Wind trouble, ongoing updates

Newest information first: 5:55 PM: The number of people affected by outages in Seattle is starting to drop, so while there’s no definite estimate for when everyone in WS will be back, that’s promising. Watching the barometer suggests the worst is over. 5:30 PM: In addition to the Fauntleroy/California intersection, we saw power out to at least the Seattle International Church vicinity a few blocks south, at last drive-past. 5:26 PM: Comcast cable internet service is out in at least one Upper Fauntleroy neighborhood. 5:18 PM: West Seattle outages on the city list total more than 10,000 homes/businesses. Also — great wave pix up at Beach Drive Blog. 5:00 PM: Power is back on at High Point Community Center. 4:40 PM: Qwest DSL service is reported down in at least one neighborhood near The Junction, though the land-line phones are still working. 4:32 PM: Power is out at the Fauntleroy/California intersection in Morgan Junction. 4:19 PM: Thanks to reader Margelyn for providing the City Light link to the latest outage list. Also, here’s the latest Weather Service “forecast discussion” – analysis to come. 4:14 PM: Update from the City Light hotline, more than 3,300 households/businesses are reported out in various areas of south and east WS; SCL doesn’t know when the power will be restored. 3:59 PM: Adding photo below this post showing tipping power pole that caused the wire trouble on Thistle. Also, report of power out in the High Point Community Center vicinity – activities are still happening but if the power’s not back by dark evening activities might be in jeopardy. 3:50 PM: From reader M, “Stoplights are out starting at Barton & 35th to at least Trenton & 35th (probably further but that is my turn). Arbor Hts Elementary 35th & 104th lost power about 3:15.” 3:25 PM: Reports of tree trouble in The Junction, including one near the Post Office and one in front of Seattle Fish. EARLIER: Washington State Ferries says power is restored at the Fauntleroy dock … City Light has reported various outages on the south side of West Seattle … City 911 reports “wires down” at 4615 SW Thistle, which is just east of Lincoln Park. NOTE: If you have photos of fallen trees or anything else weather-related, please send them in. We will be out and about getting some too, but yours are the best WSB eyes, ears, and cameras!


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  • k October 18, 2007 (2:59 pm)

    komo4 is reporting 7000 homes without power in west seattle.

  • A October 18, 2007 (3:00 pm)

    I’m down in Arbor Heights and we were without power for a few hours but it came back on around 2:45. City Light said our outage was affecting 4,000 customers. I saw one tree down coming home from work this afternoon on Ambaum.

  • cami October 18, 2007 (3:05 pm)

    Flickering at Alki….click save if you are working on something!

  • sw October 18, 2007 (3:23 pm)

    Flickering in SODO. Also, I hear cable is out on Gatewood Hill… :-(

  • sw October 18, 2007 (3:23 pm)

    Flickering in SODO. Also, I hear cable is out on Gatewood Hill… :-(

  • Westwood resident October 18, 2007 (3:27 pm)

    Power is out in NW Westwood.

  • Ken in West Seattle October 18, 2007 (3:33 pm)

    Flickers at Highpoint.

    Which reminds me how pissed I was that Seattle light moved me onto the same grid that feeds SHA. I had to watch all the lights my backfence neighbors were burning for 3 days after the last windstorm. Power was out 4 times last year for 1 or more days.

  • Anna October 18, 2007 (3:49 pm)

    Power is out near SSCC. Boo.

  • OP October 18, 2007 (4:01 pm)

    Doesn’t Seattle City Light have outage information on their site? I can’t find it for the life of me.

  • WSB October 18, 2007 (4:05 pm)

    Not that we have found. The outage info line is 206-684-7400 but it’s been busy for a while.

  • dq October 18, 2007 (4:11 pm)

    OP – i remember that during the storm in December their site and their phone number was of little help (i was one of the lucky ones without power for 7 days). of course we’d like to think things have changed since then…

  • Todd in westwood October 18, 2007 (4:13 pm)

    Anyone seen my garbage cans? :)

    “If a man does not know what port he is steering for, no wind is favorable to him”
    (Roman philosopher, mid-1st century AD)

  • MO October 18, 2007 (4:13 pm)

    Power out at Daystar. 4PM. They need their heat and elevator!

  • AA October 18, 2007 (4:16 pm)

    powerless in south delridge. From Delridge and Trenton it’s out as far as I can see in all directions.

  • Dawson October 18, 2007 (4:28 pm)

    Tree attacking my house but still in ground. Power is on here by the Junction.

  • Vanessa October 18, 2007 (4:34 pm)

    If you lose power, and have a land-line telephone AND have a cell phone….call the phone company to forward your calls to your cell phone. Free of charge. Us home based workers found this out during the last outage.

  • OP October 18, 2007 (4:46 pm)

    Thanks to whoever provided WSB with the outage link! May the force (and your electrical power) be with you. ;_)

  • Shawn October 18, 2007 (4:54 pm)

    The West Seattle Thriftway (and most of the area) lost power while I was there at about 4:15pm. :(

  • Sue October 18, 2007 (5:28 pm)

    Power flicking at Fauntleroy/Dawson for the past hour – hopefully any power outages will wait until my laundry is done in the dryer. :)
    Thanks, Shawn, for the report on Thriftway – we were going to head there shortly – guess we’ll go elsewhere just in case.

  • Jim Johnson October 18, 2007 (5:58 pm)

    Hey…So I went to the CityLight website and I can’t find the outage link anywhere! Is the city prepared? I can’t believe I found the link at the blog (actually I can) versus the City’s website! WOW! Sad!

  • Barbara October 18, 2007 (6:03 pm)

    Power has gone off then on about 4 times since 4:30 on Admiral and Belvedere.

  • Jan October 18, 2007 (6:06 pm)

    Barbara, I’m near Admiral and 42nd….same here…on and off about 5 times now. Guess I should just shut this thing down and chill, huh


  • Shawn October 18, 2007 (6:13 pm)

    Oops, sorry Sue. To clarify, West Seattle Thriftway lost power but they were running off generators and we were able to pay with a credit card just fine.

  • SomeGuy October 18, 2007 (6:54 pm)

    Looks like the lights are out at GEE too. Oh wait, never mind…

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