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WEST SEATTLE WEATHER: Snowy sunset, and what’s next

(Photo by Chris Frankovich)

A colorful end to a day blanketed in white. No new weather alerts currently but the temperature could be in the upper teens by morning, according to the updated forecast.

(Photo by David Hutchinson)

You’ve probably heard talk that more snow might be on the way later in the week. The newest National Weather Service “forecast discussion” says it’s too soon to say for sure but it’s not likely before Friday.

(Photo by Lynn Hall)

But in the short run, two sunny days are expected – so we might see more scenes like these. First: Our Tuesday weather/traffic/transit/schools/etc. watch will get going by 5 am.

CONGRATULATIONS! State championship for Chief Sealth International High School Ethics Bowl Team

(From left, team members Khaim Vasser-Fontenot, Clarissa Perez, Nassir Sayda, Logan Webster; coach Matt Baudhuin)

Congratulations to the Chief Sealth International High School Ethics Bowl Team, which just won the state championship! Their proud coach, social-studies teacher Matthew Baudhuin, sent the news and photos:

On Saturday, the Chief Sealth International High School Ethics Bowl team competed in the Washington State High School Ethics Bowl against 19 other teams and went undefeated over five rounds of competition to become state champions! Chief Sealth IHS is the first public school to ever win the competition (though came close two years ago with both a 2nd- and 3rd-place finish). Next stop is Chapel Hill, NC, for the national competition in April.

(Team members preparing their position on a case about whether robots should be used as caregivers for people with dementia)

As explained on the Ethics Bowl website, this “is a competition in which teams analyze a series of wide-ranging ethical dilemmas involving topics such as cheating, plagiarism, peer pressure, relationships, and abuse of social media. An Ethics Bowl is similar to debate, although in Ethics Bowls teams are not forced to take adversarial positions or to hold fast to an assigned perspective. Instead, students have a forum in which to engage in dialogue, and they are judged on the quality of their analysis and the degree to which they engage in a thoughtful, civil exchange.” Judges are “drawn from the local legal, education, and philosophical communities.”

WEST SEATTLE SNOW: Monday PM updates, including announcements for tomorrow

TUESDAY SCHOOL ANNOUNCEMENTS SO FAR: Seattle Public Schools 2 hours late CLOSED … Holy Rosary 2 hours late … Seattle Lutheran HS, 10:30 am start … Hope Lutheran, 2 hours late … Westside School, 10:15 am start … Explorer West Middle School 2 hours late … Highline Public Schools, 2 hours late … South Seattle College, 11 am start … Our Lady of Guadalupe, 2 hours late … Holy Family, 2 hours late … A Child Becomes Preschool, 10:15 am start

(2:45 pm photo, SDOT plow heading NB on California from Thistle)

2:04 PM: We’re starting our PM traffic/weather/etc. updates, as this was just announced:

(Added: Seacrest photo by Matthew Olson)

WEST SEATTLE WATER TAXI CANCELED: North winds are still a problem at Seacrest, so no PM service.

Other transportation notes:
SEE WHERE SDOT’S PLOWED/DEICED: Here’s the “winter response” map.

3:57 PM: Though the snow stopped falling earlier this afternoon, the weather has new hazards ahead – the temperature remains below freezing and is expected to drop into the low 20s overnight. The city has issued this alert about preventing your pipes from freezing.

Road-wise, the city alert map mentions a few closures in West Seattle – including Ferry between California and Harbor, and Lander from Admiral to 56th.

4:14 PM: FIRST SCHOOL ANNOUNCEMENT FOR TUESDAY – Seattle Public Schools is tentatively planning to open 2 hours late tomorrow, with buses on snow routes.

4:20 PM: Metro alert – the 57 that should have just left downtown is not running.

4:29 PM: New Metro alert – the 5:30 pm Route 56 to WS won’t run.

4:33 PM: Reminder that residential trash/recycling/composting pickup is delayed a day for everyone, all week – here’s the newest info from SPU.

4:46 PM: Holy Rosary School is tentatively planning to start 2 hours late Tuesday, no AM BASE, no AM preschool.

5 PM: Seattle Lutheran High School plans a 10:30 am start Tuesday. … Highline Public Schools will start 2 hours late. … Hope Lutheran will be 2 hours late … Explorer West Middle School will start at 10. (Again, check back early tomorrow morning in case there are changes.)

5:55 PM: Westside School will start at (corrected) 10:15 am Tuesday.

6:03 AM: Not related to the weather but many are asking, so – the TV helicopters over White Center are there because King County Sheriff’s Office deputies are trying to talk a domestic-violence suspect out of the Subway shop near 16th SW and SW 104th – we have updates on White Center Now.

6:46 PM: Here’s the West Seattle/Fauntleroy YMCA (WSB sponsor) current plan for Tuesday, from executive director Shalimar Gonzales:

Due to the freezing temperatures and driving conditions, we will delay our opening to 10am on Tuesday, February 5th at both West Seattle and Fauntleroy location. Below are some additional updates that may impact people’s visit to the Y:

All morning swim lessons are cancelled
Group Exercise classes will start at 11 am
WS Kids Corner will operate with limited staffing, Fauntleroy Kids Corner will be closed

7:29 PM: Be careful outside tonight, whether walking, driving, riding – multiple reports of VERY icy streets and walkways. … Also just hearing scanner traffic about police blocking all lanes at Delridge and Spokane, though we didn’t hear why.

ADDED 9:47 PM: More Tuesday school announcements:

South Seattle College (WSB sponsor), “opening delayed until 11 am on 2/5/19. Classes starting before 11 am are canceled/offices are closed.”
Our Lady of Guadalupe, “tentative 2-hour late start … no morning EDC or Spanish class.”
Holy Family Bilingual School, tentatively planning 2-hour-late start, no AM preschool.
A Child Becomes Preschool (WSB sponsor), delayed start, 10:15 am.

10:35 PM NOTE: With postseason high-school-basketball games canceled tonight, three local teams’ games have been rescheduled:

-Chief Sealth girls @ Cleveland, 7 pm Tuesday
-Chief Sealth boys @ Bainbridge, 5:45 pm Tuesday
-Winner of that game plays @ West Seattle 7 pm Wednesday

The WSHS girls are still scheduled to host Franklin at 7 pm Tuesday.

ADDED TUESDAY MORNING: Our new updated school list is in progress here.

UPDATE: Teen hurt while sledding, taken to hospital; driver arrested

(Added: Scene photo shared by Ray in comments)

1:28 PM: Thanks for the tips about an emergency response in Arbor Heights. According to SFD radio communication, a 14-year-old boy was hurt in a collision with a car while sledding at/near 35th SW and SW 110th. His injuries were not believed to be life-threatening and he was described as “awake and alert,” but he is being taken to Harborview Medical Center. Streets are blocked near the intersection while police investigate.

ADDED TUESDAY MORNING, 8:04 AM: The driver is under investigation for possible DUI.

10:48 AM: SPD has posted the case on its blog-format “blotter”:

A 14-year-old boy sustained a head injury after he collided with a car while he was riding a sled down a hill in West Seattle yesterday. The 20-year-old driver of the car was later arrested and booked into jail for DUI.

On Monday, at approximately 1:00 pm, a Ford Focus was traveling southbound on 35th Avenue SW approaching SW 110th Street when the 14-year-old on the sled entered the intersection. The 20-year-old male driver of the Focus attempted to brake, but the vehicle continued to slide on the icy road and the Focus and sled collided, causing the injury.

The driver called 911 reporting the collision. Officers arrived, along with the Fire Department. The driver was evaluated at the scene and was later arrested for suspicious of DUI (marijuana). The 14-year-old was transported to HMC where he is recovering.

The driver of the vehicle was later booked into the King County Jail. This remains an active and on-going investigation.

WEST SEATTLE SNOW: Monday photos

Before we get to the part of the day where everyone will start looking ahead to tomorrow … some snowy scenes.

Greg Harrington sent that photo of a hummingbird, explaining, “This poor guy was under some cover on my back deck hoping the feeder won’t freeze.” Do remember to thaw some water for the birds, too. … From North Delridge, Joy Patman captured the beauty of Youngstown Cultural Arts Center against the snow:

Read More

FOLLOWUP: See the final proposal for West Seattle Junction-area Restricted Parking Zone and other street-parking changes

That’s the map of the proposed Restricted Parking Zone in the West Seattle Junction area, and other street-parking changes, just made public by SDOT, which had said it would have the final proposal out in January. Now it’s time for one last round of feedback before a final decision. First, the SDOT announcement that accompanied the map:

We sent out the initial proposal in July 2018 [WSB coverage here] and released an update in October 2018 [WSB coverage here]. We’re now seeking feedback from stakeholders in the area on whether they’d like the final proposal implemented.

We just updated our project webpage and will send an email to those who have subscribed to our listserv. In the next few days mailers [see the mailer here in PDF] will go out to all residents and businesses in the area. A summary of the proposed RPZ is below:

SDOT received a request to evaluate residential streets near the West Seattle Junction for a new Restricted Parking Zone (RPZ). An RPZ would prevent all-day parking by commuters on blocks with RPZ signs.

RPZ signs would be installed on the orange-lined blocks shown on the map and would limit vehicles without RPZ permits to 2-hour parking, 7 AM – 6 PM, Monday – Saturday.

RPZ signs would not be installed next to businesses and employees would not be eligible to purchase permits.

All residents living within the orange-shaded area would be eligible to purchase RPZ permits.

Vehicles displaying an RPZ permit would be exempt from the 2-hour time limit on RPZ-signed blocks.

Permits are currently $65 per vehicle for a two-year cycle. One hang-tag guest permit is available per household. A $10 low-income permit is available.

Comparing the proposed map with the one that was released last October, it appears almost identical, aside from (updated) proposed carshare spaces near Alaska/44th that alreay have been installed.

HOW TO COMMENT: You can tell SDOT what you think by commenting before March 15th. Four ways:

*Send email to
*Use this comment form
*Call 206-684-4103
*Speak at the public hearing set for 6:30-8 pm Thursday, February 28th, at the Senior Center of West Seattle (4217 SW Oregon)

Final decision on whether to put the RPZ in place, SDOT says, would be made by June.

BACKSTORY: The RPZ proposal results from a community request two years ago – almost a decade after a previous one in the Junction area was turned down. It would be the second in West Seattle; the first one is in the Fauntleroy ferry-dock area.

TRAFFIC/TRANSIT/WEATHER/MORE: Snowy West Seattle Monday AM updates, info

(MONDAY SCHOOL INFO: Local closures/changes are ALL LISTED HERE)

5:53 AM: Snow continued overnight. We’re under a Winter Weather Advisory until 10 am. Here are key links/updates for starters:

Transit/other transportation (updated 8:25 am)
METRO: All buses on snow routes – info here
RIDE2: Canceled today
WATER TAXIS: Some West Seattle runs canceled (Doc Maynard is sailing, per Water Taxi Watch); all Vashon runs canceled
SDOT WINTER WEATHER MAP: See it here (shows treated/plowed routes)
SDOT TRAVELERS’ MAP: The map we regularly feature
OUR TRAFFIC CAMS PAGE: Cameras particularly relevant to WS and vicinity

Other changes (updated 9:36 am)
No residential solid-waste pickup today, per Seattle Public Utilities – full details here
West Seattle/Fauntleroy YMCA: BOTH LOCATIONS CLOSED TODAY (2nd update)
Seattle Parks – some closures; here’s the roundup
Seattle Public Library facilities that usually open at 10 will open at noon (Southwest, Admiral); added – Delridge closed
Neighborcare High Point closed
City of Seattle: Here’s the latest
King County offices/services – some closed, some late (update)

We’ll keep adding to those lists and add incident etc. info below as the morning continues.

6:47 AM: Metro has sent two alerts about Route 37, saying the 5:48 and 6:44 trips didn’t run this morning. As noted above, all buses are on snow routes. And it’s still snowing.

6:53 AM: Just in via text – WEST SEATTLE WATER TAXI CANCELLATIONS: Because of high winds at Seacrest, the 6:50, 7:25, 8, 8:35, 9:10 runs have been canceled.

7:11 AM: We’re continuing to add to the lists above as info comes in – cancellation of residential trash (etc.) pickup for today is the latest change. Overall, in terms of getting around, remember that side streets generally are NOT plowed/treated – Michael reports the ones he’s been on are VERY icy – this is NOT the typical Seattle snow situation where the snow is followed almost immediately by warmer weather.

7:26 AM: Streets where the “closed” signs go up on days like these generally won’t show up on any official maps, so in general, beware West Seattle’s many hilly streets – for reasons like what Brian describes in this comment.

7:48 AM: Lots of reports of bus trouble this morning – see comments. And this photo’s just in from under the bridge:

7:58 AM: And a belated alert from Metro saying Route 55’s 6:31, 6:48, 7:30 trips didn’t operate.

8:41 AM: Now a Metro alert saying the 775 Water Taxi shuttle isn’t operating this morning. Update – 14 minutes later, Metro sent updates saying 773 and 775 WILL operate … If you’re even thinking about going out, please note that the wind’s blowing snow around and the temperature’s in the 20s, unlike the “typical” Seattle snow day on both fronts. Here’s a photo showing wind-fueled waves on the Alki promenade earlier (high tide was three hours ago), from Mike Livdahl:

(James Tilley sent one too – we tweeted it.) Thanks to everyone who’s sent other photos – we’ll be putting together a gallery a bit later, when we get past the commute (for those who absolutely have to) etc. period. … Just in, another update from the West Seattle/Fauntleroy YMCA (WSB sponsor) – now both locations are closed for the day.

8:58 AM: The Winter Weather Advisory has just been extended through 1 pm. Still snowing.

9:22 AM: Seattle Parks has posted its closures/changes list. See it here (also added to our list above).

11:11 AM: About 40 homes are without power since just before 11 am toward the end of Roxbury. A separate, larger outage in North Highline and North Burien south of there is going on six hours now. Updates on the SCL map … Still lightly snowing. We’re going to get a gallery going shortly but first, there are a few non-snow news stories we need to publish next. Thanks again for all the tips, reports, comments, and other info!

SCHOOL CLOSURES/CHANGES: Here’s the updated Monday list

UPDATE – TUESDAY MORNING INFO: If you find this story while looking ahead to TUESDAY, see the top of our Monday PM updates for what’s been announced so far.


EARLIER – MONDAY MORNING INFO: As the snow continued overnight, some changes and additions so far this morning. We’ll continue adding to this list (most recent update 8:29 am):

SEATTLE PUBLIC SCHOOLS: Closed today (update from last night’s announcement)
HIGHLINE PUBLIC SCHOOLS: Closed today (update)
SOUTH SEATTLE COLLEGE: Closed today, all classes/activities canceled (update)
VASHON ISLAND SCHOOL DISTRICT: Now closed today (update)

WORLD KIDS ACADEMY: All locations closed today

TILDEN SCHOOL (as always – if you can get there safely!)

Thanks for these FYI’s as well

Earlier announcements are in our coverage from last night but what’s above supersedes whatever was announced last night. Please call/text us with additions at 206-293-6302.