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Happy 75th, Husky Deli

November 30, 2007 11:49 pm
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The WSB video camera dropped by the Husky Deli 75th anniversary Open House tonight. The 1st clip includes a cameo of the spectacular cake created by nearby Bakery Nouveau; the 2nd one checks out the food & drink offered at the big event. Husky’s website, by the way, has been undergoing some renovations and now includes photos from Husky’s past. May the Miller family and staff enjoy 75 more! (at least)

West Seattle Christmas lights, 11/30/07

November 30, 2007 10:57 pm
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From just west of Westwood Village, on 30th south of Barton (map). Got bright lights or seen some? Please let us know (and thanks to those who’ve e-mailed sightings already!).

What a way to end the week


Thanks to Dave Gould for the photo above showing tonight’s spectacular sunset. ADDED 11:35 PM: Thanks also to David Hutchinson, who sent the panorama below:


West Seattle Weather Watch update

Here’s what the local meteorologists at the National Weather Service posted late this afternoon. Seems like the crux of this is the fact that cold air is moving in, and it’s going to collide with what the NWS calls a “weak system” – so we’re not necessarily looking at Snow Panic ’07.

West Seattle Weekend Lineup, Hometown Holidays (etc.) edition

Don’t get freaked by flakes in the forecast; it’s Hometown Holidays weekend, treesgraphic.jpgwith the official West Seattle Christmas Tree Lighting on Saturday night, a chance to share a charity fundraising breakfast with the West Seattle Kiwanis before the fun, and then later, a charity-fundraising dinner with the West Seattle Eagles (that’s all happening in The Junction too), a chance to explore Youngstown Cultural Arts Center during its Open House, a free Sunday night concert by the African Children’s Choir, and a ton more — 44 West Seattle events starting just a few hours from now:Read More

Flakes in the forecast, again

Didn’t happen the other day. Maybe it won’t happen this time. But you never know, so we are duty-bound to pass along the city’s “we’re getting ready just in case” press release, as well as the latest forecast, which says there might be a little snow tomorrow afternoon/evening; a few flakes might be extra-festive for tomorrow night’s West Seattle Christmas Tree Lighting (Farmers’ Market parking lot, with Dickens Carolers @ 5:30 pm and tree-lighting ceremony beginning @ 6, more details to come in the West Seattle Weekend Lineup, posting here by 2 pm) during Hometown Holidays in The Junction. Bundle up (and bring Warm Clothes Drive donations to help others do the same).

West Seattle crime watch: Delridge car break-ins

Just out of the inbox, from Stephanie (who lives slightly north of the Home Depot area of Delridge, for your frame of reference):

I was hoping you could post this as a warning to all those living on Delridge. I woke up this morning to my neighbor telling me her car and another neighbor’s car were broken into last night. The criminals broke the windows to get into the cars. It must have taken place early this AM since I came home late last night and saw nothing wrong with their cars. This is really upsetting that people would stoop this low to break into cars. So I guess all we can do is make sure our cars are locked, nothing is left in the car, and we watch out for one another.

Goodbye, Gee


Right on schedule, this truck was spotted this morning at one of the ex-Gee/Huling lots, picking up remaining vehicles; today is the day by which the Gees agreed to completely clear out, as per the agreement reached in the Hulings’ lawsuit to evict them for not paying rent. The Gees’ suit against the Hulings, meantime, goes on; most recent development reported here was a judge’s denial of the Hulings’ motion to force the Gees into arbitration, promptly appealed by the Hulings.

Reader Recommendation Request: Rats!

From LK:

I don’t know if the roof rats in my neighborhood read the P-I or what, but just a couple of days after the P-I’s “rats want to live in your house this winter” story, I was awakened by a critter gnawing its way through my eaves. And then running happily from one end of the attic to the other. Nice. I’ve called a couple of exterminators and not been called back, but last night I was awakened by a rat scampering around on my couch trying to get the last of the peanut butter out of my dog’s old Kong, so I’d like to get someone out here NOW. For now I’m heading to True Value for a half-dozen snap traps, but I need someone to do inspection and exclusion work. Sigh.

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Upzone uproar: Cayce & Gain face the neighbors

UPDATED FRIDAY MORNING: Last night’s West Seattle HS meeting on the California Ave upzoning proposal drew a big crowd (SRO in the library, almost 100 people). Very spicy meeting, with the landowners behind the proposal — real-estate/property-management partners Roger Cayce and Mike Gain — there not to make a presentation (that was done by their representative Josh Stepherson, and it was no different from what we heard at an informal meeting two weeks ago), but to participate in the discussion, where they heard lots of angry opposition, before and after explaining why they want the zoning changed. Here’s our complete report:Read More