Seafair Free Friday, the “low show” lowdown

August 3, 2007 8:11 pm
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The “barely a sliver of sun before Sunday” forecast turned out to be SO not true today. Things improved steadily after our arrival on the lakeshore … see the two different views of the sky over Stan Sayres Pits, 11:30 am-ish and 1:30 pm-ish:


The Blue Angels still did their so-called “low show,” no doubt planned hours earlier thanks to the same gloomy forecasts. Fun anyway. More miscellaneous pix and tales, after the click:

As we mentioned earlier, you can sit yourself right down on the Lake Washington shore near Stan Sayres Pits/Genesee Park on Seafair Friday for free, because technically, everything you see is a practice or test. The hydros go out one at a time, see how fast they can or can’t go, then chug back in (and from the unmuffled sounds of some of them, we do mean “chug”).


Closer look at above hydro, which until and unless a race fanatic pipes up, we will have to dub “Miss Wehavenocluewecouldntheartheannouncer”:


Not too huge a crowd on the slope where we rolled out our blanket, at the foot of Horton Street as we’ve done the past few years; here’s what it looked like to our immediate left (north):


Of course, we must include a pic of the Blue Angels themselves. Not long after we took this photo, one of the four jets that form the “diamond” group (six Blue Angels in all, when you add in the “soloists”) dropped out of the show — the formations that are usually done with four jets were subsequently done with three, those usually done with all six were done with five. Haven’t found any explanation yet of what happened.


If you are going either or both of the next two days, when admission is charged (some deals available with advance planning), take cash for the concessions; our scouts couldn’t find anyone taking credit cards. Though we’ll admit, they didn’t check the McDonald’s booth. Yes, McDonald’s. Racing schedule here; air show info here (look cool by not mistaking the Patriot Jet Team for the Blue Angels); I-90 closure schedule here. As for us, it’s back to the Museum of Flight, still haven’t seen a formal walkdown!

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