Gatewood Elementary Class of 1956? Or, know someone who was?

(Photos provided by The WROC-ers; above, Ms. Ostle’s class)
Reunions aren’t just for high-school classes! This morning, we have a special announcement – with photos – for a reunion of Gatewood Elementary alums who went there more than half a century ago:

*If you attended Gatewood Elementary with the Class of ’56, reunite with your classmates on Friday, August 22nd. We will tour the remodeled Gatewood, then adjourn to Lincoln Park for a catered picnic. *

*In our day, Gatewood sixth graders went to either West Seattle or Sealth. Our 50th high-school reunions inspired us to reconnect with childhood friends from the neighborhood. The WROC-ers (‘Woodies Reunion Organizing Committee) found addresses for 70 of the former ’56ers. The first mailings are out, and the first RSVPs are in. *

(Mr. Acedo’s class)
*If you can help locate missing classmates (see the list below) or if you, a ’56er, haven’t received a flyer, please contact Bruce Thomason,*

(Ms. Covey’s class)
*Mark August 22nd on your calendar in ink! We’d love to see you.*

*The WROC-ers: Margaret Cullor Brown, Beth Eldred Davis, Lyn Kraatz, Carol Shipley Stoner, Bruce Thomason*

They also sent a list of people they’re looking for: “We have not found these friends from Gatewood.” – if you’re reading this from the WSB home page, click ahead to see the list:

*Frances Bingham*

*Jim Bush (Busch?)*

*Paul Bush*

*Virginia Ann Conner *

*George Johnson*

*Mary Lou Laing*

*Sue Moore*

*Carol Wray Moseley*

*Frances Pavey Terpening*

*John Rice*

*Larry Richard*

*Phyllis Savage*

*Dan Smith*

*Philip Smith*

*Hans Sturhohn*

*Teri Lynn Totten Stokes*

*Lamont Wilson*

5 Replies to "Gatewood Elementary Class of 1956? Or, know someone who was?"

  • T Rex April 1, 2014 (9:28 am)

    What a great idea!

    The first thing I noticed was how well dressed everyone is in these pictures. Don’t see kids dressing like that much anymore.

  • BlairJ April 1, 2014 (11:24 am)

    There was a lot more conformity back then, T Rex. What you wore, how you cut your hair, who lived where, etc.

  • coffee April 1, 2014 (12:51 pm)

    I was JUST thinking the same. The kids all look nice and neat. I’m getting older because I say what my parents said. And lately when going through Westwood, I keep thinking really how do they get out of the house looking like that….

  • sam-c April 1, 2014 (3:02 pm)

    or maybe, knowing that it was ‘picture day,’ they dressed their best and complied with the request to wear a white shirt (that’s what it looks like).
    it’s not like picture days have ever been sprung on people at the last minute…

    but yeah, I saw a kid with his pants so low that his boxers/ shorts were completely exposed. can’t figure out how the kids walk down the street without tripping on their clothes.

  • trickycoolj April 1, 2014 (9:14 pm)

    Funny, my 6th grade class of 1997 has our class pic posted on Facebook and many of us are in touch as we approach our 30s this year even though we all scattered to many different high schools in the housing boom of the Bethel School District and beyond. My 10 year high school reunion was last summer and was sparsely attended by the people who never left Olympia. Amazing how different things are now….

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