Open, or almost

Did the ex-Rainier Roaster Starbucks drive-thru quietly open already? Haven’t been by in daylight in a few days; happened past it late last (Tues) night and noticed the reno work looked pretty darn done. Drove all around, didn’t see anything obvious like “NOW OPEN” or “OPENING (WHENEVER),” but the drive-up window even has hours posted (open @ 4:30 am weekdays, 5:30 am weekends). Called the number on its “coming soon” page on the Starbucks site; no answer. Will check it out tomorrow.

The posted hours, by the way, mentioned it’ll be closed Christmas. We’re going to find out which of WS’ many fine coffeehouses will be open at least for a while on Christmas, so we can post it here by Friday or so … in honor of all the Christmas mornings we’ve spent in desperate searches for the ol’ triple tall, wishing someone had collected that info somewhere.

2 Replies to "Open, or almost"

  • No comment December 20, 2006 (11:00 am)

    It sure looked open this morning. I could see folks in black polo shirts hustling around inside but I didn’t see any cars going through the drive in.

  • gene December 21, 2006 (4:20 pm)

    Hard to see at night, but there is a sign, that says the drive through is open at least. Today I did see a car in the drive thru so apparently it is.

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