurate to direct your sadness towards Parks bending immediately to the will of a handful of tennis players that apparently never had lessons in sharing growing up.

  • TreeLover May 24, 2024 (10:00 am)

    Congratulations to Kersti and neighbors who stood up for preserving peace at the park. There is already a  gigantic court just feet from the park and most days it is empty. This is a win for common sense, for those against wasteful spending and most importantly, for those animals and people that find refuge from a loud city at this beautiful park.

  • Denise May 24, 2024 (10:01 am)

    HUGE THANKS to everyone who worked so hard on this!  Lincoln Park is a Seattle treasure, and I am so happy so many of us came together to keep it from being ruined.  And thanks to Parks for listening to us and seeing that we made the better case: keep the space for nature-friendly recreation, so everyone can enjoy it from now into the future.  

  • dhg May 24, 2024 (10:06 am)

    This isn’t “Nimbyism”, this is a community that has a better plan for the park.  Rather than increasing the number of artificial structures, it is better to develop the park as a nature reserve.  Especially now that the new State laws demand an end to single family zoning, the increased population will appreciate the green space within Lincoln Park.    

    • Alki resident May 24, 2024 (10:41 am)

      News flash, the structure is already there. The lack of knowledge and history at this location is appalling. 

      • John May 24, 2024 (11:28 am)

        The so-called structure you refer to is a long sense abandoned busted up concrete pad that was used for storing bark wood chips and gravel for decades. This would be the equivalent of trying to build a full house from top to bottom because there was an old foundation on a vacant property where the house had long since been torn down. They were trying to abuse a loophole and they got shut down for it

        • Dismay May 24, 2024 (12:50 pm)

          No John,
          Please visit the old tennis courts.  
          There was no need to “build from top to bottom”.
          No need to build at all!
          Restoring the slab is akin to a light resurfacing of roads that we commonly see.

        • Alki resident May 24, 2024 (1:14 pm)

          The concrete was stable enough to simply get refinished hence the fact that there wasn’t going to be much cost to tax payers to refurbish it. It was a win win. 

    • B May 24, 2024 (11:10 am)

      Protecting and enhancing Lincoln Park’s reputation as a greenspace (and kelp forest) sounds like the right move—it clarifies what’s important going forward. And if it takes opposition, visible and loud, I’m grateful for those with the time and energy to do it. I am concerned that this “win” is more to do with Seattle Park’s dysfunction, though. The “will they/wont they” drama created tension in a community hungry for someone to blame, when pickleball was nobody’s primary cause to begin with. 

      • Patty May 24, 2024 (3:38 pm)

        Yes, I agree. This upset could’ve all been avoided if Parks didn’t switch the original plan to put pickleball at Solstice Park at the last minute, without following the process. The nets that were purchased for Solstice Park are now down at Alki. 

  • Squirrels May 24, 2024 (10:23 am)

    What a victory for the crows and squirrels who have shown no ability to adapt over the centuries.  

    • Jim May 24, 2024 (11:26 am)

      If you think ONLY squirrels and crows live in Lincoln Park you’ve obviously never been there

      • Dismay May 24, 2024 (12:59 pm)

        The invasive squirrels and crows dominate the parks “wildlife”.  
        Park goers love to feed them for their social media.
        If you go to the park you are certain to see invasive squirrels, loud crows and seagulls. 
        No guarantee of a bald eagle, or spotting  the displacing introduced barred owls.

      • Raccoons May 24, 2024 (1:46 pm)

        What a victory for the raccoons, who have also shown no ability to adapt over the centuries.

  • ITotallyAgreeWithYou May 24, 2024 (10:31 am)

    Great news! Thank you to Kersti and all of the other advocates who helped with this outcome!

  • KT May 24, 2024 (10:45 am)

    Woo hoo!!! This daily visitor to Lincoln Park is thrilled to hear this!

    • Mary May 25, 2024 (2:56 pm)

      I’m very relieved that I’ll be able to continue to enjoy the peaceful calming sounds of nature on my daily walks in the park. 

  • Westwood May 24, 2024 (10:47 am)

    But the pickle counts at the parking lot at Westwood village 

    • bradley May 24, 2024 (11:54 am)

      I think this meant “Build”?  I actually think an idea like this has potential.  Look at the parking space at SWAC.  The playgrounds at elementary’s during the summer months.  Seems like there are lots of spaces, not to mention the tennis courts already being used, that have the potential in existing arena’s than a nature park.

      • me on 28th Ave SW May 24, 2024 (1:22 pm)

        I agree.  I’d much rather have pickleball courts on the far south end of that parking lot than the cars that show up to do donuts between 8:30pm-2am on the regular (weather permitting!).

  • Jason May 24, 2024 (10:49 am)

    AWFUL! This should be pickleball! Why are we praising the NIMBY crowd???

    • Nature lover May 24, 2024 (11:25 am)

      No one is praising them and it’s not nimbyism stop throwing out insulting buzz words because you didn’t get what you wanted

      • Brendan May 24, 2024 (12:50 pm)

        Curious as to the buzzwords you would have thrown about if the pickleball courts would have been painted. I’m indifferent to pickleball, but really disappointed in the vitriol the non-PB crowd has displayed throughout this whole thing.

  • HawkMan12 May 24, 2024 (10:52 am)

    Good! Let’s keep Lincoln Park the nature preserve that it is! Next order of business: get rid of the playgrounds so all of those loud children don’t scare off the birds. Now if you’ll excuse me, I need to put up my new “In This House We Believe…” sign in front of my house I bought in 1976 for $345.

    • Ex-Westwood Resident May 24, 2024 (12:12 pm)

      Lincoln Park is NOT, and NEVER has been a “nature preserve.

      It is a PARK where MANY types of people gather to enjoy MANY forms of recreation, be it baseball (there are three (3) baseball diamonds), soccer, picnics, walking, jogging, a wading pool, a swimming pool, NUMEROUS shelters that can be rented to hold parties…etc. And at one time play tennis. It is these courts, that are STILL there that were going to be restored and repainted for pickleball.

      NO additional grounds were going to be taken.
      NO lighting was going to be installed.
      NO trails were going to be disturbed

      If you want to hang out in a “Nature Preserve” I suggest you visit Schmitz Preserve Park and/or Alki Beach Park, the two (2) “Nature Preserves” in West Seattle.

      • Bob May 24, 2024 (12:44 pm)

        Thank you for being the sane one in the room, Ex-Westwood Resident

      • Junction Dweller May 27, 2024 (2:17 pm)

        100% correct. It’s a multi use park and people simply refuse that reality and are attempting to substitute their own. 

  • Gay May 24, 2024 (10:54 am)

    Good!  It’s a noisy and obnoxious ”sport”.  Bye.

  • walkerws May 24, 2024 (10:55 am)

    Wow, the loud minority wins in a perfect example of entitled NIMBYism. Not that I expect anything better, but truly a bummer.

    • Niko May 24, 2024 (11:24 am)

      What parks was attempting to do was illegal and they were skirting the law in a way that if you or I tried to do that we would receive fines from the building department. Far more people were against pickleball than in favor of it

      • walkerws May 24, 2024 (2:20 pm)

        Far *louder* people were against pickleball than in favor of it. Far louder people who could have used their time for something much more useful, I might add.

        • Niko May 24, 2024 (5:32 pm)

          I’m sorry you’re unwilling to see reality

  • Pookie May 24, 2024 (10:56 am)

    Now we need to get  the land-grabbing rich folks down on Alki to go the way of the Pickleball court. 

    • Jim May 24, 2024 (11:19 am)

      Almost seems too late for that unfortunately they rammed that project through super fast and already put up no parking signs. 

      • walkerws May 24, 2024 (2:20 pm)

        Fortunately too late. As disappointed as I am about this Lincoln Park Decision, at least the reactionaries aren’t getting their way about Alki Point. Looking forward to the improved park there when the project is complete.

  • Jay May 24, 2024 (11:00 am)

    Another spot returned to nature. Kersti is doing great work. It’s not NIMBYism, it’s environmentalism and urbanism. Want more space for pickleball courts? Stop fighting for single family zoning and instead push for higher density development with conditional permitting that requires a portion of developed land to be converted to parks and athletic facilities. Like how cities in other countries do it. A group of lots that currently houses dozens of people could house hundreds plus a couple pickleball courts. Or convert lots that are just non-native grass fields, like that huge unused section of Westcress Park. It’s not a zero sum game, we don’t have to develop forests to expand althetic facilities and housing. There are better ways.

    • bill May 24, 2024 (11:32 am)

      Yeah, sure, people in dense housing (nothing wrong with that) would surely love a noisy pickleball court on the property.

    • Parks are for fun May 24, 2024 (11:42 am)

      Have you been to the location in question?  It’s not a “forest”, it’s an existing lot in direct proximity to other recreational activities.  This project has been waylaid by misconception through and through.  

    • Alki resident May 24, 2024 (11:57 am)

      West Seattle is not urban. Just because you say it doesn’t make it so. Lincoln Park is and has always been a multi use play space for all to enjoy. Picnics, parties, plays, corporate gatherings, sports, playgrounds, swimming, tennis, school functions etc. The nimbys are an embarrassment to this community. 

    • JustSarah May 24, 2024 (11:58 am)

      The problem is the main opponents to this project are also opposed to increased density. They are reactionary preservationists who don’t want change hiding behind “environmentalism” as a shield. They’re totally cool with keeping our current zoning and forcing sprawling growth, despite that resulting in exponentially worse overall environmental outcomes. 

      • Bob May 24, 2024 (5:51 pm)

        Amen, Sarah. That’s the frustrating part

    • bradley May 24, 2024 (12:09 pm)


    • Ex-Westwood Resident May 24, 2024 (12:29 pm)

      “...that huge unused section of Westcress (sic) Park.”

      That happens to be the lid of a fresh-water reservoir, just like the ones at; Southwest Myrtle Street Reservoir, on Beacon Hill (north of Jefferson Park Golf Course), at the north end of Cal Anderson Park, just to name a few.

      The reservoirs were lidded YEARS ago, and although they are lidded and landscaping has been installed on the lid, NO structures can be built or placed on them. 

    • Dismay May 24, 2024 (1:04 pm)

      “Another spot returned to nature”?  
      That is rich.  

      There is no plan to “return” the paved concrete  courts to nature.  
      That would certainly require an environmental impact review, permits and heavy equipment.

    • Dismay May 24, 2024 (2:31 pm)

      “Another spot returned to nature”?  That is rich.  
      There is no plan to “return” the paved concrete  courts to nature.  
      That would certainly require an environmental impact review, permits and heavy equipment.

  • D-Mom May 24, 2024 (11:09 am)

    Fantastic news!  Thank you Kersti and all those involved for pushing hard to keep our natural areas natural and protecting our solitude!  That was such a bad location for pickleball for many reasons. If we’re going to build an pickleball court, put it in a place where it can be successful.  That location was not it. 

  • Lincoln Park Mom May 24, 2024 (11:21 am)

    Well duh.  Parks are NOT  a place to have fun.  Only a few can enjoy their particular sport and hobbies.  Way to go West Seattle.  SMH.  

    • JustSarah May 24, 2024 (12:00 pm)

      Agreed. My 11-year-old and his friends are going to be so bummed by this. They would love a new activity at the park, especially one that was not going to reduce any green space. 

    • Jim May 24, 2024 (12:23 pm)

      If you really believe that you clearly have zero respect for Linkin Park and have absolutely no understanding of the situation

      • Bob May 24, 2024 (5:53 pm)


        • Jim May 24, 2024 (11:08 pm)

          Darm autocorrect is ALWAYS doing that to me 😅

  • K May 24, 2024 (11:27 am)

    Hooray! I work 40+ hours a week and made sure to take time to oppose this awful plan. Pickleball is fun and I look forward to playing at the two already existing courts on the south end of West Seattle.

  • flimflam May 24, 2024 (11:28 am)

    I realize it’s disappointing for some but I also think that simple nature and it’s quiet peace is all this park needs. Those that minimize the impact the repetitive, high noise of the ball aren’t arguing in good faith.

  • WS resident May 24, 2024 (11:41 am)

    The natural landscape of paved paths, playgrounds, baseball fields, and a giant community pool has been saved!

    • John May 24, 2024 (11:09 pm)

      There’s literally zero paved paths in the entire park with the exception of the path along the waterfront which is only paved so it can be used as a road. All the rest of it is gravel or dirt and completely natural

      • 44th Ave SW May 26, 2024 (1:42 pm)

        John (or is it Bob?): You think Lincoln Park is completely natural?  Are you nuts?  Or maybe you just think all the paths are completely natural?  And the stairs?  And the gravel?  Are you nuts? 

        “There’s literally zero paved paths” 
        “with the exception of…”

        Wowzers, JohnBob.  Literally, just wowzers.

  • Sarah May 24, 2024 (11:58 am)

    This saga has been really embarrassing and disappointing from all sides.  But in particular, the NIMBY “environmentalists” have been misleading and manipulative and in the process derailed a cost-efficient and much needed investment in recreation facilities.  To all those commenting who apparently don’t know, this was an EXISTING, paved space, not a pristine natural area, located near other, appropriate reactional facilities.  This is not a bird sanctuary, this is a park in a growing city where there are many competing needs.  

    • Lincoln park mom May 24, 2024 (2:48 pm)

      Exactly.  Lincoln park is huge. There are many areas to go where you don’t have to hear that cool sound of a ball hitting the racket and laughter of people having a good time. If pease is what you want, then we will have to muzzle your dog and children too. 

  • Bbron May 24, 2024 (11:59 am)

    it’s great to see how a-historical everyone gets when they feel the reactionary inside of them flaring up. there’s no pickleball coming b/c Parks decided to listen to the entitled tennis players of Solstice to not add strips to their courts b/c sharing is beneath them. it would’ve been the least cost by far, fastest to get up and running, and in nearly the exact same location. instead y’all rather mis-use the word NIMBY and stick your nose up at the folks that were actually paying attention.

    • Delridge420 May 25, 2024 (12:42 pm)

      Sharing is a tennis player problem? Tell that to anyone who wants to play tennis at the Delridge playfield courts which are now 100% pickleball.

      • Bbron May 25, 2024 (4:35 pm)

        when did a group of pickleballers go to Parks to block the sharing of courts originally made for their sport, and then get to unilaterally decide on a Park’s infrastructure project? pickleballers wanted a place that was lit during the dark fall and winter which could not be provided at LP; so not only did the tennis players not share, but shrugged off their needs as not important.

  • Bob May 24, 2024 (12:00 pm)

    At the end of the day I think it’s the right thing to do. Focus on finishing the playground. 

  • John May 24, 2024 (12:01 pm)

    At the end of the day I think it’s the right thing to do. Focus on finishing the playground. 

  • SLJ May 24, 2024 (12:03 pm)

    This is disappointing. Lincoln Park is already home to lots of noises–mostly children having fun. The truly wild park is Schmitz Park, if you want silence that’s the place to go.

  • pballbill May 24, 2024 (12:07 pm)

    I’d like to see some enterprising young people bring portable pickleball nets, a leaf blower to clear of the debris and strip it with chalk and get a good ol game of pickleball going once they remove the fence. Looks like you’ve got some space for a few courts so they could have a weekend tournament. If parks can’t get it done, whats holding citizens back? 

    • The secret of NIMBY May 24, 2024 (3:38 pm)

      What’s holding them back is not wanting to get arrested over something so stupid. 

      • justjosh May 24, 2024 (5:38 pm)

        Arrested for what exactly? Using the park to play pickleball? Granted I don’t know all the municipal laws, but pretty sure playing pickleball in a public park isn’t illegal.

    • WSD May 25, 2024 (6:08 am)

      Could you use the wading pool surface when it’s not in use?

  • tom May 24, 2024 (12:12 pm)

    both sides should be ashamed of the behavior exhibited by almost everyone involved in this stupid situation.  you should all be banned from any parks for 1 year.

    • Dolly May 24, 2024 (2:36 pm)

      Agreed, I don’t believe this was presented properly from the ‘get go to allow for adequate input. .People count as much as wildlife. It is my quiet getaway. How about by West Crest and all that open land by the reservoir? The parking lot is most often vacant. 

      • Lincoln Park Mom May 26, 2024 (10:58 am)

        Dolly, what makes this “YOUR QUIET GETAWAY” and not my fun recreation spot?  I live across the street.  I help clean it up through the year.  What do you do for the park besides use it for quiet getaways?  Lincoln park is not quiet.  Trust me, I listen to it all day and night.  How about you go to the reservoir where it is or quiet or simply put some earplugs in.

  • NoFuninLinconPark May 24, 2024 (12:15 pm)

    Yay! Next up let’s ban DOGs, BABIES, and all SPORTS. They too scare our sacred birds away. 

    • lincoln park enthusiast May 24, 2024 (7:14 pm)

      they’d better bulldoze the playground, too, can’t have all those happy children scaring the squirrels. 

  • Resident May 24, 2024 (1:03 pm)

    Calling all fellow pickleballers. Just because there is no court does not mean we can’t go into a public park with a few nets and start whacking the ball around and have some fun every weekend. My suggestion would be that we show up at noon on Saturday every weekend for the entire summer and play about six hours of Pickleball in the sun And have a great time. Maybe even bring some barbecue equipment and do some potluck. We can make all the noise we want and we don’t need a court. It’s a public park. Who’s with me?

    • Alki resident May 24, 2024 (3:16 pm)

      I’m in thank you. We already made a plan as well so likely see you there soon! 

      • You do you May 24, 2024 (3:32 pm)

        This seems like a real cool group of people to hang out with . . . 😂

    • The secret if NIMBY May 24, 2024 (5:05 pm)

      If you truly respect your neighbors and Lincoln Park, you will not do this. This kind of purposely inflammatory behavior will not help your situation. You have plenty of courts elsewhere, let people enjoy the park without pickleball sounds, like the majority wants. You lost, accept it. 

      • Bob May 24, 2024 (5:56 pm)

        How about you come play a game with us? Just one game?

        • Secret of NIMBY May 24, 2024 (6:58 pm)

          Thank you for the invite, but have no interest in the game or in spending time with people who find pleasure in being needlessly disruptive and antagonistic. 

          • JustSarah May 24, 2024 (7:32 pm)

            Needlessly disruptive and antagonistic, like the pickleball protesters were last fall? I agree, I also don’t want to spend time with them.     

          • The secret of NIMBY May 25, 2024 (6:09 am)

            You mean the protesters who won and stopped the pickleball court? Accept that you lost and don’t be rude. Go to a designated court like a decent human with respect for your neighbors. 

    • Bbron May 24, 2024 (10:37 pm)

      this is such a funny comment b/c instead of going a few feet to Solstice to have an actual court to play on, you’d rather have a lesser experience on an unlevel surface. it really shows that you enjoy the antagonism more than the actual sport, lol. and, no, i’m not an opponent of folks playing PB at LP; it’s just downright hilarious what people will do to try to get a rise out of others b/c that’s apparently a hobby of y’all’s. it’s all so childish.

  • High Point May 24, 2024 (1:17 pm)

    As someone who has lived in Seattle for a very long time, there’s a small corner of my cold heart that was just warmed by how excited a group of people are getting over an issue as small as this. I’m not saying this is or isn’t important. It’s just nice to see all of the garbage that’s been living in our brains rent free since 2016 seems to be getting flushed out. Like a spark of old Seattle emerging from the fog. Hopefully for more then 5 months.

  • Pete May 24, 2024 (1:22 pm)

    I don’t care one way or the other tbh. But, there are three baseball fields, a big playground with a zip line, a packed picnic area, a pool, a splash pool, a million dogs running round. I’m probably missing some stuff, like the guys leaf blowing the paths for literally hours every week. It’s not quiet in Lincoln Park, it’s not a nature reserve. It’s genuinely bizarre people keep claiming it’s some kind of noise free sanctuary when it isn’t.

    • Jim May 24, 2024 (11:15 pm)

      The  three baseball fields are only used for small portion of the year for a game that’s relatively quiet and doesn’t have an environmental impact, The playground is really not that big or environmentally disrupting and the zipline was removed YEARS ago, The picnic area is supposed to be by reservation only and is typically only used in the height of summer and early fall,  same thing with the pools they’re only used for a very small portion of the year and only during daylight hours, and as for the million dogs running around it’s not an off-leash dog park all of those people should be getting hundreds of dollars in fines. I’m probably missing some stuff, like the guys leaf blowing the paths for literally hours every week. It absolutely is quiet and peaceful in Lincoln Park the most that you would hear would be the laughing of children or the sound of people’s feet scraping on the gravel as they walk. 

      • Dismay May 25, 2024 (1:23 pm)

        No Jim, 

        The zip-line, referred to, was still there and being noisily enjoyed YESTERDAY when I walked by  
        ( just North of the Restrooms and Children’s play area).

        Surprising that such an avid anti-pickleball commenter, you are not familiar with the active  Recreation part of Lincoln Park where the tennis slab exists.

        Sound meter testing in the areas of Lincoln Park reveal just the opposite of Jim’s fantasy of “absolutely quiet”.  
        The Parks promised a study that they have not revealed the results of before this decision.   

        It will be interesting to file a Public Records Request regarding the pickleball opposition’s contacts with city and park officials as well as the contributions they make to gain access.  

        -The evolving Denny Blaine ‘nude beach’ controversy has exposed the city’s special treatment of that park’s neighbor, who built a mansion and dock on Lake Washington adjacent to the park.  He then donated a reported $500,000 to get the nude beach turned into a children’s play area.-
        Is this the Seattle we want?

        • AK May 27, 2024 (10:12 am)

          @Dismay  We won against the rich guy in Capital Hill that wanted to take our nude beach away! Cant wait to tan without tan lines! Whoo hoo!!!!!

      • 44th Ave SW May 25, 2024 (2:09 pm)

        Jim: Sorry, but you think the existence of three baseball fields “doesn’t have an environmental impact”? 

        Look: this whole pickle ball debate is pretty silly, but please don’t make it sillier still by stretching the truth to such a painful degree.   There is no way anyone should with a straight face claim that replacing truck parking with a pickleball net (remember, the concrete is already there) has more of an environmental impact then 3(!) large sports fields.

        Reminds me of a previous thread where people were conspicuously silent about the south playground being rebuilt–it will absolutely generate as much noise as pickle ball would. 

        I’m not against the ball fields, or that playground, but if any of you want to be taken seriously you have to reconcile (or rail against) the environmental sacrifices Lincoln Park has already made.  

      • Pete May 25, 2024 (9:18 pm)

        Again with the lies. I doubt you are a regular user of the park at all tbh.

  • Disappointing May 24, 2024 (1:25 pm)

    This is really disappointing. If the parks had made it more evident that they were going to scrap the plan, it would have allowed time for folks to organize support around moving forward with the pickleball courts. I believe the vocal minority have prevented us from having a great recreational opportunity that was not going to disrupt nature in any of the ways they convinced themselves and others of. Shame on the parks dept for not being more transparent about the plan or offering more opportunities for the regular folks to provide input. 

  • Isaac May 24, 2024 (1:31 pm)

    This is hilarious! Should have been an episode on Parks and Recreation.

  • anonyme May 24, 2024 (1:40 pm)

    This is great news.  There are plenty of spaces to be loud and obnoxious in the city.  What is rare and increasingly necessary are places to enjoy some peace and quiet and enjoy nature.  There is no evidence at all that Parks caved to a “vocal minority” and quite a lot of evidence that they instead listened to a vocal majority wishing to preserve this special place.

    • May 25, 2024 (3:04 pm)

      There is evidence that the Parks caved to a “vocal minority.”  
      Simply look back to the WSB coverage of the groups protest along Fauntleroy.  
      WSB coverage pictures show maybe two dozen, mostly middle aged white women, a pathetic turn-out!
      This “vocal minority” had a hotline access to Parks as revealed by their statements preceding the official announcements. 

      The vocal minority utilized sleazy, misleading tactics a biased poll and littered Lincoln Park. 
      They have likely changed the discourse of future community discussions with their heretofore seen tactics. 

      It a sad day for Seattle.

  • PBChris May 24, 2024 (1:46 pm)

    While parks indicated that they wouldn’t convert the concrete pad into pickleball courts, that doesn’t mean that pickleball is banned in the park. If the pad is left open as is, my regular pickleball group will just bring our portable net and make chalk lines for the court. Come try to stop us! 

    • flimflam May 24, 2024 (3:09 pm)

      Why so hostile and confrontational, neighbor?

    • No one cares that you pickleball May 24, 2024 (3:29 pm)

      No one is going to care. People just don’t want it to be an established space where there is constant noise that will disturb their peace or the peace of creatures that live there. Also, why waste your efforts on a cracked pavement? Just go to solstice and do the same thing, or better yet, a place with a pickleball court. Again, no one cares that you pickleball. Now, you go and hit that ball hard.

      • PBChris May 25, 2024 (6:54 am)

        The NIMBYs who used false information to drive this campaign will care, and I have no problem calling them on their BS and putting it right in their face. 

        • The secret of NIMBY May 26, 2024 (7:42 am)

          What false information was shared? That pickleball is loud and people don’t want it in this particular park? Well, that’s true information, you may disagree with it, but most people find pickleball loud and disruptive. Oh and then there was also the fact that it will disturb the animals that live there, especially nesting birds. Loud noises disturb animals, this is a fact, again you may not agree with it, but science says the opposite. Please respect that pickleball is not wanted in Lincoln Park and go to one of the many courts you have available. 

  • justind May 24, 2024 (1:49 pm)

    I’m against NIMBYs but I don’t know how to show it. 

    • 44th Ave SW May 24, 2024 (7:31 pm)

      I used to love Mitch Hedberg.  I still do, but I used to, too.

  • Barb May 24, 2024 (2:37 pm)

    Community involvement has highlighted the importance of preserving this beautiful area of Lincoln Park.  For months I walked my friend’s rescue dog every day to the lovely peaceful meadow and forested area. Old  trees line the abandoned broken up tennis court and the surrounding meadow. This was her favorite location and the only area of the park she could truly relax and play with abandon (on leash) because it is less crowded.  We all need places to unwind and enjoy the natural world. Thank you to everyone who contributed to supporting this decision.

    • Alki resident May 24, 2024 (3:19 pm)

      Fun fact: The old tennis court isn’t broken up and can very well be used currently for pickleball. It simply needed a fresh resurfacing. Looking forward to playing on it soon. 

  • josh d May 24, 2024 (2:48 pm)

    I could care less if there were or werent pickleball courts at Lincoln Park. However I do think its lame a loud group of disingenuous whiners got their way though, and if people like Kersti really cared about wildlife and Lincoln Park they would focus their energy on protecting actual wildlife at actual sanctuaries.  The idea that the park is a nature sanctuary that needs to be protected is insane.  There is a marine sanctuary that abuts the north end of the park and people routinely bring their dogs onto the beach and have them play in the marine sanctuary.  While you can claim pickleball noise affects whatever birds are hanging out in the canopy that day you can not do so with any real evidence and only with vibes.  However it is well documented how having dogs running and swimming free does stress wildlife and environments.Still was plain old NIMBYism disguised as concern for wildlife.  The people who supported Kersti and her faux environmentalism were either mis informed, mostly not even located anywhere near our city and this park, or just complaining about pickleball because of their personal preferences for how they want the park kept only in the condition they prefer.I expect all the anti pickleball people to join me in harassing the scofflaws who let their dogs onto any beach on the peninsula and in particular the beach that is part of the marine sanctuary on the North side of Lincoln Park, otherwise you are just self serving hypocrites.Lame 

  • HS May 24, 2024 (2:55 pm)

    That’s great news!!!

  • tennis is the real sport May 24, 2024 (3:08 pm)

    I stand with the tennis elitists but I do not stand with the “wildlife activists.” We are not the same.

    • Pete May 24, 2024 (3:44 pm)

      We need a thumbs up feature :) 

  • westseattlebob May 24, 2024 (3:38 pm)

    Glad to see that the pavement will also eventually be removed from the park and restored! BTW, Kersti IS an advocate for wildlife, for those who have no idea who she is or what she stands for, do your research before drawing conclusions about people. If you’re not happy with the outcome go play pickle ball on any number of underused tennis courts around West Seattle, i did yesterday.

  • Chris May 24, 2024 (3:38 pm)

    Just re-line the courts at Solstice, and put up the portable pickleball net stands.  Just like Delridge, Highpoint, Greenlake, etc.  Solstice is unique in West Seattle, as there are SIX tennis courts.  This area could EASILY be shared for both tennis and pickleball.  Problem solved.

    • Stop the War on Tennis May 26, 2024 (5:17 pm)

      The number of courts you’ve rattled off with a substantial pickleball presence (or, in the case of Delridge, where you’ve done a total takeover) make the case for keeping them for tennis. 

  • thankgoodnessthisisover May 24, 2024 (3:53 pm)

    What a relief. I’m hopeful that Andy Sheffer and AP Diaz have learned their lesson. Lincoln Park belongs to the people of the community and they need to ASK before making big decisions like this.  They caused all this consternation by just not being good public servants. Step one is serving the public is checking in to see how the public feels about a topic. 

    • Actually Mike May 25, 2024 (12:12 pm)

      I agree. Downtown seems to operate on a decide-and-announce basis much of the time–that’s the Seattle way, I’ve heard–but a lot of what they come up with that way turns out to be ridiculous. Involving a cross-section of residents / park users who would be affected by a project in the planning process, from the beginning,  might save everybody a lot of grief and expense.  Or, we can just keep doing it this way, I guess.

    • Teri May 27, 2024 (11:38 am)

      100% Spot on.

  • Good Neighbor May 24, 2024 (5:22 pm)

    It’s hillarious to me that the anti-pickleball-in-lincoln-park crowd is being called NIMBY’s by the pro-pickleball-in-the-park crowd.  Let’s propose to abolish single-family zoning in Washington and see which side they all come down on.

  • Olive May 24, 2024 (5:37 pm)

    Outlaw pickleball everywhere. Please.  It’s annoying.

  • WSCurmudgeon May 24, 2024 (5:59 pm)

    Hey! You kids get off of my lawn! I’m tired of hearing the constant bickering over nothing!

    The root cause of all of our problems is that invasive species that’s spread globally, diving many other species to extinction. You can see a specimen of the invaders very easily: look in a mirror.

    Fortunately,  there is a “candidate” that will solve the pickleball problem, and every other problem facing us.

    If s/he decides to show up, we won’t even have to bother to vote.

  • Westwood resident May 24, 2024 (6:19 pm)

    Very happy with this decision. I spend every day walking Lincoln Park and it’s a very special place. Some things need to be left alone and this is one of those. No issue with folks that want pickleball, hope they can get a court close by.

  • SE Dick May 24, 2024 (6:31 pm)

    !!☆☆Vote for WSCurmudgeon/Actually Mike☆☆!!   ☆Thanks to WSB.  ☆Thanks to Kersti Muul, Denise Dahn and super lawyer J Richard Aramburu–still personally paying for the privilege of defending this place  (  ☆Thanks to AP Diaz, A Sheffer, D Lotfi–whoever listened, heard and bowed to reason.  ☆Thanks to every thinking, reasoned, rational, civic- and conservation-minded citizen who spoke up in any way in support of the resistance.  (And PBChris, Alki, Res, you lose, that’s match–but if what you’re really after is a fistfight, friends, keep on taunting–wear your Dump gear–and you may get one, courtesy: Democracy.)

    • North Delridge May 24, 2024 (9:43 pm)

      people donated MONEY to this boring cause????

      • SE Dick May 25, 2024 (5:34 pm)

        Ahhh ya got us all there, No D–awfully witty; but things one is utterly ignorant of *can* seem boring, or like “BS”.  But you bet: a whole lotta ppl, what to some is a whole lot of money–just not yet a majority of LP fans who’ll enjoy walks in that peace, or enuf cash to cover the legal mastery that probly actually monkeywrenched SPR’s unconsidered Plan B.  So, a lot of community members contributing a lot of support for the really staggering work, time, commitment, organizing, expertise, expense and exposure to trolling abuse volunteered by a few dedicated leaders and defenders of all kinds of good things one either does or doesn’t grasp and appreciate, depending on which way one’s own life’s balls have bounced.  Like yours, No D: you go high? or low? left, or right? (I’m not asking.)  Long live the Republic, a vigilant and well-regulated (informed, educated) citizenry… and LP.  ○  (PS PBChris, old Alki, Divert/Dismay/g: we’ll see ya out there! w yr obnoxious little wiffle balls. Bring yr very biggest brains [and at least ChatGTP].)

      • Junction Dweller May 27, 2024 (2:23 pm)

        Fools and their money are soon parted. The grift keeps going.

  • Meeeee May 24, 2024 (6:31 pm)

    Yay–I’m glad to hear no pickleball courts at Lincoln.

  • Proud NIMBY May 24, 2024 (7:26 pm)


  • Grilled Cheese May 24, 2024 (7:35 pm)

    It’s amazing how much time was wasted on this post. Can’t we focus on better things in West Seattle now? 

  • Sassy May 24, 2024 (9:52 pm)

    Thank you! Despite the pro-pickle ball banter, less people play pickle ball than enjoy a pickle ball free Lincoln Park. I am very grateful! Sanity prevailed. I’m glad, as a LP neighbor, I won’t have to hear the constant whack whack whacking!

  • MCV2 May 24, 2024 (10:00 pm)

    Thank you to everyone who supported locating the pickleball courts elsewhere and appreciate that Parks and Rec eventually followed due process and listened to the community. It is how democracy works, and we should respect the outcome of the more open and fair discussions. The issue of location for the courts is a matter of urban planning in order to maximize access and better use all of our tax dollars. Lincoln Park is amazing, full of fun activities, and accessible to everyone, young and old alike, humans, animals and plants of all kinds. I’m not sure I would measure progress by adding a pickleball court in Lincoln Park when there are far better locations in West Seattle for a pickleball court. 

    • Bambi May 27, 2024 (9:59 am)

      Well said MCV2!  I am thrilled with this decision!  Yes, I play Pickleball and was on the street with others raising opposition.  It was the right thing to do…not because I had “nothing better to do”.  Voices can be heard even in smaller numbers.Lincoln Park already supports a multitude of activities for adults and children…why should we think because there is unused space that further development is a great idea?  Every city park has its unique offerings.  Seek out the ones that provide what you are looking for.  Cement is gobbling up our city at an alarming rate.  Let’s be smart about this gem of a park and find other solutions to the rising popularity of this game.  You either get it or you don’t.  Don’t ridicule me for an interest you don’t have, especially if you have never played.  And don’t ridicule me for standing up for preservation of nature.  Some day you might be grateful for our efforts.

  • Michael Oxman May 25, 2024 (6:57 am)

    Here’s a 6-minute video of an October, 2023 walkthru of the proposed Pickleball site in Lincoln Park. I’m wondering if Parks has changed its policy of storage practices that damages the soil, air, & water.  Pickleball At Lincoln Park (

    • Dismay May 26, 2024 (2:15 pm)

      Those healthy trees surrounding it seem amenable.  
      But maybe it’s all of that canine fertilizer supplied by off-leashers that so favor their area and opposed pickleball.

  • ITotallyAgreeWithYou May 25, 2024 (10:20 am)

    For all those saying you don’t need a net and lines to play pickleball and you’re going to play at that location anyway- then you have no gripe. Plus, it’s an even *more economical solution! Solved. 

  • Orcas May 25, 2024 (1:09 pm)

    Now we need to get rid of that pool. The splashing noise from the morning swimmers is keeping the orcas away.

  • SCOBES May 25, 2024 (7:09 pm)

    Unless I missed it, what nobody seems to have addressed is why the tennis courts at the Lincoln Park site were unused  in the first place. When they were built, the surrounding trees were no doubt considerably smaller, but as the years went on, the leaves, twigs, and needles made it difficult at best to play there without daily sweeping, including in the fall and winter to prevent build-up. The pickleball courts would have met with the same difficulty unless trees were cut down around them. Maybe it wasn’t so much citizen pressure but these practical considerations that brought about the reversal of plans.

    • Dismay May 26, 2024 (2:20 pm)

      Scobes I played those courts when they had lights and for 40 years.  The pine needle theory is not valid.  Tennis players regularly maintain whatever court they are regulars at.  I regularly see the morning regulars at Solstice Park sweeping and using leaf blowers on those courts. 

      • Bambi May 27, 2024 (10:11 am)

        Dismay, did you ever consider how much in height and width those trees might have grown in those 40 years?  Needles weren’t likely a problem back then, but they are now, and this would be a valid maintenance need.

  • David May 25, 2024 (8:30 pm)

    ……what Sassy said…period

  • Colby May 26, 2024 (8:25 am)

    I would like to propose that we close the entire park to humans. Let’s turn it back to the true nature reserve we all want!

    My proposal includes removing all paved surfaces, trails, lighting, electricity (EMF radiation), pool, playgrounds, buildings, and benches. The troll can stay.

    This is the only way to keep the park safe for wildlife. Please join me in my fight to turn Lincoln Park into Lincoln Nature Reserve for Wildlife.

    Our first planning meeting will take place on the Solstice Park courts Wednesday, May 29th at 7:30pm.

  • Atheist May 26, 2024 (12:01 pm)

    Thank you Kersti, and everyone else who supported this effort. Bill Withers – Lovely Day (Official Audio) (

  • Lincoln Park preservatiinist May 26, 2024 (4:12 pm)

    A huge thanks to Kersti for her work on this effort.Pickle ball will have their courts and the users and the inhabitants of this park will have the peacefulness they need.For anyone who would like to contribute to the legal fees for this fight:

  • Maintenance May 28, 2024 (5:54 pm)

    If we all love Lincoln Park and we have to move on from pickleball, can we address some of the issues I see on my daily walks?  Where are all of the garbage cans?  They are few and far between.  Suddenly,  a number of them on the trails are gone.  The grass in some areas is already a foot tall.  Can we please have it mowed, so people can use the area?  There are a lot of foxtail as well.  Maybe ticketing all of off leash dog owners would help to pay for doggie bag stations that we used to have at the park and buy some additional garbage cans.

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