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Nucor permit hearing: Virtually controversy-free


The red arrow in the photo above (from this page on the Puget Sound Clean Air Agency website) shows the spot where the Nucor steel plant (Delridge/Andover) wants to upgrade a crane so it can operate more hours. Because more hours mean more emissions, Nucor needs state and regional permits; tonight’s public hearing at the Alki Community Center provided the chance for supporters and opponents to have their say. One of the shortest public hearings we’ve ever attended:Read More

West Seattle crime watch: Sticker vandalism hits home

From Cendi:

I live on Gatewood Hill at California & Holden. Twice in the past two weeks, someone has come into my yard and put [well-known local business] stickers on my windows. It surprises me, because we are in such a highly visible area and the stickers were put on the two most visible sides of my house. Could this be working up to a break-in?

Don’t know if it’s a precursor to that, but it’s certainly vandalism. Police non-emergency number: 625-5011 (always on the Crime Watch page).

Buddha Ruksa closed for remodeling

After a worried Thai-food fan e-mailed to ask why they’re closed and not answering the phone, we found the building permit for their remodeling work, then went by and saw a note on the door says they’ll reopen for dinner 1/15 and for lunch 1/22. (2 other concerned would-be customers came by just during the few minutes we were checking!)

Denny-Sealth: Too late to turn back now?


What we heard from Seattle Public Schools administration at the end of the school board’s Denny-Sealth shared-campus project work session tonight boiled down to something a lot like what we heard at a meeting about it that we covered here in West Seattle last summer — Yes, we know, we didn’t get a whole lot of public input before roaring forward with this plan, but really, we’re in it too deep now to pull back, though we’ll get you a little more information on what it would cost to change course, if you really, really want it. The majority of the board members, of course, have been elected since the project was approved last year — 4 of the 7 school board members are brand new — and even though board president Cheryl Chow warned them not to get bowled over by the “freshman rush” of project opponents hitting them up, they asked for a chance to reconsider anyway.Read More

Denny-Sealth work session: New option, sort of

January 9, 2008 5:50 pm
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First top line from the school board’s just-concluded work session – maybe the Chief Sealth HS community’s concerns about the consolidation project would be alleviated if the district added at least $5 million to the Sealth renovations, for items such as a new roof and a new gym floor? District administration wants to focus on either that option or the current plan; the newer school board members want some more financial facts on the “rebuild Denny at Denny” third option too, before discarding it entirely. More details shortly; the work session wrapped up at 5:41, and the board is now about to launch into its regular session.

Apartments for sale, with a “C-word” hint


That’s the Bradford Arms at 3911 California (map), the latest West Seattle apartment building put up for sale (12 units, $2.2 million). As of this writing, the listing calls it a “condo-quality building.”

Update: Westwood RapidRide meeting details

January 9, 2008 3:24 pm
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Ellen Hansen from Metro just forwarded details on the newly added Westwood-area meeting planned to discuss RapidRide (as mentioned in our report below on the RR briefing at last night’s JuNO meeting): It’s not on the Metro website yet but she says it will be 6-7:30 pm February 19 at the Southwest Library.

Reader reports: 2 wildlife sightings


Thanks to Pete R, who says he got that photo near Don Armeni with “awesome zoom” – he says he has seen this pup before, and saw its mom swim by a few times while he was watching. Meantime, word of a daytime coyote sighting also landed in the inbox, from SH:

I wanted to let all the cat and dog owners know that I saw a coyote loping down the middle of Northrop Pl SW at noon yesterday. He was a beautiful animal, looked well-fed. I thought that the cats would be safe out during the day, but I am having second thoughts about that now. Thought I would let my neighbors know about it too.

Northrop is a short street here in the Upper Fauntleroy/Gatewood border zone (its south end is at the top of the Thistle Street stairs); here’s a map.

Traffic alert: California south of Fauntleroy

January 9, 2008 1:50 pm
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Police, fire and medics are converging on California near the southwestern entrance to Thriftway. Looks like “a guy down in the street,” according to our witness; more when we find out more. 2:25 PM UPDATE: Call closed, scene clear. Apparently a medical problem rather than an accident.

What’s going on at 35th & Avalon


Thanks to SW for e-mailing WSB to say work has really intensified today at the mixed-use project site at 35th & Avalon. We last discussed this project in mid-December, when the city granted a permit for shoring/mass excavation/erosion control. As you can see from the photo (taken from the bus stop on 35th, looking northeast at the site), all sorts of heavy equipment is there today; a new check of the city files reveals they’ve just applied for the building permit too. You can check architect Mark Travers‘ website to see what the future building is supposed to look like (we’re still wondering if they’re really going to build another Starbucks so close to the drive-thru!).

New details on Metro RapidRide, with opinions needed NOW

More than 2 weeks before the Metro RapidRide public open houses in West Seattle, the Junction Neighborhood Organization (JuNO) got a detailed preview of the future service last night, including even the buses’ likely red/yellow color scheme:


The buses will look different and so will their main stations and stops, so people will know the difference between a RapidRide bus and a regular bus. But before you get anywhere near riding one in 3 1/2 years, Metro’s looking for your thoughts on decisions to be made in a time frame that’s more like the next 3 1/2 months – decisions that might ultimately affect you even if you are sure you’ll never board a bus:Read More

Lots happening today/tonight

10 events listed/linked here, for today/tonight alone – from school tours, to the School Board on Denny/Sealth, to the West Seattle Chamber of Commerce‘s annual meeting, to the Nucor public hearing. Oh, and a premiere too!

Dakota Place Park finally moving ahead


Many have asked what’s up with the long-stalled park project at the old substation site (2007 photo above) north of The Junction. Now there’s a long-awaited update from Friends of Dakota Place Park:Read More