Reader reports: 2 wildlife sightings


Thanks to Pete R, who says he got that photo near Don Armeni with “awesome zoom” – he says he has seen this pup before, and saw its mom swim by a few times while he was watching. Meantime, word of a daytime coyote sighting also landed in the inbox, from SH:

I wanted to let all the cat and dog owners know that I saw a coyote loping down the middle of Northrop Pl SW at noon yesterday. He was a beautiful animal, looked well-fed. I thought that the cats would be safe out during the day, but I am having second thoughts about that now. Thought I would let my neighbors know about it too.

Northrop is a short street here in the Upper Fauntleroy/Gatewood border zone (its south end is at the top of the Thistle Street stairs); here’s a map.

2 Replies to "Reader reports: 2 wildlife sightings"

  • CM January 9, 2008 (3:11 pm)

    If the coyote seen on Northrop was a big one, He’s been in the area for awhile. I first saw him during the big snowstorm last year. He’s incredibly curious so watch yourself if you see him around. I watched him walk right up to telephone line crew and dance around them a couple times before heading down Thistle to Northrop.

  • grr January 9, 2008 (8:14 pm)

    I saw him/her crossing California, near Thistle, heading west, right around dusk, about a week ago. He seemed pretty ‘traffic’ savy…I spotted him on the west side of Cali..and very cautiously crossed about 100 ft in front of me, no cars coming the other way.

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