Guess where! No, really, guess!

Love the townhouse boom or hate it, you have to agree a lot of these projects seem cookie-cutter. townhousegeneric.jpgHere’s one example that made us laugh: A Craigslist ad for “luxurious townhomes in West Seattle” with no address, just a rendering (left) that could be any one of at least half a dozen we’ve seen. Which reminds us that a reader pointed out a reassuring note in a recent city memo, about a “Townhouse Design Workshop” in the works. Whew. What a relief.

2 Replies to "Guess where! No, really, guess!"

  • flipjack May 19, 2007 (10:36 am)

    Yes, they are soooo luxurious until you realize a year down the road that the closets aren’t square, the hardware is cheap, and the floors squeak.
    Anything that goes up that fast can’t be of the kind of quality that can last.
    Not that they are all that bad, but I know people who have worked on some of these developments and it’s sometimes crazy what extent they go to to cut corners.

  • Wendy May 21, 2007 (4:08 pm)

    I think these are the townhomes at Delridge and Myrtle.

    Have you seen the Sylvan Ridge townhomes? Yuck. I saw an ad on craiglist for those – for rent.

    Not that I hate townhomes. I am so sold on them now that my husband and I are buying one in High Point, in the Polygon section. Can’t wait to move in August!!

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