Roll out the red carpet: A premiere at the Admiral

As the new leadership at the Admiral Theater continues morphing it into much more than a second-run moviehouse, h&sposter.jpgthey’ve got local independent filmmakers premiering a movie there this Saturday. We talked (via e-mail) with co-director Damon Agnos of “Haymaker & Sally,” which he explains as: “If you liked ‘Starsky & Hutch’ but felt it needed more action; if you were thrilled by ‘Scarface’ but wished Tony would sponsor a Little League team; if you enjoyed ‘Serpico’ but wished he didn’t get shot in the face; if you always wanted ‘Miami Vice’ to do an episode where Crockett and Tubbs grill the kid behind the counter at the local Kinko’s, then ‘Haymaker & Sally’ is for you.” (Poster at right, designed by Andrew Miller.) So why premiere the movie in WS instead of the usual indy-film haunts (Capitol Hill, U-District, etc.)? Read on:

agnos&ponch.jpgDamon (the guy at left, in the photo at left) says he’s premiering the movie here not just because the Admiral is a cool place, but also because they shot the movie in Georgetown and wanted to keep the premiere in “the south end (of the city).” This is the film’s second showing; the first one was in New York. Here are the highlights of our online mini-interview:

Do you have any ties to West Seattle, besides the local premiere coming up here?

“It’s hard not to have ties to a hood as fine as West Seattle. (It now has a Than Brothers, too!) A number of our cast members live and/or work there, including Koda, the dog. I’ll probably be eating at Spiro’s before the show. And I must say that Colman Pool is the best swimming pool on earth.”

How many other movies have you made? Are you a film-school graduate?

“I participated in the making of one other movie, ‘The Reid/Secrest Olympics,’ a documentary about an epic athletic competition between two unathletic, lifelong rivals. My co-director for ‘Haymaker & Sally,’ Jason Reid, directed that documentary and has worked on a number of other projects, including a music video for local artist Tim Seely that will be showing before the feature on Saturday. Neither Jason nor I have formal film training.”

What’s next for “Haymaker & Sally” after the Admiral premiere?

“I think we’ll be looking at film festivals — Cannes, Sundance … whoever will take us.”

Hmm. What’s next for you?

“Jason’s planning a documentary about a bicycle trip across China, leading up to the 2008 Olympics. I’m sure he has other projects up his sleeve as well (ask him at the screening). As for me, I’ll be back to the written word, blogging on my own site and on Buzzer Beater, the Seattle Weekly’s sports blog, and writing a mystery novel I’ve had planned for a while.”

If you want to meet Damon, Jason, and the stars of their movie, he says they’ll be at Saturday night’s premiere: “West Seattleites may notice darker skies, as all the stars will be in the Admiral!” The “Haymaker & Sally” MySpace page has a link to buy tickets, plus the trailer (with a caveat that its audio is NSFW – we previewed it ourselves, and we would add, EXTREMELY … not for tender ears in general).

By the way, the Admiral has another unique event ahead, weekend after next — burlesque.

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  • Bill Giles October 13, 2007 (2:16 am)

    Damon, Great interview, looking forward to seeing you on the red carpet!!

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