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Design reviewers to 4502 42nd: Don’t be the hulk on the hill

Long “early design guidance” meeting tonight — almost 2 hours — for the proposed mixed-use building we told you about last month at 4502 42nd SW, southeast corner of 42nd & Oregon, east edge of The Junction, where these small old homes now sit:


Discussion and concerns centered on two aspects of the project: Its size, and how traffic for the building will flow. At meeting’s end, Southwest Design Review Board members took the somewhat-uncommon step of telling the architect to come back for a second “early design guidance” meeting, meaning the project will ultimately go through at least three design-review meetings.Read More

Not open again, yet

Sunfish on Alki was posted as “closed Sept. 11 to Oct. 11.” It’s the 11th, and the sign’s gone, but they’re not open. Maybe that just meant “through” Oct. 11. We’ll check back tomorrow. Also, La Rustica hasn’t reopened yet, though as we reported earlier this week, the family says they’re determined to be open again in time for a big group that’s got a reservation for Saturday.

Roll out the red carpet: A premiere at the Admiral

As the new leadership at the Admiral Theater continues morphing it into much more than a second-run moviehouse, h&sposter.jpgthey’ve got local independent filmmakers premiering a movie there this Saturday. We talked (via e-mail) with co-director Damon Agnos of “Haymaker & Sally,” which he explains as: “If you liked ‘Starsky & Hutch’ but felt it needed more action; if you were thrilled by ‘Scarface’ but wished Tony would sponsor a Little League team; if you enjoyed ‘Serpico’ but wished he didn’t get shot in the face; if you always wanted ‘Miami Vice’ to do an episode where Crockett and Tubbs grill the kid behind the counter at the local Kinko’s, then ‘Haymaker & Sally’ is for you.” (Poster at right, designed by Andrew Miller.) So why premiere the movie in WS instead of the usual indy-film haunts (Capitol Hill, U-District, etc.)? Read on:Read More

Denny/Sealth: Next community meeting now confirmed

As promised at the somewhat contentious meeting we covered earlier this week regarding the Chief Sealth High School/Denny Middle School shared-campus project, another meeting is happening in short order: October 25th. School district liaison Eleanor Trainor explains, “(This) meeting will differ from the two general update meetings we’ve had. This meeting will focus on the pedestrian links and community initiatives for the Sealth campus. It will be an open forum for neighbors to discuss ideas about the exterior spaces and the campus’ connection to Longfellow Creek.” Here’s the official flyer:Read More

Gatewood Elementary rustles up “Kids for Kids’


If you have driven by the above-pictured greenery along Fauntleroy a couple blocks north of Lincoln Park, you might not know there’s an elementary school behind all that. But the fine folks of Gatewood Elementary have a plan to clear things up: Gatewood parent Steve White wrote to let us all know about the impending arrival — one week from today — of those beloved Rent-A-Ruminant goats (seen along Admiral back in July). Steve says the objective of the goats’ work October 18-21 is “to mow down a hillside of ivy as part of our playground renovation project. … The ivy removal is part of ridding the school grounds of invasive plant species, and restoring the native plants.” The Gatewood playground renovation, Operation Imagination, has been three years in the making and is going well thanks to donations of time and money as well as various grants; it will be spotlighted during a day of fun events while the goats are on site, “Kids for Kids,” 10 am-4 pm Saturday 10/20.

Halloween countdown


For everyone making Halloween plans: We’re adding West Seattle Halloween-related happenings to our Events page jackols.jpgas fast as we can find ’em. Less than three weeks now till the big night, but all the major organized fun happens the weekend of the 26-27-28, including Trick or Treat in The Junction on Saturday 10/27 and pumpkin decorating @ the WS Farmers’ Market on Sunday 10/28. Got a Halloween event that’s not on our page? Let us know!

Another reminder: Viaduct closures this weekend

SCENIC_Alaskan_Way_AWV.jpgIf you missed (or forgot) our alert last week: The Viaduct will be closed all day Saturday and much of the day on Sunday, for its next round of safety checkups. According to the official WSDOT info page, The Viaduct will close at 6 am both days, reopening at 7 pm Saturday, 3 pm southbound/4 pm northbound on Sunday. The earlier reopenings on Sunday are because of the evening Seahawks game; West Seattle gamegoers have an additional transportation option — special Water Taxi service that day, 3 pm-9:30 pm.

Traffic alert

October 11, 2007 8:00 am
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Heading westbound on The Bridge up the Fauntleroy end, just passed a fresh two-car fender bender in the left eastbound lane. Traffic was starting to back up. Beware if you have to head out from that end of the The Bridge. 8:17 UPDATE: May not be causing too much headache; you can check Fauntleroy eastbound just past Alaska on this city cam.

No “Gathering” till next year

The community-connection organization Megawatt has called off this year’s “Gathering of Neighbors” showcase, which had been scheduled for November 3rd. An e-mail announcement sent out last night by Megawatt leaders says the group has been focused on a “strategic planning process” and adds: “We are incredibly proud of our community events and programs, and over the next few months will work to support these programs by focusing on and building our organizational infrastructure. As part of this process, we have made a strategic decision to postpone … Gathering of Neighbors until 2008.” Megawatt says it will continue offering its community “field trips,” including an artist-studio tour on October 25th; more info on the Megawatt website (and the listings are on our frequently updated West Seattle-wide Events page too). For anyone who already signed up for the now-canceled Gathering of Neighbors, Megawatt says it will refund the table fees within the next few days.