Denny/Sealth: Next community meeting now confirmed

As promised at the somewhat contentious meeting we covered earlier this week regarding the Chief Sealth High School/Denny Middle School shared-campus project, another meeting is happening in short order: October 25th. School district liaison Eleanor Trainor explains, “(This) meeting will differ from the two general update meetings we’ve had. This meeting will focus on the pedestrian links and community initiatives for the Sealth campus. It will be an open forum for neighbors to discuss ideas about the exterior spaces and the campus’ connection to Longfellow Creek.” Here’s the official flyer:


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  • Melissa Aaron October 12, 2007 (10:30 am)

    You mentioned in your first post that sparks flew. Could you, would you elaborate on that? Enquiring minds wanna know. Also, they’re our neighborhood schools, so we have a direct and selfish interest.

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