Not open again, yet

Sunfish on Alki was posted as “closed Sept. 11 to Oct. 11.” It’s the 11th, and the sign’s gone, but they’re not open. Maybe that just meant “through” Oct. 11. We’ll check back tomorrow. Also, La Rustica hasn’t reopened yet, though as we reported earlier this week, the family says they’re determined to be open again in time for a big group that’s got a reservation for Saturday.

5 Replies to "Not open again, yet"

  • Jiggers October 11, 2007 (6:23 pm)

    Give them time…

  • scott October 12, 2007 (11:25 am)

    The Sunfish brothers always go to Greece this time of year to see their family. Give them a few days……..

  • babs October 13, 2007 (10:05 am)

    i walked by yesterday and saw one of the owners insite with the tables flipped over as if it were to be cleaned. he said they will be open next week.

  • Erik October 13, 2007 (11:15 pm)

    I just walked by and the ’11’ was crossed out and a ’15’ scribbled on. So it looks like Tuesday.

  • WSB October 13, 2007 (11:27 pm)

    For the last two comments, we’re guessing you’re referring to Sunfish? We also checked earlier on La Rustica and they seemed to be having some sort of water problem — Puget Sound Energy truck out front and when our drive-by correspondent asked if they’d be opening, they said, “If we get hot water.” After that, things got crazy with the shooting, so we won’t get to check back again till tomorrow.

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