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West Seattle snow: A flaky afternoon/evening, but…

On-and-off snow showers continue this afternoon in West Seattle – never seems to be everywhere at once, according to the notes, texts, and calls we’ve received, plus our observation – but the National Weather Service‘s “special weather statement” is still in effect, updated at 5 this morning with the ongoing possibility of snow showers this afternoon/evening (as we’re seeing), and then that potential “snow event” at midweek. Latest word from weather analyst Cliff Mass is this update titled: Chances Of Major Snowstorm Fading. The NWS has just updated its four-times-daily “forecast discussion,” casting its own blanket of doubt, including: “Much has changed in the runs over the past couple model cycles making a very large snow event much less likely.”

Video: Another round of searching for Jeremy Peck

After gathering at Puerto Vallarta in The Junction at midmorning, volunteers are out again looking for any sign of what might have happened to 24-year-old Jeremy Peck. He’s the West Seattle man we first told you about on Thursday, last seen at the Admiral Pub early Christmas Eve morning, according to his family. John Peck, the uncle who raised Jeremy, talked about the plan:

Here’s Jeremy’s photo again:

He is 6’1″, about 177 pounds, light brown hair, brown eyes, and was wearing blue jeans, tennis shoes, and a black waist-length coat over a gray hoodie-type sweatshirt when last seen. He goes by “JP.” If you have any information, you can contact police or contact John Peck directly, 206-923-0875 or 206-371-6451.

Update: Car crash leads to power outage in West Seattle

(LATEST TOPLINES, 4:32 PM: City Light’s system-status page and WSB commenters indicate just about everyone has their power back, after a 2,000+-home/business outage caused by a car smashing into a pole at 47th/Charlestown at 5:30 this morning.)

(7:06 am – replaced original cameraphone photo with video)
ORIGINAL 5:41 AM REPORT: Getting a few outage reports – not surprising since our power here in Upper Fauntleroy flickered twice a few minutes ago, and flickers in one place often portend an outage elsewhere. Via Facebook, Kate says “a transformer blew” near her home at 46th/Charlestown. And Jennifer says her power came back fast but she’s seeing folks out to the south of her area (which is 4800 block Fauntleroy). Plus, Lisa says power’s out around Jefferson Square. This is NOT on the Seattle City Light “system status” page yet. More to come.

5:49 AM UPDATE: New information – This is because of a crash. Power lines are down because of a car crash at Charlestown and 47th. Listening to scanner traffic now. “Two critical patients” according to scanner, and they are not yet out of the vehicle.

5:59 AM UPDATE: The two patients are now out of the vehicle and being taken to Harborview. “High-speed car vs telephone pole” crash with the victims described as a man and woman, both 25, according to the scanner.

6:16 AM UPDATE: We just got to the scene. It’s at the bottom of the mega-steep hill on Charlestown, west of 46th (here’s a map; the road is closed at the top). As for the power – most of the businesses and streetlights on the west side of The Junction between Edmunds and Oregon are out (with a few exceptions), plus the California/Alaska lights. Then the power’s back north of there. So, a spotty outage. City Light arrived at the scene here just ahead of us. The car is badly mangled – police say it “was” a Buick.

7:06 AM UPDATE: Came back to HQ to add video – the lighting at the scene is not optimal; we will go back once the sun’s up. No word on the victims’ conditions. Seattle City Light is working on the power lines at the scene; its “outage tracker” says more than 2,000 homes/businesses have lost power – our comments and e-mail/notes suggest it’s a hopscotch pattern, various spots from North Admiral south to Fairmount Springs. (You can see that on the outage tracker, too.)

7:31 AM UPDATE: City Light has finally published its own update, though it does not mention the crash, or the non-contingent nature of the outage zones. It does mention “additional momentary outages will be required as the problem is repaired.”

8:03 AM UPDATE: California/Alaska stoplight in The Junction is still out. And City Light now says some may not get their power back for “six to eight hours.” The crash scene will be closed a while, since the Traffic Collision Investigation Squad – which is called to major scenes – is at work there:

The pole hit by the car is still at a sharp angle. City Light says some may be without power for up to 6 to 8 more hours.

8:47 AM UPDATE: That’s the aforementioned pole. We’ve received calls, comments, and notes in the past 10 minutes or so indicating some have gotten their power back – The Junction, for example – while, as SCL warned, some have lost it (North Admiral). We saw SCL trucks in The Junction while passing through en route back from revisiting the scene, and a Facebook commenter reports seeing crews there too. We also have a report of a Comcast outage, though we don’t know whether it’s related.

11:40 AM UPDATE: Police have published an item about the crash on SPDBlotter, describing both victims as having “life-threatening injuries,” and saying their Buick sedan was heading westbound down the steep hill just before it hit the pole. About 100 homes/businesses are still without power, according to City Light’s “outage tracker“; their Power Lines site’s latest update says that’s needed while the pole – cut off at the base, per police – is replaced.

4:33 PM UPDATE: Looks like just about everyone’s back on, judging by both comments and the City Light system-status page. We were at 47th/Charlestown about an hour ago and watched crews in the final stages of replacing the pole taken out by this morning’s crash.

West Seattle Sunday: 4 notes from today’s calendar

(Friday sunset photo by Mark Dale)
From the WSB West Seattle Events calendar as well as previous coverage:

SEARCH FOR JEREMY PECK: Anyone who can help with the search for the West Seattle resident who hasn’t been seen since early Christmas Eve morning is asked to join searchers meeting at Puerto Vallarta in The Junction at 10:30 am. Here’s our most recent update.

SPOKESPEOPLE WEST SEATTLE BIKE RIDE: As organizer Stu Hennessey puts it, “Spokespeople West Seattle will not concede the forgone conclusion that baby boomers will bankrupt Medicare. Baby boomers grew up on two wheels, and two wheels will keep them healthy and decrease their health-care costs.” Join the group for a 38-mile ride starting at Alki Statue of Liberty Plaza at 11 am. Two levels of moderate pace.

‘AMAHL’ FINALE: Last show today at 3 pm for Twelfth Night Productions (WSB sponsor)’s 14th annual production of “Amahl and the Night Visitors” by Gian Carlos Menotti at Youngstown Cultural Arts Center.

WEST SEATTLE FARMERS MARKET: 10 am-2 pm, The Junction (44th/Alaska). Here’s what’s listed as “new this week” on market managers’ Ripe and Ready list:

Mead – Honey-based alcohol beverage– Delicious! – from Rockridge Orchards. Considered the oldest alcoholic beverage in the world (Bronze Age) made from fermented honey and water… limited quantities and it sells out quickly.
Cippollini Onions – organic from Pipitone Farms
Frozen Cherries – Sonata, Bing and Santa Rosa cherries). Tonnemaker Family Orchards
Frozen Roasted Peppers – Sweet and Hot varieties from River Farm
Dried Herbs – basil, oregano, rosemary, CATNIP!

And via Twitter, Hotcakes – a chocolatey creation – says they’re premiering at the market today.

Firefighter Matt Durham’s memorial service: ‘For the boys’

Photographs by Christopher Boffoli
Story by Tracy Record
for West Seattle Blog

Before dying of cancer at just 45 a week and a half ago, Matt Durham helped plan his own formal line-of-duty memorial service, according to one of his fellow Woodinville Fire and Rescue firefighters speaking at that service today.

“I want to do it for the boys,” Battalion Chief Greg Ahearn quoted Matt as saying – so that his young sons would see the support and the love showed by their father’s firefighter family, as well as that of their own relatives and friends.

That outpouring was overwhelming, as hundreds of firefighters from more than 30 departments all over the state joined hundreds of other mourners this afternoon at Overlake Christian Church, following the family’s escorted procession from their West Seattle home.

As shown here this morning, that procession went under two fire trucks’ crossed ladders – and as it arrived at the church campus in Redmond, a similar sight at the entrance, this time with a huge flag between the ladders:

After passing under that flag, Matt’s family and others drove by dozens of fire engines and medic units lining a driveway – a “static procession,” as it had been described in the memorial-service announcement:

It was paralleled inside, with a Corridor of Honor: Overlake’s long hallway between entrance and sanctuary was lined on both sides by dozens of fire personnel, standing, silent, in their dress uniforms, lining both sides. Matt’s wife Elaine Croce Durham and their sons Jack and Sam, along with other members of the Durham and Croce families, walked by:

Those personnel stood in place as other mourners arrived, then finally filed into the front of the sanctuary before the service began:

The service was full of symbolism and tradition, from bagpipes to bell-ringing, from an honor guard to a flag presentation, but it also honored Matt’s well-rounded life beyond firefighting, including his side career as a photojournalist and his love of hobbies including fishing and fitness. At stage left, his bicycle and helmet rested near a display of photos and fire gear:

Ahead – some of the words of the service, and more of the stirring images:

Read More

West Seattle Crime Watch: 2 cases of crooks vs. cars

Two car-crime reports to share tonight. First one’s from Siobhan:

Last year on New Year’s Day morning, my little red Dodge Neon was stolen from its parking spot under my apartment building. Got it back on January 6th, which just happened to also be my birthday. THIS January 6th, I went downstairs to go to work to find my car missing its passenger-side window, a pile of glass on the ground, a brick on the drivers side floor and the hood of my car propped up with the the cables from my battery removed. They rummaged through my glove box and the middle console, but didn’t take anything. I never leave anything in my car.

This happened in the 35th Ave SW/Morgan St. area. I filed a police report. The officer said that they more than likely disconnected the battery to disable a car alarm and that the same thing had happened to a few other cars in the last few days just down the hill towards Fauntleroy/California. Just wanted to leave a heads-up to my neighbors.

And from Sam:

Hi, just wanted to let your blog know that last night I had two aftermarket offroad bumpers stolen. One was stolen off of my 4runner and one off my tacoma. Both vehicles were parked near Morgan junction. I’ve also had both catalytic convertors stolen from both of these vehicles in the last few months. Getting sick of it. Keep an eye out if you live in the area. Also if anyone sees two black tube bumpers for sale please contact the police.

West Seattle snow? Still possible tonight/tomorrow – and next week

Four times a day, the National Weather Service issues its “forecast discussion,” with a behind-the-scenes/crystal-ball-type look at what its meteorologists are seeing in the hours and days ahead. The newest one says snow showers are possible tonight/tomorrow, particularly on the highest hills, while also somewhat strengthening the possibility of serious snow around Wednesday of next week (though there’s still also caveats that with four days to go, things could change).

SUNDAY UPDATE, 5:20 AM: And indeed, the NWS’s “special weather statement” has just been updated to note the midweek uncertainty.

West Seattle schools: Arbor Heights third-graders’ resolutions

With the new year just one week old, resolutions are still fresh, and the future’s bright. Arbor Heights Elementary teacher Mark Ahlness mentioned his third-graders’ resolutions today via Twitter; after checking them out, we got his permission to share the link. Some are simple; some are big dreams, and not even on behalf of the resolution-makers. Writes Yadira:

My wish is that everybody can have a house. Because then if people have a house and it rains people won’t get wet. But if people don’t have houses people will get wet. So they have to have a house so the people don’t get cold.

Read them all here.

West Seattle weekend scenes: First big boat race of the year

As Rick put it in his note sharing that photo, “a little color on a gray day.” The color is provided by the sails of the boats participating today in the Three Tree Point Yacht Club‘s 32nd Duwamish Head Race. More than 60 boats are participating, according to the club’s website. Here’s another look at a few of them, courtesy of Marty:

Firefighters’ West Seattle tribute to Matt Durham

(SATURDAY EVENING NOTE: Our story and photos from this afternoon’s service will be up late tonight)

While the Eastside firefighters with whom Matt Durham worked announced a “static procession” at Overlake Christian Church before his memorial this afternoon, firefighters also have just shown their respect for the funeral procession leaving West Seattle. Thanks to Alli for the top photo – ladders were crossed over SW Alaska as the procession headed to The Bridge; thanks to Trina for this next photo, of a Seattle fireboat paying tribute from the Duwamish River by the bridge:

Matt died a little over a week ago at 45; in addition to his work as a firefighter, he also was a longtime photojournalist, and WSB was the last publication for which he worked. He also did volunteer work, and was a proud dad of 2. We’re on our way to the service and will have coverage later.

RapidRide presentation Tuesday for three West Seattle groups

January 8, 2011 11:20 am
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 |   Transportation | West Seattle news

This Tuesday night, three West Seattle groups will meet jointly, with one hot topic on the agenda: The forthcoming West Seattle RapidRide “C Line” service. The groups are Junction Neighborhood Organization, Fairmount Community Association, and the West Seattle Junction Association, but you don’t have to be a member of one (or more) to attend, all are welcome. Reps from Metro and the city will be there to talk about routing, traffic, parking, and other effects of the new bus route. It doesn’t start running until fall 2012, but construction work for its stations/stops and other changes will start soon, and the planning work is about to hit a key phase. The meeting starts at 6:30 pm Tuesday at the Senior Center of West Seattle (California/Oregon).

Happening now: Recycle your tree with West Seattle’s Rainbow Girls

January 8, 2011 10:48 am
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 |   Environment | Holidays | West Seattle news

From left, Zoe, Darrian, Autumn, and Shawna will be happy to help you divest yourself of your drying-out Christmas tree today – get it out before the game! Till 2 pm, they’re at the Masonic Hall parking lot, 40th/Edmunds, for the West Seattle Rainbow Girls‘ fundraising tree-recycling event. $5 donation suggested. (Yes, you still have a couple more days for free city pickup or dropoff, but this is the only in-West Seattle dropoff event we know of!)

West Seattle Saturday: A look at what’s ahead

(Friday afternoon rainbow photo shared by Erik)
From the WSB West Seattle Events calendar page – among other sources:

SEAHAWKS FLYOVER FYI: Via Twitter, the team announced, “A pair of Navy EA-18G Growlers will conduct a flyover near the end of the national anthem on Saturday.” Military flyovers at the stadiums often go over West Seattle, so we’re sharing the heads-up. (The team’s playoff game vs. New Orleans starts at 1:30 pm.)

MEMORIAL SERVICE FOR MATT DURHAM: The West Seattle photojournalist and Woodinville firefighter, who died of cancer nine days ago at 45, will be remembered at 1 pm today at Overlake Christian Church in Redmond, all welcome. Details including a map are here.

CHRISTMAS-TREE RECYCLING: Want to get rid of your tree before the (potential) snow? Today’s the West Seattle Rainbow Girls‘ recycling event, 9 am-2 pm, Masonic Hall parking lot, 40th/Edmunds. (Suggested donation $5.)

SCHOOL FAIR/OPEN HOUSES: There’s a school fair at SSCC 10 am-1 pm, plus Westside School (WSB sponsor)’s open house 1-3 pm – here’s our preview from last night.

ELVIS COMPETITION: Two West Seattleites in the Elvis competition in SODO tonight – full details here.

Those are just a few of the highlights. More on the calendar. As for the forecast – there’s a chance of snow showers tonight/tomorrow.

West Seattle food/drink: Opening day’s finally in sight for Locöl

(WSB photo by Christopher Boffoli)
When Locöl officially opens for business at noon Monday, it’ll be one week short of January 17th, 2010, the day we first told you about the plan for a neighborhood beer/wine bar at 35th/Kenyon. Tonight, another soft-open test run put Locöl proprietor Kyle Duce and team that much closer to opening day. And what a transformation along the way – here’s what the ex-tanning salon looked like inside, last January:

(January 2010 WSB photo by Mary Sheely)
The view from a similar perspective tonight:

(WSB photos from here are all by Christopher Boffoli)
This is one of several “soft open” nights for Locöl, to make sure all the bugs are worked out. Here’s Kyle, in the plaid shirt, talking with patrons:

Locöl, as reported before, is serving food as well as beer and wine. Covering tonight’s event for WSB was photojournalist Christopher Boffoli; we asked him to find out more about the menu, to add to what was mentioned in our mid-December sneak peek – that information’s after the jump:Read More

Update: Jeremy Peck still missing, new search planned

An update tonight on the search for Jeremy Peck, whose family says he hasn’t been seen since early morning, Christmas Eve, in the Admiral District. In the comment section following our original story. Still no sign of him, according to Cheryl, who is one of the people who originally contacted us about Jeremy; she says they are hoping to gather a lot of people this Sunday morning at 10:30 am at Puerto Vallarta in The Junction (4727 California SW) to fan out and look – the more the better. The photo at left is from official ID; Jeremy is 6’1″, about 177 pounds, light brown hair, brown eyes, goes by “JP.” He was last seen wearing blue jeans, tennis shoes, and a black waist-length coat over a gray hoodie-type sweatshirt. If you have any information about him, you can contact police or John Peck, the uncle who raised him and with whom he was living in Fairmount Springs, at 206-923-0875 or 206-371-6451.

Making school decisions? Fair tomorrow; tours ongoing

One more school note: It’s school-choice season, and West Seattle private and public schools are opening their doors in various ways, literally and figuratively, to share information with you. Tomorrow, for example, Parent Map is presenting a fair at South Seattle Community College‘s Brockey Center, 10 am-1 pm. It’s called Preschool Preview but it includes schools going all the way up to high school, and a few nonschool participants too. Here’s the full list; say hi to WSB sponsors Westside School (which is having its own open house tomorrow, 1-3 pm), West Seattle Montessori/WS Academy (with its own open houses 1-3 pm January 22 and 6:30-8 pm February 9), and Bryan Brenner, DDS. It’s also tour time for Seattle Public Schools – the lists are all linked from the bottom of this page on the district’s new-look website (note that the elementaries are split into two “service areas” – Denny and Madison).

3 more portables planned for West Seattle elementary schools

Followup on our two latest reports about West Seattle public schools dealing with big enrollment growth because of the district’s New Student Assignment Plan (Wednesday report here; Thursday report here): The district confirms that more portables are on their way to schools including three elementaries in West Seattle: One double portable each to Gatewood and Lafayette, one single portable to Schmitz Park. According to district spokesperson Teresa Wippel, they’re set for delivery sometime before the start of next school year. (We happened onto this news because the Gatewood portable classrooms need approval from the Landmark Preservation Board, since that school is an official city landmark, and the plan turned up on the agenda for the LPB’s Architectural Review Committee next Friday.)

Delridge Skatepark update: Going to (re-)bid next month

New progress toward starting construction on Delridge Skatepark, which went on hold for a while last fall in a controversy over bidder qualifications, resulting in a decision to have the project re-bid: Seattle Parks‘ project manager, Kelly Davidson, tells WSB this afternoon: “Delridge Skatepark was signed off today by City Contracting. It will be advertised on Tuesday 1/11 and it will bid on Wed 2/2.” If all goes well from there, she says, groundbreaking is likely in March. (The project’s also on the agenda for next Monday’s Skatepark Advisory Committee meeting, 6 pm at Parks HQ downtown.)

West Seattle Weather Watch: Snow talk gets more serious

The National Weather Service has just issued a “Special Weather Statement” talking more seriously about the possibility of snow in the area – this weekend and around midweek. For Sunday morning, they’re suggesting “showery” snow – but then at midweek, there’s “the potential for a widespread heavy snow event somewhere in Western Washington.” You can read the “Special Weather Statement” here. P.S. There’s additional detail in the 3 pm “forecast discussion” from NWS – caps theirs:


Rachel Marie returns to West Seattle Water Taxi run on Monday

As reported here on Wednesday, repairs are complete on the King County Water Taxis West Seattle vessel, Rachel Marie (WSB file photo at left), and the U.S. Coast Guard has completed most of its investigation into last September’s crash. With sea trials complete, the county has just announced this afternoon that the Rachel Marie will return to West Seattle-Downtown Seattle service on Monday – which also means a return to Pier 50. The full text of the county’s news release, ahead:Read More

Classroom salmon-to-be arrive at West Seattle schools

(Photo courtesy Heidi Van Brost)
Salmon eggs have arrived at eleven local schools that will each raise 200 fish for Fauntleroy Creek, according to creek steward Judy Pickens. She and Phil Sweetland made the deliveries after getting the eggs from the state’s Soos Creek Hatchery. She says they reassured teachers that the “Salmon in the Classroom” program will continue, though it was cut from the state budget last month, because planning is under way to keep it going through “local resources.” In the photo above, first- and fifth-grade students, with teacher Christine Marshall (left), are shown putting eggs into the aquarium at Pathfinder K-8. The salmon-raising process takes four months, during which, Judy says, “The students will monitor water temperature and chemistry, feed their fish, and keep the tank clean as they learn about salmon habitat and the role of this iconic fish in regional culture, commerce, and environment.”

Department of Neighborhoods director Stella Chao leaving

Two days after the city’s Department of Neighborhoods director Stella Chao visited West Seattle to talk with the Southwest District Council, there’s word she’s leaving the job after four years. The mayor’s office just sent the announcement – read it in full after the jump:Read More

West Seattle Friday: From ‘Amahl’ to Alki roller skating

(Jack Block Park entrance, taken by Nakean, shared via the WSB Flickr group pool)
From the WSB West Seattle Events calendar page: It’s opening night for this weekend’s four-performance run of “Amahl and the Night Visitors” by Twelfth Night Productions (WSB sponsor) at Youngstown Cultural Arts Center (tickets available online) … Friday-night skating returns tonight to Alki Community Center (5817 SW Stevens) after a few holiday-season weeks off – $3/person, bring your own skates or borrow them, 6:45-8:45 pm … Grand opening celebration at new 35th/Barton 7-11, free food, drinks, other treats 11 am-1 pm … Cleaning house after the holidays? Northwest Center’s “Big Blue Truck” is in West Seattle Fridays-Sundays, 44th Av SW & SW Edmunds, 9 am – 5 pm. … P.S. If you see this early, another wave of “king tides” is under way, and a 12.5-foot high tide hits West Seattle at 7:26 this morning (next wave is later this month, peaking at 13.3 feet January 22-23).