Another reminder: Viaduct closures this weekend

SCENIC_Alaskan_Way_AWV.jpgIf you missed (or forgot) our alert last week: The Viaduct will be closed all day Saturday and much of the day on Sunday, for its next round of safety checkups. According to the official WSDOT info page, The Viaduct will close at 6 am both days, reopening at 7 pm Saturday, 3 pm southbound/4 pm northbound on Sunday. The earlier reopenings on Sunday are because of the evening Seahawks game; West Seattle gamegoers have an additional transportation option — special Water Taxi service that day, 3 pm-9:30 pm.

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  • Jiggers October 11, 2007 (11:17 am)

    Ok… Anyone here uses the 54 or 55 route to town and back? Anyways, the new bus routes to me kind of sucks. I ride at least three or four times a week to work to town and back, but does anyone dislike how you have to trot all the way to third avenue, the only street they pick you up on and also only selected stops as well? WHo’s bright idea was that?

  • Sue October 11, 2007 (1:24 pm)

    I actually prefer the new route since I work on 3rd. I think every change that inconveniences one person will benefit another. The only time I will hate the new route is when I go to a dr. appt. up at Virginia Mason (Seneca & 9th) and instead of picking up the 54 on 5th, I have to walk down to 3rd.

  • Jeff October 11, 2007 (2:34 pm)

    My regret is that they split the 54/55 from all the other West Seattle bus lines (21, 22, but especially 56 and 57). Prior to that change, I could just wait at one spot, 1st and Seneca, and jump on whichever bus to Westside came first. Now, when it’s late evening, and I’m looking to spend as little time downtown as possible, and already my options are divided in half. I’m sure their intentions were good, as they’re trying to tie the 54/55 lines in better with the bus tunnels, but please give us a spot where all the westbound buses run and I’ll wait there.

  • carraignasplinkeen October 11, 2007 (3:40 pm)

    Service Planning is the group at Metro to contact with comments such as these:

  • Kayleigh October 12, 2007 (11:54 am)

    I HATE the changes to the 54! Now I miss my connection and have to get up almost 1/2 hour earlier in the morning…and the closest stop back to West Seattle coming home is the dreaded 3rd & Pike–truly a foul place to wait for the bus. Like my commute didn’t suck enough–now it sucks even more.

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