TONIGHT: First meeting of city’s Community Involvement Commission, created to ‘replace the District Council system’

Sorry for the same-day notice – we had been asking about this, but just got word today: The first meeting of the city’s new Community Involvement Commission is tonight at City Hall downtown. This is the group whose formation was announced by Mayor Murray more than a year ago in his plan to “replace the District Council system.” Its appointed members are listed here; representing West Seattle/South Park is Jeniffer Calleja, who’s profiled here. The commission meeting is open to the public, 6 pm in the Boards and Commissions Room on the lower level at City Hall (600 4th Avenue); see the agenda here.

P.S. While no longer receiving the previous ~$500/year city funding, West Seattle’s two district councils are still alive and well and continuing as independent groups composed of reps from smaller organizations such as community councils and nonprofits. The Southwest District Council meets first Wednesdays, 6:30 pm at the Senior Center/Sisson Building; the Delridge Neighborhoods District Council meets third Wednesdays, 7 pm, next location TBA.

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  • Liz August 24, 2017 (3:46 pm)

    What? No more districts? What about all the people we elected that are in office now?

    • WSB August 24, 2017 (6:27 pm)

      As acknowledged at the meeting – which I am covering right now – though the language is confusing, it’s not City Councilmembers’ districts they’re talking about, aside from some members having been appointed to represent the geographic areas of each council district. The “district councils” are neighborhood volunteer groups that exist/existed in 13 districts that the city had drawn up long before city councilmember districts. For example, though West Seattle is now part of City Council District 1 – in which Lisa Herbold was elected to the council – it included two district councils, Southwest (mostly western West Seattle) and Delridge (mostly eastern West Seattle). Don’t know if that helps – I’ll try to include a clarifier in the story on tonight’s meeting (which we are also video-recording) – TR

  • Cindi August 24, 2017 (10:37 pm)

     Thank you for taping the meeting Tracy!  I wanted to attend but had a conflicting meeting.  Too bad the city doesn’t see fit to  install video equipment in the Boards and Commissions Room so they could video and show the meetings of the people who are appointed to represent community members.

    • WSB August 24, 2017 (10:39 pm)

      When DON told me about the meeting, I asked if Seattle Channel was going – they said no. So that sealed my decision to skip covering Caspar Babypants with Patrick and go downtown instead. Processing the video now, should be up by morning, with story. Nothing revelatory but even for an introductory/logistics type meeting, many interesting things were said … TR

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