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Ready for another restaurant on Alki?

On the west end of the Alki restaurant district, the Pegasus Pizza building project (2758 Alki) is no longer alone. Another project has surfaced in the next block: The last little low-rise residence (2810 Alki), sandwiched between Bamboo and the ex-Alki Market, is slated to be replaced by a three-story building described as two floors of restaurant topped by one residential unit. A Design Review Board “early design guidance” meeting for the project is already set for September 13th.

Freeway Fright ’07: The specifics

i5logo1.jpgAs the I-5 closures roll ever-closer, the very nice folks in communications @ WSDOT are working overtime to be sure even small news “organizations” like WSB are supplied with every last little bit of info. Among today’s bits: This helpful link including the specifics on exactly which lanes are scheduled to be closed when. That includes a complete lack of access to NB I-5 from the east end of The Bridge this weekend — so don’t even try.

Petco @ Charlestown Cafe site? Here’s what’s next

This Thursday night, the city’s Southwest Design Review Board will take a look at the latest design for the proposed Petco store at the Charlestown Cafe site.

We’ve received a pre-meeting update from Mark Wainwright with Our Town West Seattle, the community group keeping a close watch on this project and the restaurant’s fate; the group met last Thursday to look ahead to this week’s Design Review meeting.

Mark says there’s a new architect for the Petco plan, Sienna Architecture, based in Portland but with a Seattle office. He adds, “The project design is, in a word, better … this design may have the potential to be Petco’s nicest store.”

Click ahead to read what else Mark says:Read More

Coffee closure


Thanks to the WSB reader who sent e-mail to call to our attention the fact that, not long after its sale, Carosello Coffee (former Coffee Shoppe, former Casablanca) on 35th north of Holden is closed. Handwritten sign on its door says NEW OWNERSHIP, WILL REOPEN SOON. The business next door (also recently sold) has already changed from Koze to Northwest Montessori (which used to be on the grounds of the former Calvary Lutheran Church at 35th/Cloverdale, now Life Church Ministries, the congregation, previously known as Gatewood Baptist before selling its Cali/Othello building to developers who resold it to Seattle International Church … whew, sounds like a soap-opera recap).

Tonight’s the night….for Night Out

NIGHTOUTLOGO.jpgAll over West Seattle — and much of the rest of the country — you’ll see something you don’t usually see in most neighborhoods: Neighbors out in the street, sharing good times, good food, good ideas. It’s Night Out, the sleek new-ish name for what once upon a time was known as National Night Out Against Crime. Neighborhoods that met the deadline for registering their events with the Seattle Police Southwest Precinct here in WS will get to close off (non-arterial) streets for their block parties. SPD said they were unable to provide us with a list, but some neighborhoods told us about their locations; others were posted online. Click ahead for the latest list (updated as people send us more locations); if you’re involved in any Night Out event tonight, we invite you to send us a photo afterward for posting here at WSB (represent!).Read More