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West Seattle Halloween ’07

Even as some of the bar parties just start getting into gear, we are in for the night. We traveled north to south, east to west, across West Seattle, including a stop at Skeleton Theatre (we’ll put up video in the morning — it’s playing again tomorrow night, so you have another chance to go see for yourself). We saw luminaria and lights, costumes from A(ngels) to Z(ombies), but we’re also glad to be back at WSB HQ sharing your Halloween scenes — including this last round of photos before the Witching Hour arrives. First, from the inbox: Tigger turned up to greet trick-or-treaters at Westwood Village tonight:


More major cuteness from the inbox: Baby Nate goes crustacean for his first Halloween:


We had seen this cool decoration outside a house not far from Skeleton Theatre but didn’t get a picture – Todd did:


Todd also was one of 2 people who sent us a photo of “Feed-O” the scary cat – this “Feed-O” photo is by MIST, who says the cat “was spitting out gummy rats”!


Now a final round of jack-o-lanterns. From Danny and Diane, a pumpkin with a statement:


A seasonal pumpkin array, from “mtnester” of Shorewood:


Huindekmi sent this next one and noted, “We don’t carve our pumpkin till Halloween”:


And the proud wife of Dan sends his creation, saying, “he just LOVES Halloween” …


Speaking of attacks – we have heard one more time from “West Seattle Art Attack,” who e-mailed WSB to say: “I placed a final pumpkin tonight in a deserving yard. It was a very pretty purple and pink one that my wife didn’t want to part with. I’ve discreetly checked on a couple of my previous placements and they haven’t moved. I’m not sure if the owners even know they are there.” Quick! Go check your yard (or tell your friends to check theirs)! You don’t want an unnoticed WSAA pumpkin sitting out there till spring … 11:55 PM ADDENDUM: This blogger tells the sorrowful saga of a nearly trick-or-treater-less night for her first West Seattle Halloween. Boo!

We’re heading out on Halloween patrol

Be safe, whatever you are up to. Here’s another West Seattle jack-o-lantern photo, this time from Heidi & Daniel; one more round later tonight — and thanks again to everyone who has sent theirs in!


On the block

Just received two notes in the past few minutes (thank you!!!!) about “PUBLIC AUCTION” signs up at the ex-GEE/ex-Huling site. As we reported last week, an auction was indeed part of the plan to enable the Gees to officially clear out by the end of November. 6:30 PM UPDATE: Thanks to Mike for finding this webpage about the auction and sending this photo:


Unusual West Seattle “haunt”; more jack-o-lanterns

While looking online for the legends of “haunted West Seattle,” the most unusual one we came across was … the Rite-Aid on California between Alaska and Morgan Junctions. Scroll to the 4th entry under “Seattle area” on this page. (It’s right below a much-better-known allegedly haunted WS spot, the Rainbow House.) Any favorite lesser-known haunts to share? Meantime – more jack-o-lanterns; first, “pumpkitties” from Margelyn:


And these two are from Kevin — a witch with cauldron, followed by “a tree that wishes you happiness”:



Still time to send yours; we’ll post more during Halloween night.

Bye-bye, Thai?

thai1.jpgSomeone e-mailed us a few weeks ago saying they had heard Thai on Alki (1325 Harbor Ave, next to Alki Tavern) was going out. So we’d been keeping an eye on it; drove by last night and, for the first time, noticed the interior looked fairly empty except for people doing some work; went by this morning to try to find out more — the signage is gone (as shown at left), the place looks cleaned out. No permit applications for anything at the site, no note on the door; the phone is answered with an announcement that sounds like business as usual, but it didn’t allow message-leaving. Looking up the corporate registration for the company that holds the business license, we found the name is the same as someone who had a Craigslist ad up a few weeks ago (pointed out to us at the time by a reader) selling restaurant items (the ad’s not cached in Google but one line of text from it that is, includes the Thai on Alki number). Another tidbit noted during research: The parcel has been owned since 2004 by “Salty’s Properties.”

“West Seattle Art Attack” caught on camera


OK, maybe “caught on camera” isn’t entirely the best phrase, since this photo (and others) came from “West Seattle Art Attack” him/herself — and proves they have accomplices — shown here at one of the five houses where they say they left pumpkins last night. (Catch up on what this is all about by reading yesterday’s first post and later update.) Ahead, see if you recognize the four other distinctively decorated homes “hit” last night — plus, beneath the photos, one caveat from WSAA:Read More

Halloween’s here: West Seattle highlights

October 31, 2007 9:31 am
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(Jack-o-lanterns designed by Ryan & Abby, carved by Lisa & Abby) The big day/night has arrived. Many Halloween happenings are on our WSB Events page; some biggies include:

MORE BUSINESS TRICK-OR-TREATING: The merchants of the Admiral District are offering treats 3-6 pm today; Westwood Village businesses are welcoming trick-or-treaters 5-7 pm.

GROWNUP FUN: Many WS establishments are partying tonight, including Skylark, where the “Come as You Aren’t” Battle of the Bands sounds like a hoot (full lineup here); and northeast West Seattle will be alive with the sights and sounds of Skeleton Theatre, 6-9 pm.

HIGH POINT HAPS: Check out the full list on the Events page – some great stuff going on in West Seattle’s award-winning development, including a canine costume contest at 7:30.

LATER: We’ll be mentioning some legendary West Seattle haunts, including the most unlikely-sounding one we’ve come across so far. Save your faves for comments on that post!

Ercolini Park: They (you) did it!

October 31, 2007 7:15 am
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Just two days ago, we told you about the fundraising deadline today for matching funds to make Ercolini Park (48th/Alaska; photo above from last summer) a true park when construction work begins shortly — and we have word from Bill Barna that, thanks to one last big donation — $2,800 from Wanda Pommer — they made it! Bill and everyone at Friends of Ercolini Park send out a huge thanks to everyone who helped them reach the goal and says the big thing now is to make good on commitments of volunteer time (also vital in the “matching funds” process); as Bill explains, “It is also important to remember that all the volunteer hours that were pledged have actually been assigned a dollar value. If the volunteers don’t make good on their contributions some of the park features may suffer. So, PLEASE, everyone who committed time … make good on your pledge.”

In it to win it

Frank Coluccio e-mailed WSB late tonight with a hearty “GO GATORS!” — on behalf of the Holy Rosary 7th grade girls’ soccer team, which has made it to the Catholic Youth Organization championship game, after defeating St. Bernadette of Burien, 3-0. The Gators play Sacred Heart for the title at Bishop Blanchet, noon Saturday.

Last pumpkins of the night

Before Halloween Eve makes way for Halloween … more pumpkin pix. First, call it the ultimate glass pumpkin — outlined in the windows of the WaMu Center, visible from West Seattle’s north- and east-facing shore – several people sent us photos (thank you SO much!!!!) – this one’s from Allie:


Now a few more jack-o-lanterns from WSB-land, starting with these from Cori and Keith:


Here we have Claire‘s pumpkin:


And from the Heck Family:


Thanks to everybody who’s shared their pumpkin creations with us and the rest of WSB-land … more to come tomorrow (and you can still e-mail us your pix!).

West Water, the website

For everyone who just couldn’t wait to find out more about this suddenly much-advertised condo conversion south of Morgan Junctionthe website is now up. (As are [illegal] sandwich-board signs all along southbound 99 going at least as far back as the Battery Street Tunnel.) If you’ve got some time to kill, take a look at the site and (a) find the errors and (b) tell us if you recognize the coffee shop on the “contact” page.

More fun than “NORAD Tracks Santa” …


… it’s “WSB Tracks the Art Attack(er)”! Well, “tracking” isn’t quite the right word, but we have received another communique from the mysterious artist leaving glass pumpkins in deserving West Seattle yards. “AA” reports having visited Alki already tonight and is at last report headed elsewhere. (Should we be leaving cookies and milk on the doorstep?)


They say they’re ready – really and truly ready

More detailed declarations are out today from various local/regional government agencies saying they are all set to handle whatever winter throws at them (oh, say, something icy like the weather that led to the scene below in Upper Fauntleroy last January). Here’s what the state says; here’s what the county says; and here’s how the city puts it.icyjanuary11th.jpg There are some specifics of interest, including, from the county press release: “Through an effort spearheaded by the King County Department of Transportation, cities all across the county have teamed up with Metro Transit and the county’s Roads Services Division to more closely link priority snow removal routes with bus routes.” And from WSDOT’s press release: “This year WSDOT has: installed new, more reliable wind sensors on the SR 520 and I-90 bridges; added new supply stockpiles at locations closer to the roads they serve; added more deicer capacity to dozens of trucks; provided hand-held road temperature sensors to dozens of drivers; incorporated transit routes into snow removal plans; sent more staff to snow college to become better trained in snow fighting; cross-trained additional staff to work in the emergency operations center and serve as plow truck operators Incident Response Team members.” The various agencies also are teaming up on the Take Winter by Storm website. No early November storm in sight at this point, knock wood; the forecast for Friday and beyond looks promising.

Halloween countdown update, plus jack-o-lanterns with an edge

HALLOWEEN COUNTDOWN: Fun stuff happening around West Seattle tonight, including Costume Karaoke at Skylark; check the WSB Events page for more.

JACK-O-LANTERN WATCH: Thanks for sending in the pumpkin photos — keep ’em coming; even after this batch we have more left, but we’ll get them all in before Halloween has come and gone. Our theme this time — jack-o-lanterns with an edge (to say the least). First, we have Luckie‘s cutely cannibalistic creation:


The other two “edgy” jack-o-lanterns are even more PG-13 so our dainty sensibilities are leading us to put them a click off the home page — YOU’VE BEEN WARNED!Read More

Tuesday tidbits, early afternoon edition

-After driving under the Fauntleroy overpass “Help 7-year-old Dylan fight leukemia!” banner again, we caught the phone number (and realized we originally posted the wrong name – surname on the banner is actually Redlinger). So we called that number last night to try to find out more; it was answered by a very generic voicemail/machine message. We left our contact info; no response yet.

-More on the lightning-speed condo conversion at the newly renamed West Water, south of Morgan Junction. Sarah e-mailed to say she saw a TV commercial for it, adding: “Thought it was interesting that they didn’t show any pictures of the condos themselves, but there sure were plenty of Alki and downtown!”

-One week till Election Day. You may well have voted already (if you vote in person, like us old traditionalists, this may be your last chance, we’ll see you at the polls). There’s been so much great election coverage all over other media sources lately that we haven’t had anything unique to add, but here’s one note we’ve been meaning to mention — if you are still trying to sort out where you stand on Proposition 1 (“Roads & Transit”), Chas Redmond pointed out the recent Sustainable West Seattle forum on Prop 1 is captured in a podcast (mp3 download) on the SWS site. One other election note – has an interesting West Seattle-specific observation on the School Board District 6 race. (Though the entire city votes on every School Board seat that’s on the ballot, whoever wins District 6 — Steve Sundquist or Maria Ramirez — will be “our” representative, replacing Irene Stewart, who decided not to run again.)

West Seattle Art Attack!

If you’re at home – go peek at your yard – you might have a present from a mysterious, anonymous local glass artist who tells WSB he/she has been leaving surprises in yards around West Seattle “that look like their owners would appreciate a new bit of unexpected art.” The artist sent photographic proof (the one at right was taken under cover of night):

The artist says you’ll know it’s one of theirs if it’s signed “West Seattle Art Attack.” Let us know if you find one! (P.S. More jack-o-lantern photos coming; still time to get yours in.)

2 things Water Taxi supporters need to know, now

wttuesday.jpgFirst one is a simple reminder: The Elliott Bay Water Taxi between West Seattle and downtown is in the final days of its extended 2007 season; after the afternoon/evening commute runs on Friday, it’s docked for the year. Second one, not quite so simple, but even more important:Read More

Tomorrow’s not just Halloween …

ercolinisign.jpg… it’s also the fundraising deadline for Friends of Ercolini Park, to help them qualify for city matching funds in their work to create a park for the growing residential neighborhoods west of The Junction. (The land has been set aside — but now it’s time to start putting in the features that will transform it into a park.) The group says work should be starting within a few weeks, and they expect to have “a park to play in by spring!” Read more about the project on the city’s page about it, and to help Friends of Ercolini Park get across the $ finish line, use the “donate” link on the group’s website. (Also coming up, this blog post from an Ercolini relative reminds us, is the deadline for the city to accept name suggestions, though as that writer notes, it’s hard to imagine it could end up being named anything else.)

More information on this morning’s West Seattle house fire


The most recent information recorded on the Seattle Fire Department media info line says the fire that gutted this house on 23rd north of Willow this morning was “a set fire.” No elaboration on that, so far. The Fire Department also says no one was hurt and the family living in the home is now staying with relatives. The total cost of damage done by the fire is estimated at $150,000.

Pet protection, plus a pair of pleas

The city is offering pet owners this advice on Halloween pet safety. Meantime, two missing cats to be on the lookout for — e-mail WSB if you have information on either one, and we will put you in touch with the owners:

tigger.jpgsage.jpg.bmpThe photo at left shows Tigger, an 11-year-old indoor cat missing since Saturday 10/20; his owners think the wind blew open their patio door, and out Tigger went. He should be wearing a black collar with identifying information and his license tag. He’s a silver/gray Maine Coon Tabby. … The photo at right shows Sage, also an indoor cat, but her owner says Sage’s escape this past Saturday night is a mystery. They live in the Sylvan Ridge development on the west edge of the High Point area. Sage is bluish-gray with a white belly.

Halloween countdown: Skeleton Theatre site, HP jack-o-lanterns

Two nights till Halloween! As we count down … first, a photo from what promises to be one of the wildest Halloween night events in West Seattle (and it continues the night AFTER Halloween as well) — Skeleton Theatre at 36th & Hanford. This free neighborhood production drew thousands last year; this year, the Skeleton Theatre team has a website up with lots of info about the show, the people, when and where to see it. And they sent this cool photo:


And we continue showcasing the pumpkin photos you’re sending. In honor of the High Point award mentioned earlier, here are three jack-o-lanterns by a family in HP — first by Rachel; next by Galen; then, by Michael (more later!):




Update on Saturday night 35th accident: Victim has died

According to the King County Medical Examiner hotline’s afternoon update, the man hit by an SUV near Fire Station 37 on Saturday night — closing off two blocks of 35th for several hours — has died. He is identified as 85-year-old Oswald Clement.

Huge honor for High Point

October 29, 2007 4:08 pm
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The development has just won a Global Award for Excellence — one of only two U.S. projects among the 5 winners worldwide. Here’s what the judges liked about it.