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Heroes on the 21X

This just arrived in our inbox from a WSB reader:

I wanted to note a scary incident on the 21 Express to West Seattle Friday evening.

A female rider became verbally abusive on the bus when she realized the bus was making the right turn onto the Columbia on-ramp to Highway 99. I’ve dubbed her the ‘scary bus female’ (SBF) because she definitely was not a lady. The bus had already started on the on-ramp so could not let her off. She insisted to the driver that she had been let off before. As the bus progressed, she returned to her seat loudly expressing her displeasure. She was upset and very vocal about it. The entire ride was unnerving for those who sat in the back with her.

Midway on 99, she made the ride much worse making threats to kill a woman and her grandson. Fellow riders, including a gentleman beside me, quickly got up to help control the situation. The grandmother and her grandson and other riders moved away from SBF. Several riders stood creating a human fence to block SBF from the rest of us. F or the rest of the trip on 99, until the first stop at 35th and Avalon, SBF was corraled until it was time for her to get off. The driver alert Metro base and we last saw SPD arrive at the scene but our bus was not detained per the wish of the grandmother as she wanted all of us to get home. I hope they’re okay as this was a horrible experience.

It was admirable what these people did. It made me only think of what happened several years ago when a Metro bus went off the Aurora bridge. Kudos to these riders. They helped prevent something that could have been worse.

Santa(s) spotted in West Seattle

August 3, 2007 9:53 pm
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Somewhere in Georgetown right now, there’s one whale of a party, at the finish line of a bicycle race that started a few hours ago at Redline (ex-Legends). We didn’t heard about it, or its uniquely named sponsor club, till late this morning, when we read about it at Metroblogging Seattle and added it to the weekly WS Weekend Lineup. We’re nothing if not curious, so a member of Team WSB went over tonight with camera in tow, and was immediately drawn to the St. Nick wanna-bes in the crowd…


More pix after the click:Read More

Seafair Free Friday, the “low show” lowdown

August 3, 2007 8:11 pm
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The “barely a sliver of sun before Sunday” forecast turned out to be SO not true today. Things improved steadily after our arrival on the lakeshore … see the two different views of the sky over Stan Sayres Pits, 11:30 am-ish and 1:30 pm-ish:


The Blue Angels still did their so-called “low show,” no doubt planned hours earlier thanks to the same gloomy forecasts. Fun anyway. More miscellaneous pix and tales, after the click:Read More

WS kidnap/attack suspect nabbed

August 3, 2007 5:25 pm
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Just got home from Seafair Free Friday etc. (more on that later) and thanks to MargL out there in WSBland, didn’t even have to surf the news sites to find out the guy accused of kidnapping and attacking an Arbor Heights woman is now under arrest, caught in Cle Elum, where the victim was found yesterday. P-I article here. 8 PM UPDATE: This story says the suspect’s name is Alfred Layton (although the same story misspells the victim’s name, so take that into consideration). 10:55 PM UPDATE: According to the online King County Jail Inmate Lookup, Layton was booked into the county jail at 9:40 tonight for investigation of kidnapping and burglary.

Building boom thunders on

Two things to tell you about quickly, before we run out to implore the current sunbreak to hold long enough for Blue Angels and hydros and all that:

-The semiweekly city Land Use Info Bulletin revealed a plan for a new 2-story building, described as “restaurant on the ground floor and offices above,” at the site of Pegasus Pizza. A Design Review Board meeting is already set for August 23rd. This would be the first big building project in that part of the Alki business district since the revamp of the former Alki Market (now Cactus and future All the Best Pet Care).

-Many potential WS projects we hadn’t previously heard about are listed on this message board we just discovered (along with many we HAD heard about). No clue what those folks’ sources are but we are trying to find out!

WS weekend lineup: What to do when/if you’re not @ Seafair

August 3, 2007 7:11 am
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Outdoor concerts, outdoor movie, outdoor swimming, outdoor Shakespeare … Even if the weekend cloudiness comes true, get out and have a blast anyway. Or take a break indoors … the Admiral’s even got an indie film screening with the film’s producer/star! Click ahead for this week’s edition of what’s up Friday morning thru Sunday night:Read More

Liftoff for JuNO

August 3, 2007 2:39 am
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Christopher Boffoli tells WSB that the first meeting of the new Junction Neighborhood Organization, JuNO, had a great turnout last night (especially considering the temptations of a warm summer night). He also passes on some updates about area crime, procured from a Seattle Police rep in attendance — click to read what Christopher reports about that:Read More


Yes, the blog was shown for a few seconds on King5 News at eleven o’clock Wednesday night (part of actual tv screen shown below), when their anchorguy announced that the station’s excellent site collecting Seattle blogs, Citizen Rain, had picked WSB as “Blog of the Week.” Makes up for losing the “Best Neighborhood Blog ’07” title to our witty and talented pals at Capitol Hill Seattle (though we didn’t even know there was a competition till we heard they won; maybe we’ll have a chance in ’08).