TRAFFIC/TRANSIT TODAY: Back-to-school Monday updates

(More cameras, and other info, on the WSB Traffic page)
6:55 AM: Soggy but nothing else to report so far on routes through/from West Seattle. It’s back-to-school day for Seattle Public Schools after the week-long mid-winter break, so take note of that. And remember that this weekend will bring the semi-annual Highway 99/Alaskan Way Viaduct inspection closures – as explained here, the shutdown is happening in phases, including parts of 99 north of downtown, NOT a wall-to-wall all-weekend closure.

7:47 AM: First complication of the morning – a multi-car crash reported at Fauntleroy/Hudson (map). So if you’re headed toward the bridge from Fairmount Park or southward, we’d advise California or 35th until we hear more about this.

7:55 AM: Per scanner, sounds like this is NOT a big blocking crash. (But if you pass it and find out otherwise – let us know – 206-293-6302, text or voice, provided you are not at the wheel … thank you!)

‘TEMPORARY COMMUTER’ NOTE DU JOUR, 8:56 AM: Commute note – since we’re headed downtown almost daily when covering the Morgan Junction murder trial, thought we’d add notes here (and try some alternate commutes when we can). Today, regular old (sorry for adding to traffic) single-occupancy-vehicle commute. Upper Fauntleroy to parking garage near King County Courthouse, 28 minutes, 8:08 to 8:36. It was 12 minutes to the 4th Avenue exit off the Spokane Street Viaduct, and then 16 more minutes along 4th – took a few light cycles to get off the offramp, and then things got sluggish around the stadiums. (We took the same route last Thursday, 20 minutes, but some families vacationed during the school district’s midwinter break, so we didn’t count that as regular traffic volumes.)

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  • LMZ February 24, 2014 (10:10 pm)

    I can’t be the only one frustrated with the 4th Ave offramp light that only lets 2, maybe 3 cars through every green light? I have gone as far as to turning left at the light, flipping a u-turn, and continuing along 4th that way. I have filled out the form on for them to have the light at Spokane be green while the offramp light is green to help with the backup up the ramp, and urge anyone else with my same frustration to do the same!

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