Building boom thunders on

Two things to tell you about quickly, before we run out to implore the current sunbreak to hold long enough for Blue Angels and hydros and all that:

-The semiweekly city Land Use Info Bulletin revealed a plan for a new 2-story building, described as “restaurant on the ground floor and offices above,” at the site of Pegasus Pizza. A Design Review Board meeting is already set for August 23rd. This would be the first big building project in that part of the Alki business district since the revamp of the former Alki Market (now Cactus and future All the Best Pet Care).

-Many potential WS projects we hadn’t previously heard about are listed on this message board we just discovered (along with many we HAD heard about). No clue what those folks’ sources are but we are trying to find out!

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  • Jan August 3, 2007 (11:22 am)

    hmmm…should we assume that the restaurant in the new place down on Alki will still be Pegasus Pizza? Or are they leaving? It would be a shame to lose them….great food there.

  • RobertSeattle August 3, 2007 (11:53 am)

    Where is this “314 California Avenue” going – address doesn’t make sense.

  • Jan August 3, 2007 (1:45 pm)

    RS… I noticed that. 314 Calif SW doesn’t exist…there’s a number missing. Supposedly it’s going to be somewhere between the post office and Shoofly Pie Co. to the north? That’s where the Eagles are…I don’t think they’re giving up their property, but I may be wrong. I’d like a clarification , too.

  • RobertSeattle August 3, 2007 (2:51 pm)

    Just for trivia’s sake, what existing building is the tallest in West Seattle?

  • chas redmond August 3, 2007 (3:20 pm)

    Probably CalMor – senior living – round building at Morgan and California (Fauntleroy crossing California). It was grandfathered like the apartment building on North Beacon. Current code won’t allow anything that high in either place. Highest Junction area can go is 85 feet, highest Morgan can go is – I believe – 65 and I”m not sure about Admiral but it would be either 45 or 65. I think Alki is limited to 65 also. That’s generally considered to be the distance between the street grade and the tallest element of the building, although there is some accommodation for buildings on steep slopes as to where they start that distance measuring. If Vlad comments here, he can give a better read.

  • Mickymse August 3, 2007 (3:26 pm)

    Only TWO stories? Seems like kind of a waste to me. Couldn’t we fit three or four stories there without looking too wildly out of place?

  • MW August 3, 2007 (3:41 pm)

    That’s a crazy collection of WS projects…
    The “314 California” project can’t be real – its too tall for any zone in the area, among other things.
    And yes, the address is not correct.

  • Katherine August 3, 2007 (5:00 pm)

    Does anyone have any idea where the Avalon Apartments are proposed for? Seems to me Avalon is pretty well built up now. I suppose one of the few remaining single family homes is going to disappear.

  • chas redmond August 3, 2007 (6:17 pm)

    On the (I think classy) industrial design at 314 California, standard floor distance is 10 feet. You could, though, squeeze one more floor out of 85 feet if you got a grade set-aside for the parking entrance (consider it to be ‘below grade’) and gave 1 foot less per floor, which seems totally feasible since this (if you believe the artist’s rendering) will probably be nouveau industrial (Industrial renaissance? Northwest Wright Craftsman?) even on the inside and poured concrete floors with steel girds for framing – I had a friend in Arlington who built a brand-new house in a really tiny area of central Ballston (two square block of single-family in the middle of super-high-rise zone) and it was totally industrial – glass bricks to separate the bathrooms, very high windows so as to vent but not reveal the surroundings. Very, very cool. Hey, we’re evolving. If you’re gonna build a tall-skinny, why not embrace an evolving architectural style as well. Consider it a bit of the Pompidou Center in the Junction.

  • Jan August 3, 2007 (7:18 pm)

    Chas,,,maybe they’ll rename it and call it “The Pomp” ;-)

  • The House August 3, 2007 (11:18 pm)

    Does anyone know what’s being built on the North side of Westwood Village on Trenton?

  • WSB August 4, 2007 (9:05 am)

    We saw that land-use notice some months back … can’t find it now though, oddly, no activity is listed on that parcel, but we’ll keep looking. 80 percent sure it was going to be, yes, townhouses. Definitely a residential development, anyway. If you mean the parcel kittycorner from the NE edge of WV.

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